Title: Stain
Show: Yu Yu Hakusho
Pairing: OC/Kurama, (Hiei+Kurama later)
Author: Green Bird
Disclaimer: I don't own this. You know I don't own this.
Rating: R+ (pushing it, but I still believe that it's R or 16+ material)
Note: Kurama goes looking for his muse in the Makai, but falls prey to another Kitsune (OC) that recognizes him as Youko. After a rather horrific encounter Hiei finds him beaten and soiled, not to mention the fact that there is a mark on him… a mark that will be hard to erase. Two Parter. Yaoi, Violence, NCS, Bondage, (In this chapter.) Small Shounen-ai in second chapter. Not a PWP… I have plot, I swear I do. The timeline however… I have no idea.



Part One: Capturing the Fox


The Makai; a world of horrors and beauties, almost like a human funhouse. Handsome flowers of insurmountable size that would devour a curious passerby, finely plumed birds that sang sweet death, multihued fog that swallowed the soul… Yes, this was the land of the demons.

Land that Kurama had known well… The rubber souls of his shoes pressed soft soil down as he moved through the very pith of an old-growth forest. A forest that whispered quietly to itself of the brazen-haired youth that moved through it. The kitsune heard the conversation among the aged plants and smiled.

-Who is this human boy? ... How brave of him to walk amongst us.-

-Why, his blood is tainted that of a fox!-

-Look! He is kindred, he carries our strength in him!-

-A kitsune!-

Kurama bowed slightly at the soft whispering voices. How awkward; a forest that was friendly. Perhaps I should ask where I am…

The Youko had been walking for two strong hours in a single direction. It was not like himself to become lost, but then again, he had not had such a long time recently to wander the spaces of the Makai. Truthfully, he shouldn't have even been here, he was not roaming by request or on a mission, well, not one of Koenma's missions.

A root was graciously moved out of his way and he stepped kindly over it. The mission he had sent himself on had one objective; to find his fire demon, Hiei. The darkly clad sprite had not surfaced, privately or officially, for three weeks and five days. Kurama hadn't been worried, but simply curious at the disappearance. Many times he had tried to call out to the demon, but the response was inconclusive. This meant that his prey was most likely residing in the Makai.

After a rather difficult time of locating a portal the kitsune had slipped into the demon world and began his search by aforementioned knowledge of Hiei's location. His long tresses were heavily laden with an artillery of plant weapons… every seed he could scrounge up and a large vermillion rose. If any demons dared to attack him, he would be well prepared, and not sensing any power in the vicinity that might pose an actual threat; Kurama felt as safe as he could.

I hope Hiei will not be angry with me for searching him out… Thin wispy clouds drifted somewhere overhead, but he could no longer look upon them. The old trees' crooked hands extended over the path he ran along, the large dark leaves sprouting from their fingers catching all of the sun's possible light that could seep through. He had started this search not merely because he was curious as to where his friend had gone, but Kurama simply longed to look upon him again. Hiei might not exactly be warm company, but he was always a careful ear to confide to… and a handsome face to look at… and a pleasure to watch…

I suppose none of you have seen him. Kurama thought, amused. To his slight delight a few of the spirits buzzed eagerly back.

-I have felt a strong demon in our company.-

-Yes, he might be who you're looking for!-

"Where shall I find him?" The kitsune asked, finally coming to a stop in his walking. To his direct left several branches lifted upward, revealing a sloped path deeper into the forests' bowels. Furrowing his brows he looked deep into the maw; verdant eyes suspicious. Sensing his calculation of the path, the branches moved to bid him forward, twigs beckoning.

His skeptics turned to light relief. He had never expected to stumble across such a helpful and welcoming place. Odd to find in the Makai…

Watching his feet, the fox descended down the pathway; noticing how the voices gently pushed him on, telling him that the strong demon lived in a cavern at the bottom of the basin he was sinking into. Just a little father… just a little farther…

The air was thicker in the basin then on the path and void of wind. One could not look deeply into the trees until the dark mists that hung lifelessly obstructed their view. Despite the supposed gloom of the deadened air, the foliage was beautiful, and Vines gracefully dressed the trees' crooked bodies. Buds of Night Flowers lay sleeping in their nests of soft leaves; oh how he would love to see those entrancing black blooms in the night's quiet.

But, his observations began to irk him. It took only a few minutes of carefully placed steps for the Youko to figure out that there was something quite wrong. If Hiei was where the trees told him; why couldn't he feel the small Jaganshi? Why were the spirits so eager for him to travel this path? Who lived here if Hiei was indeed not, and if he was: why would he for that matter live in such a noisy place? This forest would drive the youkai mad! This place was a depression in the earth… Hiei liked elevation.

Kurama halted, inhaling the air and shifting his ears. His skin prickled in warning. His youkai was not anywhere near… No. No, he shouldn't be here. He was in danger. Quickly he drew out his rose, and, keeping his face unreadable, let his eyes search for whatever did live on the land on which he stood.

The trees had been right about one thing; a strong demon did live in the basin. Its presence was powerful; why hadn't he noticed it before? It was an animal spirit… one who planted the alluring Night Flowers, one who seduced the trees to growing their unnatural height, one who spoke to them, one who controlled them.

Oh no.

He had walked right into a trap.

As slowly as he could manage, Kurama attempted to call up the Youko. By the scent of his hunter; his human form stood no chance. A foot fell back to steady himself and he crooked his head downward, feeling the pull of his ki …feeling it… feeling it being pulled away!

With a gasp Kurama fell backward, hands flying to his ankle instinctively before his body registered what had happened. Strong thin fingers wrenched at whatever had buried itself in the tender flesh in the hollow above his heel. Trying to stop the blood that seeped from the hole afterward, the kitsune glared at the object.

It was a thorn. He had stepped into the large barb-covered spike, electric blue in color… what was it? Was it dangerous?

-It is of my own breed. - A voice purred from somewhere far in front of him. –A spirit sedate. Good for rendering dangerous trespassers helpless.-

"I mean you no harm!" Kurama called to it, hoping that it could hear, praying that it would listen. Whatever this poison was that had been injected within him; it was doing exactly what the voice had said it would. He couldn't feel his power, as if the plant that had given the bite had drank every drop from him! He felt weak, helpless. He felt human.

-Then why did you attempt to transform?- The tone of the speaker seemed amused. Immediately Kurama tried to put a form to it. His attacker was male, most definably… and humanoid; the voice was lacking the snarling and snapping that was typical of a beast. This was an animal spirit, and strong. It controlled plants. Could it be…

"You are hiding." The Youko stated, gaze darting to every possible place of secrecy. "Do you fear me?"

"Do not be stupid." It had actually spoken this time and he followed the voice to a space nearly directly ahead. "There is nothing to fear now that you are ensnared. Tell me the truth; not only can you not transform, you can no longer move freely!"

The corner of Kurama's mouth twitched in irritation. He had hoped that the temporary paralysis was well, temporary, but the way his captor spoke of it; it was just another useful function of his plant's barb.

"Wonderful." The figure sounded extremely pleased. "Though, I wish that I could have seen your stunning demon body again Youko, I shall be satisfied with this lesser form. I cannot have you attempting to slay me once more."

A tree's shadow held the figure he had searched for. He was the size of a full man with a head's height over him, complete with squared shoulders and an unbelievably slender waist. Lanky legs bowed as their owner leant against the rough bark of its pet tree, their feet bare against the earth. Folds of silvery green cloth covered a flatly sculpted chest and flowed down to cover the figure smoothly.

Kurama's breath hitched as he realized just what this demon was. How could he possibly mistake those two tuscan ears that poked from the flowing and crimped mass of auburn hair? …Hair that wove its way down a sloped back to halt a breath before a fluffed and leisurely wagging tail that ended itself in a slash of silver-white. A kitsune. A fox- demon.

"Who are you?" He hadn't meant to say it.. but it had been so many years since he rested eyes on his own. There were so few of his kin left.

"You do not remember." It was not a question. The brown fox stepped out from his shady seclusion, moving only closer to the crumpled Kurama on his forest's floor. "My dear Youko, I am that they call Tsurenai."

From the pit of his stomach he felt a chill spread upward. He had known that name. That name had known him. Tsurenai… Not a soul he would ever wish to see again. For the first time, actual fear surfaced. If Youko Kurama was the strongest and most cunning of the kitsune, then Tsurenai Fuyukasi was the cruelest and most lecherous. While Kurama had been a thief, his now captor had been a murderer; known for collecting the rarest creatures as trophies, but not before he used them to their 'full potential'… The torturer, the cutthroat, the harlot; Tsurenai.

"Do you remember me now?" A beautiful face smiled at him, mouth thin and lips taut. The thick curls of his hair fell into his face as he approached, nearly floating as he walked. How could such monsters be so silken?

Kurama tried not to waver as the steps fell directly next to him. As unnerved as he could manage, he stared up at the figure that gazed back down, interest shining in its eyes. A knee was crooked as the kitsune lowered himself down eye-level with the Youko. A hand, skin slightly darker in hue then Kurama's own, reached up to brush fingers against his cheek. Repulsed, he pulled away to the best of his ability, keeping his face just as iron and steady as it always had been. As if nothing at all had happened to dispirit him, Tsurenai reached out again, and this time Kurama hissed and threw his head farther backward to stamp the point. If he was going to be caressed; he would give a hell of a fight against it.

The auburn one whickered. "You pull away from my touch as you did so far back." Kurama's heart ran faster as a tongue drew itself across blazing white teeth. "You took so many to your lair Youko… but never I."

Sharp ivy eyes thinned at the lewd creature whose hand was still persisting to stroke him. "Even I had taste when it came to my lovers."

Tsurenai pierced his lips at the insult and quite suddenly Kurama found his hair tangled in the kitsune's hand. He didn't allow the pleasure of a cry of pain as he felt the roots tear from his scalp. Not that he could have managed it anyway; a fierce mouth pressed to his own, hot and wet. Kurama clamped his jaw tightly, forbidding further violation.

The youth's mind raced at the situation. An embittered rival had him in utter submission in its own territory. This was not having a bright outlook, all he could do was be as adamant and as forbidding as possible and hope for some enlightenment to spring upon him and offer salvation. Kurama felt rage boil up inside at the helplessness he was slave to at the assault on his mouth.

But the invading kitsune had not planned to persist in such a manner. Flicking his wrist he threw Kurama's immobile body down to the forest's now crawling floor.

"I have heard you've grown soft my love. I wish to see this softness." Icy silver eyes glittered in dark excitement. Tsurenai lifted his hand and snapped two fingers together. "Will you cry for me?"

Thousands of small tendrils had leapt up from the ground surrounding him, snaking around his limbs and worming under the folds of his clothing. Kurama shouted in surprise at the unexpected attack, desperately willing his arms to respond to throw the snake-like vines off. The result was a slight and sluggish movement that proved futile as the tendrils wrapped him tightly.

The ensnared redhead glared at the small ropes binding him. This was not at all good… the vines had spurs. One command from their controller and he would be cut to ribbons. Kurama knew… he had done it so many times before.

"I wonder if your blood is that of a human's…" Tsurenai mused, watching his captive writhe as spurs cut into the tender flesh of his wrists. Kurama refused emit a sound, he would not allow it! This pain was temporary. It was unimportant; he needed to find a way to escape.

With a wrenching motion the copper-haired one was pulled abruptly to his feet by his ropes. The demon was indeed a head taller then he in his human form, but Kurama still stared icily at the figure. The kitsune seemed not to pay attention to the piercing look he was receiving, and instead guided his hand to the captured one's.

Chilled fingers cruelly gripped the hand and brought it up to his face. Kurama's wrist has limp from the lacerations upon the inside and Tsurenai took it upon himself to lap at the crimson that seeped from under his plant's grip.

The youth hissed at the audacity of the action and the matter that the plants that wormed over him would not allow free movement to correct it. A slow and leisurely smile crossed the offending kitsune's face.

"I taste your old flesh in this blood. How wonderful." This time the hand that intended to stroke him made its contact with a porcelain cheek and Kurama remained stone-like in his glare. "Ah!" The brown one exclaimed, obviously in delight. "I can even see you in those ningen eyes!"

"Why don't you let me out of this shell then?" Kurama purred, his voice burning as if acid. "If you do so desperately want me, why not see me in full form again?"

The offending hand had found its way into his hair and buried its fingers into his scalp. "I shall be killed." Tsurenai whispered, the smile never fading. "And that, my love, is not part of my plans."

His plans…

Those moist lips found his again and milked them fiercely. Kurama found pressure upon his bottom jaw and that his mouth was being forced to open. A bold tongue dared to dart into his mouth, but pulled back quickly as pearly teeth snapped like a bear trap. Once again the roots of crimson tresses suffered the abuse of the angered kitsune, and in a sudden gasp of pain the frontier was open again for Tsurenai's exploration.

Under the layers of his now torn clothing and beneath the worming vines that played on his skin, Kurama's heart was booming in fear. His senses were on fire… the scent of demon lust flooded his head and tenderized his body. He became very aware that the vines that violated him had more of a use then simply restraining; they sought out areas of sensitivity and then exploited these areas through rubbing and constricting.

A youthful body shuttered under all of the unwanted stimulus and a strong stomach retched at the creature upon his lips. The trespasser retreated at the sound, pulling back with a look of slight surprise and rage at the unexpected reaction.

"Have your tastes changed then Youko?" He asked, sharp eyes roving over his face. "Has the human world tainted your demon nature?"

Kurama hissed at his captor; frightened as his body began to react unasked to the tendril's meticulous movement. Tsurenai's smile grew again as he saw the blush rise to the boy's cheeks.

"Obviously not." The voice was a purr again, and the redhead braced himself for another molestation upon his lips, but it did not come. Rather, Tsurenai abandoned him completely; taking full steps back until he was against his tree once more, lean shoulder holding him sturdy there.

For a moment nothing happened and Kurama reeled in his surprise. What was the demon doing now? He soon figured out.

The tiny, sharp spurs of the vines began to saw away the cloth of his clothing, slicing at the seams and pushing outward. The redhead squirmed in an attempt to dissuade the action, but only proceeded to undress himself further.

In a moment nothing more then ribbons of cloth remained. He could hear Tsurenai's laughter as Kurama burned in shame at what the torn away clothing and expert movement of the plants had revealed. At a gesture from the demon the vines violated him further; twisting and wrapping around him.

Fighting the urge to stare at the ground, Kurama brought his eyes to the brown kitsune's face. A hungry smile was upon his face, whetted fangs showing in its sneer. Tsurenai, unlike his prey, made no effort to conceal his excitement at the display. The redhead blanched, desperately trying to ignore the movement beneath his waist that threatened to take him.

"You would dominate yourself over me Tsurenai?" Kurama growled. "Do you think the Youko will submit so easily?"

Thin brows rose. "You are not the Youko… and I will dominate you, you ningen mix-blood." Those cursed fingers snapped again. "You'll be begging for a gentle taking."

There was a sharp hiss followed by a pained scream from Kurama. Obviously vines were used for everything. Three tendrils had been wound tight together and buried themselves deep within him. The Youko choked and fell to his hands and knees, trying hard to withstand the perverse happening.

Tsurenai sneered at the strangled sounds that his prey emitted as the plants twisted and plunged cruelly within the young body. He nearly couldn't contain himself as the figure writhed in pain, an arm suddenly flying back to pull the vines away was bound to the other by the wrist to prevent such measures.

A face wracked in agony pushed against the dirt as it fought against the pain of the action. Raped by plants… vines wriggling around his member sought to arouse him as the others that stretched their way inside him, fought him into the submission that their master willed.

"Ask for me to replace those violent plants and I will not be so fierce." The auburn kitsune walked nonchalantly to the squirming human's side, fingers stroking the bare and scratched skin of his back. Kurama growled, face still in the dirt, blood rising in desperation. "If you do not, don't worry; it will not be so bad. Your internal blood will ease their movements. Those spurs cannot always be tucked away properly."

In between the white flashes of pain Kurama considered everything. As long as he was under the sedate he could not fight off this demon. There were two choices; accept the offer of submission to a lecher, or wait until you were disemboweled with hooks. No matter the condition: there was pain. That was little matter. It was his pride that needed to be protected, and so far it had been thrown to the dirt the same way that his face was pressed to it now.

But what about the matter of death? It seemed as though it grew more bold a consequence with every twitch of pain, with every new laceration. Tsurenai was going to kill him… he needed a way of escape! But…

Of course! But that meant…

Swallowing deeply, Kurama spoke as plainly as he could. "I… submit."

In an instant the vines pulled themselves free, fleeing back to the brush along with most of the others. The only ones left bound his hands and wrapped about his thighs, waist, and neck. Quickly the redhead pushed himself up onto his hands and knees. His stomach rebelled and Kurama vomited onto the leaves of his mat.

Tsurenai chuckled and stroked him as he did. The retching was lush and moist and disgusting. The kitsune laughed at it.

"Have you no endurance Youko? A simple thing like that overpowers you?" The brown fox drew a thin claw across a score in the pallid skin.

Kurama gagged, finishing his spell. His forearms shook from the shock, and he had to lock his elbows to prevent from falling in his own mess. When breathing soothed itself again, he spoke.

"You would make any iron stomach quaver- Ah!"

The redhead squeaked as his hair was pinched once again and this time used for a handle to throw him backward.

"Learn your place ningen." The seemingly beautiful face of the demon contorted into something monstrous as he mounted the bound youth. "By now you should know that it's on your back…"

. . .

"Pretty Youko, just stay still now... my fun's not finished."

He hardly noticed that he had been turned onto his stomach, that now those cruel clawed hands were kneading away at other regions of him, having already entertained themselves with the front portion.

Tsurenai was a slow moving beast, despite his hasty acts when Kurama had first been snared. He drew everything he could out of his play, like a cat with a mouse… he enjoyed the torture. It had irritated him how the Youko had stared at him as he played, so he turned him over… Might as well, he was going to get to this eventually. He just wished he could have played longer; despite how he fought the sounds, the redhead made beautiful whimpers.

Kurama closed his eyes as a hot mouth found its way to somewhere unmentionable, the action making him twitch as a deft tongue lapped unabashed. The victim hissed and jerked himself forward, out of the curious lips' reach. Tsurenai gave a gasp of laughter and a set of teeth sunk into the back of the Youko's thigh. Thin hips were pulled up, aided by those damn vines, and the brown fox shuttered in glee.

A gentle taking would be hard to do, Tsurenai's lust was strong and rigid… he could not hold himself back from what he so wanted any longer. Kurama bit his lip as he felt the heat to his backside as his attacker positioned himself for his prize.

"Scream if you need it. I'll not hold it against you."

He could have, he should have. Tsurenai drove himself within the youth like a sword into naked flesh, stabbing deep and to the hilt. Kurama felt as if a wedge had split him in two. There was a gasp of wonder from the kitsune's mouth and the redhead felt the figure bowed over him shiver. Teeth scraped along his back as claws dug their way into his hips.

"You're new. None have had this body in such a way." Tsurenai rocked inside of him, slowly pushing. "Your chastity." Laughter. "I've taken your chastity!"

There was blood coming from where Kurama had taken to biting his lip. He had experienced tears and wounds of battle, but not of violent passions. This pain was terrible, shameful and terrible… like his soul was black.

He felt Tsurenai inside him! He felt him draw slowly out, only to push his way back again. Long ago he remembered the feeling of it, but it had never been like this, it had never made him desire to have a blade against his bound wrists, to die… oh gods, the shame, he wanted to die!

Kurama's face was pressed to the dirt, dust was in his nostrils and soil was inhaled into his open and gasping mouth. He couldn't breathe… he couldn't breathe! If he couldn't breathe, he couldn't scream. That itself was the oddest blessing; all his instinct commanded him to cry out, but his pride would not have it.

In his distress his attacker grew ever the more excited, plunging faster and far more vigorously then before. A smooth unscathed chest pressed to a whipped back as the brown kitsune leant far down and pressed his mouth to Kurama's ear.

"So sweet my love." A tongue drew its way up the shell of his ear. "So simple, I thought you'd be a harder catch." The redhead gasped as he was drawn up onto his knees and Tsurenai continued his attack, shoving him roughly forward while pulling Kurama back down over him again. "But you're too weak to fight me away. Too weak to even protect yourself." One hand snaked over his belly and gripped hard to his forgotten length; the result was the youth's cry of pain and need in one desperate breathe.

"I'm your first in this body." The youkai laughed, one hand pumping hard and fierce as the other had found itself tangled in those tresses it so adored. "But my lust cannot be sated for you with one such encounter." Kurama hissed as his head was tilted far back so that Tsurenai could press his face to his exposed and untouched neck.

"I'll take you again and again my love, no matter whom desires to have you. You are unmarked by a demon; unclaimed. You are the perfect prey for one such as I." The kitsune suddenly stopped, his attack ceased as did his hand, only his breathing remained as heated.

"I will hunt you when I desire this young body of yours… no matter where you travel, in this world or your human realm, I shall have you." His heart was loud and the pulse hungry. Kurama knew what was about to happen, and he growled and tried to pull away, only to fail. "And you cannot deny me… for you'll have my claim; you'll be my mate and mine alone."

Tsurenai's mouth clamped down hard into the junction of neck and shoulder on Kurama's right side. The sharpened teeth pierced olive skin and he sucked hard, drawing out the blood and marking the flesh purple. A snarl formed on the kitsune's face and the youth screamed as his rapist's teeth dug deeper and the deadened hand that had been wrapped around the his member constricted again and pistoned with a new frightening fervor.

Kurama thrashed in the youkai's grasp, struggling hard to pull himself off of him, to cease the motion of that clawed hand that strove to complete the bond; if he gave his body in… he would be claimed.

-Give yourself up.- Tsurenai whispered, voice echoing through his mind. -After all, after this none will want you. You'll be so dirty… like spoiled meat.- Kurama gasped as his body shuttered, Tsurenai was pushing slowly into him, seeking the one spot that would make him liquid. -Only I will still love you, even if you do not love yourself.-

Kurama's body jerked and he cried as the spot was found, Tsurenai laughed against the broken skin of his prey's neck and pushed again. The body quivered deliciously and he felt as if a fever was burning inside him… soon, so soon.


The kitsune struck once more and his captive quaked in defeat, trembling as it submitted finally to the forced bond. Kurama hissed as his body betrayed him, giving the mark the binding it needed; by the demon law… he was now Tsurenai's.

A curly-haired head threw itself back in a wide-mouthed gasp. The gasp transformed into a silvery and pleased laughter at the successful bond. His now mate twisted weakly inside his grasp and the brown fox felt his lust rise up in him again.

Kurama made no sound as he was pushed down against the matted forest floor once more. Only his forearms supported him as the binding tendrils held the rest of his body aloft as a plaything.

He heard the animalistic hiss of Tsurenai behind him as he was pushed forward into the mat. "Mine…" He rasped, clawed hands catching on the human's skin. "Mine."

It was as if he didn't know who or what he was now, lying there, utterly silent, his body a temple for a lecher's pleasure. Verdant eyes closed in indifference. He had had a plan to escape… he had, but what did it matter now?

You're better off dead, welcome to the rest of your years.

~You damned brat…~ Somewhere within him a deeper voice rumbled; a silver fox darting under his eyelids, beady eyes amber and aflame in anger. ~I would never think that you'd give up so easily. Every fight must end with a dying breath. Tell me Shuichi, are you still breathing?~

Still breathing. Still alive. Perhaps not free or powerful… but there.

~We can escape this. ~ The Youko in him sounded. ~Do you think that I'll have this toothless dog keep me? Feel him out, you know what you are looking for. You're plan… it will work.~

Kurama shifted, drawing in a deep breath and began to concentrate all he could on all of the yoki around him.

~Find it… Use it.~

There… he felt it. A trickle of power seeping into his exhausted spirit. An alien power… Tsurenai's. His heartbeat faster in excitement, his plan could work. When demons mated their energy passed to their partner, whether they meant it to or not. It was never a large amount, but enough. The yoki was flowing stronger by the second; soon he could move freely.

~Careful! He must not see!~

But Tsurenai was too caught up in his antics to notice his slowly draining power, and Kurama began to slowly pull the vines off of his left wrist. They constricted for a moment, but began to give under his slight persuasion and prying fingers… just a little more.

There! His wrist was free! Tsurenai snarled behind him, nails drawing fierce lines of torn skin down his back. It was time to end this.

~Strike hard, strike deadly.~

In the shaken locks of his hair, sharp blades of grass began to grow, preparing for their launched attack. Poised, Kurama lifted his torso further up with his snared arm. One green eye watched carefully for the right moment.


"Get off of me you wretch!"

His slender arm hooked around in a vicious arch, a bent elbow coming in contact with his attackers left temple, at the same moment the grass blades were thrown by the flick of his head, sticking deep into Tsurenai's neck and chest.

A look of surprise painted the kitsune's face as he was thrown sideways into the bramble, colliding heavily with a tree. Pale eyes rolled back into unconsciousness and the creature fell into a slump. Immediately the vines that had been holding Kurama released and instead he bid them to hold his attacker tightly to the thick trunk.

There was a loud whine as the redhead fell back down again, utterly spent. All of the yoki he had stolen, and even the last traces of the ki he had gained back had been thrown into that hit, and while it had done the job well… the next step, leaving the forest, was going to pose a problem.

~You will need to hurry. His plants will try to bar your way if you take too long.~

Pain shot Kurama as he tried to stand, half-blinded by dark dots that flecked his vision: he must not pass out! He stumbled as his legs refused to support him standing, or for that matter, bend to do so. The agony of his lower body felt as if there was no way for him to survive it.

~Go. Don't feel.~ The Youko was pushing him, his inner forces demanded him to move. Forward he stumbled, catching himself before he kissed the ground only to stand and do so again. A few falls later, he gave up on trying to walk upright and used his hands like a true kitsune.

The basin was slowly disappearing behind him, but the path that he stumbled up tried to slow his way… there were suddenly forks in the trail, new roots rose to trip him, tree's branches tried to block the proper way. He needed to go straight, there was going to be the light of the road soon… just go straight.

No matter how far he stumbled; there was no light to the road. Dusk had come and the daylight had been slaughtered by the horizon, making a splash of red across the now-dying sun. Never mind, it would be born again tomorrow.

He knew he has close when he felt the air grow fresher. Perhaps it was the fact that the Night Blooms were opening, but he could breathe. Kurama gasped in joy and his legs fell limp. There was the road… only feet ahead. Behind him, the undergrowth growled in its master's absence… the red-haired beauty was not to leave.

The last of Tsurenai's pets reached out to catch him, but Kurama had drug himself onto the road and into the last blood-light of the sun. Twitching irritated, the vines shrunk away; they could not follow.

Kurama wrenched himself down the road, unresponding legs dragging behind him in their lifeless manner. The end of this demon forest was close… he knew it.

A breath was a growl of sound as he struggled to move forward, roots impeding him still, torn hands groping blindly at the path before him. He had to go; he had to get out of this forest…

After moments of scraping himself forward, he fell exhausted into a niche between the roots of a tree. Kurama tried to move once more, but his body would no longer aide him.

~Help me… somebody…~

Deep within him the Youko flared at the plea, sending the cry outward in his last desperate roll of energy, hoping that it would meet the desired ears. Kurama gasped weakly as the roar from inside him almost seemed to strike him between the eyes and he fell heavily against the ground… unconscious.

Beside him, a Night Flower bloomed as the blood of a murdered sun faded; it's sable petals soft and seductive.




Post-Notes: Disgusted? Yes? No? I don't care. I wanted to revolt some of you and I wanted to well… get other reactions from others. You may have liked it… but that's just because you're a sick little fuck like myself.

On the rating matter, I know that this was pushing the R-ness of this, but it still isn't bad enough to be NC-17. I didn't use any horribly gratuitous language or painfully smutty details… at least I think I didn't. I wanted to convey pain, so I had to put some in there. This is a sort of R+ material, I honestly hope I won't have to edit this to repost it, this is, after-all, the most elicit piece I've ever done, and I think editing it would ruin the content.

Rape is bad. Stealing someone's freedom is badder. (Yes, I know that's not a real word)

The Second Part will be coming eventually, Hiei and his bitchin' attitude will be starring in it, as well as a bit of a caring friendly side that only Kurama really ever witnesses. Wee.

Kudos to anyone who can tell me what Tsurenai Fuyukasi's name means… ah screw it I'll tell you when the second part is posted anyway. Isn't he the likkel bastard? Who could blame him though… it is Kurama we're talking about.

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I will never willingly go near vines again. ~Green Bird