AUTHOR'S NOTE This is the first in a series of vignettes telling the stories of various weddings. The stories will cover several fandoms, but if there's one that you really wanna see (and I feel that I know it well enough to write) then leave it in a review and I will try my best to write it! Enjoy =)

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Warm afternoon sunlight glittered on the blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. A gentle breeze lazily wafted through the walls of the fort, rustling gowns and white wigs and lacy hats. British soldiers in smart red uniforms stood stiffly along the walls of the courtyard, formally ecstatic and honored to be included in such an important ceremony.

The courtyard ended in a set of stairs running up to a ledge that overlooked the water. Past the ledge was a sheer drop to the rocks and the gentle breezes blew more harshly, but there had been no question. That ledge was where the ceremony was to take place.

A handsome young man, maybe twenty years of age, stood quietly upon the ledge. His hat, wide-brimmed and trimmed with a proud gray feather, shielded his liquid brown eyes from the tropical sun. He waited beside a clergyman holding the Bible. The groom-to-be caught his breath as the orchestra played and his bride appeared.

She gripped her father's arm as they walked down the aisle. Her whole body was shaking with nervousness and excitement. She looked into those brown eyes of her groom and felt love bursting in her chest.

He took her hands and looked into her eyes once she stood before him. Her smile lit up his world. After all they had been through, it had finally gotten to this moment.

A lot had happened on that ledge. She remembered, "I can't breath!" And there was also, "You will always remember this as the day that you almost…" And that magical moment of "No…he's a pirate!" There was no place more fitting to be married.

Neither heard the clergyman as he began the ceremony. They were lost in a moment between each other. Only when they heard their names did they respond.

"Do you, William Turner, take Elizabeth Swann to by thy wedded wife in the eyes of the Lord to have and to hold, forsaking all others, as long as you both shall live?"

Will smiled softly. "I do."

"And do you, Elizabeth Swann, take William Turner as they wedded husband in the eyes of the Lord to have and to hold, forsaking all others as long as you both shall live?"

She exhaled shakily, having not realized that she held her breath. "I do!"

"Then in the eyes of the Lord and of his majesty King James II, in this the year sixteen hundred and eighty three, I pronounce you man and wife."

The wedding guests cheered as Will embraced his wife. Their hearts beat together as one when the newlyweds kissed for the first time as husband and wife.

A low noise rumbled across the bay. The colonists of Port Royal glanced at the sky in confusion, for no thunderclouds were seen. A second rumble crashed on the rocks and the guests gasped.

Lieutenant Gillete, aide to Commodore Norrington, cried, "Look!"

Panicky gasps and small cries rippled through the crowd as all eyes turned to a black flare on the water.

Will grinned and stepped up onto the edge, pulling his wife with him. The guns of the Black Pearl rang again, sending puffs of smoke and shot safely out to sea. "Jack," Will said, amused.

"He made it!" Elizabeth grinned. The new couple stood alone on the stone, watching the pirate ship floating in the bay. Will swept off his hat and waved it toward the Pearl.

Far out on the ship, a lone figure could be seen at the helm. He too swept off his hat and grandly bowed. A flash of red marked the pirate's head and Will swore later that he could see sunlight glinting off of gold teeth when his friend smiled.

The colonists hesitantly relaxed. If it really was the Black Pearl and Jack Sparrow was indeed her captain, then there should be no danger. No one understood it, but everyone knew that the Governor's daughter and the young blacksmith were fond of the strange pirate captain.

The Pearl let off a final volley, then raised anchor and let out the black sails. Elizabeth raised her hand in a wave, the sea breeze billowing her wedding gown around her. "I had so hoped he'd be here," she murmured.

Her husband tightened his arm around her. "He'll be back." Elizabeth grinned. The couple turned and stepped down from the ledge.

The rest of the afternoon was lost to receptions, visitors, and well-wishers. To Will and Elizabeth, it was a blur. But their surprise visit from their dear yet somewhat elusive friend they would remember forever. They knew that it took a lot for Jack to convince the Pearl's crew to return to Port Royal.

They also knew that he would be back and would undoubtedly bring another great adventure.