Kagome's Memories

By: OtakuSailorV

Chapter 15: Naraku Returns Once Again

Kagome was asleep, resting against Inuyasha, a small smile on her lips.

Inuyasha nodded off not long after her, his own breath coming in and out quietly as his head rested against Kagome's.

Miroku, Sango and the others had fallen asleep as well, leaving the fire to smolder until morning.

It was late, and the breeze blew through the trees lightly, scattering the fire, but not enough for it to touch the soft grass and start a blaze of its own.

Kagome moved in her sleep and Inuyasha grunted slightly, but allowed the warmth of her body to comfort him in the cold of the night.

There was a small rustle and all the youkai's ears twitched, but they did not wake.

A second rustle occurred and the youkai stirred.


Inuyasha and the others all let out gasps or screams before jumping up to their feet. The earth had trembled below their feet, making them stumble as they tried to stand.

They turned toward the dawning sky, a large cloud of black smoke and fire sparks were lighting the gray sky not far away. Inuyasha and Kagome exchanged glances before she scooped up the quiver and arrows and hopped onto his back.

Shippo got on Miroku's head, and Kirara transformed, growling angrily. Sango mounted, with the houshi behind her, and the sped off after the pair.

* * *

They arrived at a town that had been decimated by fire and the explosion of before. There were bodies lying strewn on the ground, and the air was thick with smoke. Fire consumed the ground and huts around them, there was no sign of any living creature.

Kagome turned and gasped, small tears filling her eyes.

Out of the smoke, a figure was striding toward them.

Inuyasha's eyes widened partially and he let out a growl, his hair standing on end. His grip on Tetsusaiga became so tight, that Kagome was sure the scabbard would break.

Sango and the others alighted behind them, and they gasped at the figure.

It was Naraku. Smirking, laughing, his eyes showing no emotion but pure hate and malice as he strode toward them.

Inuyasha roared and rushed him headlong, and was confronted with a transformed creature that stank of putrid miasma, and was even more horrendous to set the eyes upon.

Kagome gasped and fell to her knees, shocked at what Naraku was truly like. Her mouth hung open slightly, and everything felt weak.

There was no getting around it, this WAS Naraku. . . But. . .he. . .he had acted so. . .so NICE to her. . .what. . .what had happened? Could this be a dream?

She pinched herself and winced slightly. No, this was no dream. This was REAL.

At the thought of the word, she started to contemplate on what the word truly meant. Was REAL something you could touch? Was it something you could SEE? What was REAL? Was she real?

She looked at her hands, and saw the bow in them. Something snapped inside, and she thought she had seen this very scene somewhere else. . .it all seemed. . .so. . .familiar. . .

There were yells and Inuyasha scooped her up just as something crashed into the ground where she had been. "Fool! What are you doing?!" He yelled at her, setting her down on the ground again.

"Watch yourself!" He called before drawing his sword and hacking at the putrid masses of flesh that was Naraku.

Kagome looked tot he place she had been. There was a giant, gaping hole in the ground, and she felt her entire form quake at the thought that she had been standing there just moments before. He had tried to kill her. . .Naraku. . .why?

Her eyes moved to the stinking mass that Inuyasha was attacking. It still had Naraku's head on it, but legs and other grotesque appendages were sticking out at odd angles and clawing the air or ground around them. She covered her mouth, but dropped it when the head turned her way.

Her eyes locked with Naraku's only briefly before he sent one of the long, disgusting arms her way with a laugh, hatred flaring in his eyes. Kagome gasped at the realization that she had been tricked, that Inuyasha was right about Naraku after all.

Her mind briefly reached out to Sango and the others, thinking about what Inuyasha said about them. The words came back like a horrible memory though.

'Sango. . .her brother was taken by Naraku. . .'


The long claw narrowly missed her as she stared up at the face of Naraku, which had been frustrated with his failed attack, and it seemed anxious as well in a way.

Inuyasha spun around and saw the claw raise again, and start to strike. . .

'Miroku. . .he's cursed. . .he will one day die from the curse that Naraku put on him. . .'


The attack missed yet again. Naraku seemed frantic as he raised the claw again. . .

Kagome's mind came to her question to Inuyasha then.

'And. . .what does Inuyasha fight for. . .?'

She saw the claw, right above her, it shone against the smoke and bits of fire before it started to come down at a fast rate. There was a yell, but her mind was still lost.

'For that which I should love. . .'


Kagome fell to the ground, pushed down by Inuyasha. Her eyes were wide with confusion as she spotted the hole in his middle. He was dripping blood, but he smiled to her softly. "I told you to watch yourself." He said before pulling himself free and facing the beast again.

'For that which gives me hope. . .'

He dodged off to he side, knowing that he was now the target, that Kagome was forgotten now that he had been wounded.

Kagome got to her feet, dripping an arrow and her bow as she watched a claw coming down toward Inuyasha. Her mind jumped and she pulled an arrow back quickly.

'. . .I will always remain strong. . .'

"INUYASHA!!!!!!!!!!!" Kagome released the arrow just as she was sure that the claw would hit Inuyasha. Her wandered to one final thought, one that was fuzzy, and appeared to be from long ago.

'Just let me protect you!!!' Was that Inuyasha? She thought it was his voice and she smiled to herself softly. "Let me protect you this time. . ." She whispered as she let the arrow fly.

There was a blinding light, but she stood against it as she watched the arrow shoot outward.

It connected with Naraku in another blinding flash of light. There was an ear-piercing scream, and Kagome fell to the ground, her head in her hands.

She gasped as everything came back. Starting from the first thing she had forgotten, and going all the way back.

Inuyasha stood, watching as the light faded and revealed Kagome on the other side, holding her head, her hair covering her face which was contorted in pain.

Forgetting his own wound, he ran toward her. "Kagome!"

He landed by her and grabbed one arm, peering into her face.

"Kagome???" He asked worriedly.

With one hand, she pushed back her hair, and, slowly, straightened.

"Inuyasha. . .?" She asked, she looked quizzical.

"What. . .what happened? Did I just. . .did I forget?" She asked him, and he smiled at her.

Without answering her, he hugged her to him. "You're back." He whispered softly. She blushed slightly before wrapping her arms around him.

"Hey!! Kagome's ok!!" Shippo called as he came up to them.

Inuyasha and Kagome released each other with a grin. "Shippo-chan!! Thanks so much for interpreting everything!!" Kagome huggled the tiny kitsune cub who giggled.

"It was nothin'."

"Kagome-chan!!" Sango hailed her, Miroku and Kirara behind her.

"Sango-chan!" Kagome got to her feet and immediately, both girls started to ramble on about what had happened recently.

Miroku nudged Inuyasha and raised his eyebrows meaningfully.

Inuyasha glared at him, and pounded him over the head with his fist. "Shut up!!"

Miroku giggled happily at his friend's embarrassment. "So, everything went well then?" Miroku asked, nudging Inuyasha in the ribs.

"I said Shut up!!!!!:

Kagome and the others giggled at the two men, as they continued to fight, forgetting the fight, and the long days past.

Their journey was over.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Yo!!! I would like to explain a bit of the ending here.

Ok, the things in parentheses like this '. . .', were, of course, thoughts. But, they were also memories, so, try to connect the "words" with the 'thoughts', and you may get what effect I was trying to place in the story. It was supposed to be like. . .she was starting to remember what had happened to her, and Inuyasha's voice was in her mind as she prepared to fire the arrow. Of course, it may seem like it took a great deal of time before she shot the actual arrow, but, actually, it only took a split second before she did fire it.

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