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Chapter 8:

It was completely dark, and she couldn't breath.

At first Kagome thought she must be underwater. The soft swishing sounds above her seemed muffled and far away, and she reached out violently to try and pull herself above the surface.

Her eyes snapped open, catching a glint of silver. At first she thought it was a glint on the water above her, but she gradually became aware of her bedding beneath her and the strong arm gathering her flailing limbs into a restraining hold.

Sesshoumaru was behind her gripping her like a vice as he held one hand over her mouth. "Quiet," he commanded in a low voice. She went limp in his grasp and he finally drew his hand away to let her breath. She realized the pressure on her throat was from the now-familiar restraint he had put on her, and that the pitch dark indicated it was very late at night.

"Sesshoumaru?" she whispered hesitantly, her arms twisted uncomfortably behind her back.

He gave a small grunt, hauling her to her feet as if she was as light as a feather. She swayed drowsily, but feared to ask questions. Sesshoumaru seemed to be in a foul mood, and she wasn't keen on dealing with him when he was like this. It had been a week since he had chained her here, but he had never disturbed her sleep before, and she was beginning to grow nervous.

There was a snap behind her and the jingle of a chain. She yelped reflexively as Sesshoumaru hauled her backwards towards him by her arms. He slackened his grip, opting to instead wrap his arm around her waist tightly.

She watched as he wound the now loose end of her chain around his free arm, until she was on a very short length. Wordlessly, he hauled her through the door and dropped her on the other side. She would have wondered about the lack of reaction from the barrier, but he gave no time. A sharp yank to the leash nearly sent her sprawling, and she took off at a trot after Sesshoumaru down the corridor. She twisted her forearm in the chain to relieve some of the tension, but Sesshoumaru showed no consideration for her struggles as he pulled her along at his own quick pace. This was the first time she had to endure the indignity of actually being hauled around by his chain, but she was much more frightened of his mood. He had never shown such open displeasure, though she could not remember anything she might have done to send him into this state.

The dim light caught her white robe, revealing a long, irregular dark streak. She reached out with her other hand, her fingertips encountering a sticky stain marring the garment. She gasped and nearly stumbled as she realized what the substance was. A quick glance revealed no injuries to her captor, but it must have come from him.

He stopped suddenly, propelling her into a room ahead of him. She caught herself only to be pushed to her knees by Sesshoumaru. He moved about the dim room, gathering things she could not see as he utilized the extra length of the chain. She dared not move from where he had placed her.

Finally, the chain ceased rattling and the room fell silent. Kagome heard him settle in the middle of the room, but when she looked up all she could see was the glint from his eyes.

"Come here." The growl seemed to come from all directions.

She rocked forward onto her hands and knees, but was reluctant to approach him. "Sesshoumaru, what-"

"I said come," he hissed. She felt her neck jerk and began to crawl as he reeled her in. She could see the chain, looped tightly around his arm once again. His arms snatched her out of the darkness, pulling her onto a futon with him. He was almost rough this time-she didn't dare fight back. Growling, he positioned her against his front as he put them both into a laying position.

"What are you going to do with me?" she whispered timidly.

"This is your place," he hissed back. "It is time you learned it." One leg restrained hers and his hands wrapped about her shoulders and hips, pressing her painfully against him. Once he was content with her placement, she heard him give a long breath and her body rocked with his as he settled himself.

"Are you going to sleep?" she whispered disbelievingly.

There was a faint rumbling in his chest and she could feel his frustrated exhale in her hair. "You did not honestly think I would leave you unattended while I rested, did you? I will give you no chances with you, pet, and I expect you to sleep beside me."

The words slipped out without meaning to, "I didn't know you slept."

"Rarely," was his blunt answer. "Sleep."

She remained rigidly still after Sesshoumaru quieted behind her. She tried to tell from his breaths if he was really asleep, but he was too quiet. The strength of his grip had not lessened at all either. There was no chance she could sneak out of his embrace, especially with the chain from her neck wound around his arm.

He must be injured, she realized. The blood on her sleeve must have come from his front somewhere, transferred while he had held her hands behind her back. Perhaps that was why he was tired; he must be healing. She desperately wanted to know what had happened to him, but still did not dare to move.

Inevitably, since she was trying not to wake him, staying still became very difficult. She became acutely aware of the sticky sensation on her arm where the blood had managed to penetrate the cloth and she itched to do something about it. She squinched her eyes shut, trying to banish the sensation, but her imagination only made things worse. Her back itched, and she feared that the creepy feeling was move blood seeping into her robe. The thought made her panicky; she could almost visualize it. His constricting hold prevented her from relieving any of these discomforts and her stress grew until she could barely breathe.

As if that weren't enough, she became aware of another source of her discomfort. Tickling at the back of her mind was the call of the Shikon-no-Tama. There were shards somewhere in this room. Concentrating, she realized they were somewhere behind them, outside the range of her vision. She went still at this discovery, all the other discomforts sinking into the background. Where had Sesshoumaru gotten Shikon shards? Was that how he had acquired those wounds? And what did he intend to do with them?

She drew a startled breath as she felt a set of razor-sharp claws grazing the soft flesh of her stomach. His hand had moved aside the edge of her thin robe, almost without her noticing. Sesshoumaru was stroking her slowly, as if etching intricate designs into her skin with the needle-point of his talons. Kagome wanted desperately to squirm. Tingling sensations went up and down her spine, making her want to curl in on herself. However, she refused to move. If Sesshoumaru really was asleep, she did not want to risk waking him.

It was too much. Between the sickeningly-tickling wetness on her arm and Sesshoumaru's agonizing stroking, she felt as if she was being stretched on a rack. Her breaths grew short and she decided she couldn't take any more. Practically trembling, she slowly shifted her body. The slightest rustling filled the room like thunder as she turned to face him. She felt his arms accommodate her motion, tightening as she stilled facing his bare sculpted chest. She glanced up at his face and was startled by the half-lidded shining eyes that gleaned at her in bland curiosity. She swallowed self-consciously and pressed her head into his chest. Her hand rested near his shoulder alongside a healing cut. It stood out sharply against his pale skin, even in the pale light. It was no longer bleeding, but it had clearly been a deep cut.

Kagome felt a stab of sympathy go through her. She knew what he was-- a killer and a kidnapper, but she couldn't help but feel the twists of empathy at the thought of his pain.

Sesshoumaru must have detected her apprehension, for his heavy voice broke the silence. "What's wrong?"

Kagome started. "I just...what happened to you?"

He seemed irritable, but answered her anyway. "I was injured in a battle. My opponent lies in melted shreds."

She merely blinked at the image. "It had Shikon shards. More than one. That's why it was strong enough to injure you?"

The sound he made almost resembled a laugh. "You can sense them, can't you? They are a gift to you. Without them, the creature was nothing. I took the liberty of retrieving the shards."

"You did it for me?" she asked in wonder.

"The Shikon-no-Tama is yours. It has been broken and stolen, and I shall recover it for you. Your enemies are my own now, and an insult to you also rests on me. I will not tolerate it."

She was speechless. He would help her restore the Shikon-no-Tama? Perhaps she meant more to him than she realized. Then again, it was just another instance of his fierce protectiveness for his property. That's all she really was. But then, why did he seem to need her, and why did he try to lure her affections?

She tried to relax against him, but her body was taut and quivering like a bowstring.

She heard him sigh slightly, and was certain she was irritating him. "Why do you flinch from me?"

She stumbled over her words hastily. "You... the blood was bothering me."

He found her arm, pulling it up by the wrist. He pressed the bloodied cloth against her arm, and she resisted the need to shudder. "You mean this?"

"Yes," she said softly.

Tired as he had seemed a few moments ago, Kagome thought she saw the tips of his fangs glint as he smiled strangely at her. "Sit up," he commanded.

He straightened into a kneeling position, but saw that she was still lying indecisive on the floor. With a two-fold grip on her chain and arm, he hauled her up and put her on her knees. There was the scent of her fear now, sweet and poignant. It was not the same now as when he had first captured her. Now, it was a fear born of anticipation and excitement. The lingering aroma of blood enhanced his hunger. It was time he received a little repayment for his efforts on her behalf. And when the rough handling elicited the sharp scent of arousal and a pounding heartbeat from his prey, he was certain she would enjoy it too, no matter what she said to the contrary.

"No, really," she protested, "it's fine."

With a dull clank he let the chain fall in a heap between them. "Let me ease your discomfort, Kagome."

He could see her eyes go wide as she set her jaw stubbornly. Ivory fangs glinted sharply in the thin moonlight as the corners of his mouth turned upward. Deliberately he picked up her arm and stretched it outwards, brushing at the underside of her fragile wrist with the pads of his fingers.

"Stay still," he warned her.

The words seemed to trap her, and she could not move, could not even think as she saw other hand approach her. The tips of his claws gleamed as they reached toward her throat. They settled on the top of her shoulder, but her gaze was turned away, locked to the brightly reflective stare of the demon in front of her.

The sharp point of his index finger pressed lightly against her neck, just under her ear. She felt herself lift her head and arch for him, exposing even more of her throat. Kagome held her breath as the fatal point scraped down her neck and across her shoulder, severing the cloth slowly. It hurt. She didn't think it was bleeding, but it seemed to burn anyway. She could only watch wide-eyed as he deliberately circled her arm, severing the sleeve.

Her throat ran completely dry as he slid the silk sheaf down her white arm. The silk garment hung on just one shoulder, the severed cloth falling and exposing the top of her breast. Just when she thought it couldn't get any worse, he raised her bare arm to his mouth, his tongue descending on the smooth underside where his blood had rested. Her chest tightened and she ran out of air, forcing her to give an unintentional squeak as she tried to breath again. At last she made an effort to pull herself together and take her arm back, but the gesture was weak. She didn't seem to move at all. A set of sharp fangs began to nibble at the underside of her wrist as his fingers danced against her palm. Again, she heard a whimper and couldn't quite believe it was hers.

He dropped her arm then, looking up at her face with so bland an expression that she felt herself angered at his lack of emotion. "Better?" he had the nerve to ask.

The sudden interruption made her feel his loss sharply. Was he just going to lay down and go to sleep now? Wasn't he the least bit agitated after doing that to her? To her horror, he leaned back and began to settle again.

"What's wrong?" he teased, sensing quite well her disappointment. It had taken him practically no time to coax her into arousal, and it pleased him to see her warming to his touch. The stab of sympathy she felt was also plainly visible, and she couldn't hide the affect his dominating treatment had on her.

"Nothing's wrong," she insisted, but even she heard the edge in her voice. He was taunting her, trying to make her want him when she should hate him. Trying to make her an eager little pet at his beck and call. It was working.

She heard him sigh in mock weariness. "But you are still so tense, my lovely. Perhaps you were hoping for something more?"

"No!" she snapped back at him. She struggled to remember why she hated him so much. She tried to force her feelings for Inuyasha to the front, but reason was drowned out by the aching throb of her body.

"But I think you are," he said low and levelly. She felt slightly dizzy with anticipation at the hard tone. "I think you're waiting for your master's attention. I think you want to feel my jaws on that pretty throat, my sharp claws running down your body. I think you want me to finish exposing you, restrain your feisty limbs, and make you writhe and scream until you come for me."

"No," she growled in forced denial. Inside, she was roaring. She could not last if he respected her denial. Her body was tensed and she could acutely feel everything on her skin, including the cool night air on her bare arm and shoulder. She could feel the fabric of her thin garment brushing against hardened nipples, and if she wasn't touched soon, she though she might go mad.

"As you wish," he said smoothly.

At first she thought he was going to leave her like this, but he stood up, smiling thinly. She remained kneeled at his feet, her heart pounding. He walked around her, the chime of the chain filled her with a creepy kind of hope. Her body was waiting, oh so eagerly.

Her eyes were better adjusted to the low light, and she could more easily make out his ghostly form pacing around her with unblinking metallic eyes.

"There are rules," he spoke down to her, "that you are already acquainted with, but I don't know if you really believe them yet. I think the time has come for you to show how obedient you can be. After all, I've shown what I'm willing to go through for you."

The shards, she wondered? He had done her a service, she told herself. He had been injured for her. Perhaps giving in wasn't such a terrible thing.

"You remember that punishment I gave you a few days ago? I want you to repeat after me with as much fervor as you used then."

He tipped her chin up and made her look into his hard eyes. "Repeat: I am grateful for Sesshoumaru-sama's attention."

She swallowed hesitantly.

"Remember, Kagome, I am quite capable of punishing you until I receive the pledges I seek. But things can be so much more pleasurable with your cooperation."

"I am grateful for Sesshoumaru-sama's attention," she spoke softly. Her voice was wanton and earnest, and the need in it brought his member to attention.

His fangs lengthened and he dragged his claws down over her back, leaving long tears. The faded wounds on her back were exposed and she began to squirm slightly. "You will not speak without my permission."

"I... I will not speak without Sesshoumaru-sama's permission," she said heavily.

He stroked her spine and she bent forward like a cat being scratched. "Very good. Now: you will do as your master tells you."

"Master?" she said, half dazed. "I will... do as my master tells me." She felt him cut off her other sleeve in one quick motion and fought the impulse to jump.

His fingers ran through her hair and pressed her head gently against his side. Pressed against his hip, she could feel his hard shaft brushing the side of her head, but it didn't scare her as much as she thought it should. "Yes," he purred down at her. "I think I like you on your knees before me. Now tell me who you belong to."

He felt her hands creep up his legs and wondered if she was doing it on purpose. "Belong to?" he heard her say. "I belong, I don't...belong to..."

"Hmm. Perhaps we need another rule for the evening. You will not move unless I tell you to. Say it."

"I will not move," she agreed more readily to this statement.

"Good," he purred. "Put your hands behind you."

Kagome immediately complied. She felt him expertly tie her wrists together with the length of her severed silk sleeve. Her arms were now constrained, the chain from her collar running down her back and underneath her tied hands.

"Perhaps you will be more inclined to concede my authority over you later tonight. Now then, I want you to bend for me."

"What?" she asked.

He moved behind her and she felt the chain pull her backwards. "Don't move," he warned her. She struggle to remain in place as he pulled her head towards the floor. She lifted herself and bent backwards to accommodate the shortened chain. His foot held the chain to the floor. She found herself unbalanced, kneeling and bending backward with her bare bound arms stretched behind her. For a few moments, she panted heavily. In her current position, her breasts jutted out prominently heaved with every breath. She parted her knees slightly and slid them forward to bring her body a little closer to the ground to make the angle a little more comfortable.

Sesshoumaru went back to stroking Kagome's hair, her head now held tilted towards him. The tops of her breasts were visible, the garment only hanging by one shoulder. The sight was almost enough to undo him, but if all went well, his restraint would be well worth it.

He dragged his claws across her stomach, shredding the silk there. Next he cut long slits down her side and over her hips, exposing her slightly-spread legs. She was panting now, her nipples visible through the thin fabric. Her muscles flexed and twitched as her body waited to be touched, and the sweet scent of her warm core filled the room. With one final flick, the scrap over her shoulder was severed.

He watched entranced as the silk slid down her taut body, shimmering like fish scales. The smooth fabric caught briefly on the hard points of her breasts before tumbling down in a white pool at her knees. He smoothed the last scrap, still clinging to her backside, over her perfectly shaped rear to rest in the crux between her calves.

She was completely nude, stretched and unable to move. The smooth line of her stomach led his eyes down the enticing path between her firm breasts, past the shadowed pool of her navel, to the dark moist space between her thighs.

Kagome stayed obediently still, waiting to feel his expert hands on her. He was behind her, not moving. Just watching her. Why wouldn't he touch her?

"Beautiful," he murmured. "So lovely."

She could feel her blush warming her skin and felt warm even in the night air. Some of that warmth, strangely, seemed to come from the welling of feeling that came with his words. He had made her self conscious again, but it was different now. Being stripped bare at his feet had a certain rightness to it. And he needed her. She could hear it in his voice. He called her beautiful.

"I'm not as beautiful as you are," she spoke softly. Her voice was steady, to her own surprise.

"But you are," he argued. "You are mine, and that only makes you more splendid. Perfect."

She wasn't sure what he thought was perfect, but agreed with him anyway. Her body was still aching for him, and she could think of nothing else beyond this room. Whoever she was before, now she was only the woman bound at his feet. When she heard the open admiration in his voice, she could not even be ashamed of her acquiescence.

Kagome whimpered with want, arching backwards. She stretched her body towards him, trying to entice him. What was he waiting for?

He watched as she began to struggle, this time not to escape, but to get closer to him. The hint of moonlight created a silver sheen over her body and shimmered in her black hair. At last, she was submitting to him. "Ask me," he whispered. He couldn't wait much longer.

Kagome closed her eyes, realizing what he was demanding of her. "Please touch me, Sesshoumaru-sama."

"I will give you what you need," he hid the triumph in his voice, "but first we need one more rule, at least for the evening. You are not allowed to move. Tonight, you show me your obedience."

She nodded, which was somewhat difficult in her position. At last, she felt his large hand settle on her bare shoulder. She had to stop herself from leaning into his hand. He swept her hair behind her, running his claws through it. She was completely lost in a black haze, and the only thing that could reach her was his cool pale touch.

When both of his hands began to slide singularly down the front of her shoulders, her body jumped eagerly. She heard him give a small exhalation of amusement behind her. She could hate him for that control and power he held over her, though the passion it inspired was of an entirely different type.

Perfect hands cupped her offered breasts. His careful claw teased her already hard tips, and she had to stop herself from whimpering with want.

To her surprise, she heard him huff slightly at her response. Sesshoumaru, still angled behind her, was quickly becoming unsatisfied with his current position.

"Remember," he whispered, letting the tips of his long hair flow over her bared shoulders, "You may not move."

He stepped around her, releasing his foothold on her restraint. Kagome wavered for a moment at the shift, but quickly settled as he had positioned her. He stepped around her, and was startled to see her smile as he entered her sight. Her clouded eyes even seemed to soften. A feeling of genuine pleasure washed over him. At that moment, he wanted nothing but her. And she was his.

The glint of his fangs as he looked down on her made her aching heart stumble. He was smiling, and it was surreally innocent. He was effortlessly beautiful, and if she had been in any condition to think, she would wonder how she had come to find him so important.

Then he was on his knees as well, astride her thigh. Still he towered over her as he wrapped a strong arm behind her smooth back and another to tangle in the hair at the back of her neck. He bent and kissed her hard. He felt the tensing and melting of her muscles and she melted in his grip. He moved his fangs and tongue against her masterfully, and she aggressively accepted. On her flushed lips he savored the first taste of victory.

His hands slid down the arch of her body, to the small of her back and past the smooth contours of her belly to the spot between her thighs. She did not move to stop him this time, and he felt her moist center. She sighed into his mouth, and he needed no prompting to touch her in the way she wanted. He firmly stroked her slit, coating his finger in her nectar.

He broke away from the kiss and began to lay ungentle bites down his lover's soft neck and shoulders. It would leave marks, at least temporarily. One thought growled in constant iteration. Mine. Mine. Mine.

Kagome moaned loudly, but did not move, though it was clear from her trembling that she wished to. The movements of Sesshoumaru's fingers made her pant, and she knew she wouldn't be able to hold back for much longer. "Please... let me touch you," she begged shamelessly.

Bright glowing eyes looked up at her half-lidded eyes. "Say it," he growled.

She knew immediately what he meant, and the words leapt from her without her ever becoming aware of speaking. "I'm yours."

With an almost inaudible growl, the scrap binding her hands was ripped away. Her hands Went to his chest immediately, and she felt him lower her onto her back on the smooth floor. She wasn't aware of how it happened, but the drift of her hands quickly showed that Sesshoumaru was now as nude as she was. Her slender fingers brushed over his hardened shaft and she locked her dark eyes with his. With a sudden snarl he pinned her heavily, holding her eager hips in his large hands.

She felt his tip and his fingers brushing against her now, preparing her even as his mouth ravished her mercilessly. Her legs wrapped around him. His hair shimmered around her, shutting out the world and filling her mind with visions.

"Yes," he said heavily, "you are mine."

He punctuated his mark with a strong thrust. Kagome screamed as he entered her, puncturing her innocence in one swift blow. She clawed at his back and pulled at him, blinded momentarily by the pain. Tears prickled at the corners of her eye and she bit down hard. For a moment she was lost, then she heard a steady voice in her ear.

"It hurts, but what will come will be so much better." She forced herself to relax her jaw, realized that she was actually biting Sesshoumaru's arm rather viscously.

He was still fully seated inside her, holding her tightly so she could not attempt to withdraw. He planted passionate kisses on her mouth and she felt the haze of pleasure begin to return. She arched upward once, and Sesshoumaru eagerly began a hard pace.

He was careful with her-she was fragile-but she was oh so capable. She began to move with him almost immediately. He drove into her again and again, watching her body writhe as it sheathed him. Then she was coming hard, thrashing around him and constricting around his pulsing organ. The sensation sent him to join her, both of them clinging tightly to each other as their orgasms beat at them in heavy waves.

At last Sesshoumaru breathed again and looked down at the young woman shaking in his arms. Her skin was glowing with the after-effects of pleasure, even in this cool night air. Her breaths became deep and he withdrew from her slowly. The action caused a sweet inarticulate sound of protest he smiled slightly at. He pulled her unresisting body to lie next to him on the futon once more, holding her as close as possible.

She wrapped herself around him, warm limbs draping across his chest. Her fingers were twining in his pearly hair with obvious pleasure as she drifted.

Something had changed, and they both knew it. She had given herself to him, and she had enjoyed it. Tonight they would both sleep, but tomorrow would be different. She was his now-and he wouldn't let her forget it.

A very brief explanation: Ok, I've said it before: plot is not that important in this story. I don't really care if it even makes sense. However, you should know that Kagome's softening is not so much an act of weakness, but more of a Stockholm syndrome thing.

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