I guess it wouldn't be acceptable for me to admit that I forgot about this story, so I will tell you that at first I hadn't. I simply hit a writer's block combined with a busy lifestyle which was eventually followed with I've heard of that site…I think…have I written on it? No, not that I can remember…"

Then that all ended when I finally remembered my old email account, logged in and reread my entire story and realized what a stupid cliffhanger I had left everyone with nearly two years earlier. How inconsiderate of me…

Chapter 19: In Twelve Grimmauld Place

"Careful, Severus, Careful with his arm."

"And you never bothered to check and make sure…"

"I see his arm, damn it…stop swinging him around, that's a wall!"

"He could have put wards up around my house; he knows we love Harry like our own son…"

"I'll take him, no don't levitate him, you idiot, it's broken."

Draco groaned audibly as he fought to regain consciousness. His eyelids were heavy and they stung. The various voices around him were hushed in anticipation. "Draco, dear, can you hear me?" A pleasantly low female voice asked from beyond his left ear. He moaned in response and suddenly felt ill.

"Put him down, Mad-Eye. He shouldn't be moved!" A gruff, male voice this time, from directly overhead. Draco's broken arm was jostled as he was laid once more on the bed and a guttural hiss slipped through his lips.

"You're hurting him," the soft voice accused, followed by a sharp intake of breath behind her. "He's waking up, just let him be for a bit. That nose is gonna be a nasty one to fix…"

"Harry?" Sirius bounced from his Godson's side towards Lupin. "Moony! Harry's coming to!"

Draco smiled inwardly, relieved to hear that Harry was alright, the last thing he had seen was the Muggle woman running in with a look that could kill. As long as he's fine…that's what really matters… he thought to himself with a sigh as he felt the last traces of consciousness he'd held onto begin to ebb away into the darkness.

"Remus?" The soft voice had become concerned. "Remus, Draco's slipping…he's not responding anymore…"

"Draco?" Harry was fully conscious now, and massaging his bruised neck, while kneeling over the blonde boy's limp form. "Draco?" He put one hand on the Slytherin's shoulder and shook him gently. Draco! He thought desperately with no response before realizing that the link had been closed as each endured separate pains. Oh well, he thought grimly, and without any thought for his own well-being, Harry reached out to the familiar spot in himself that was the connection to Draco, and his eyes closed unceremoniously as Draco's opened slowly. Then, in the same swift motion, Draco leaned over the edge of the bed and retched dryly as Harry slid sideways into Sirius's waiting arms, moaning with pain.

"Damn it Harry!" Sirius whined as he watched him transfer some of Draco's pain to his own body. He stroked his Godson's now sweating forehead, brushing away strands of hair as the boy fought to stay conscious. "Damn these Muggles!" Sirius snarled, glaring daggers at the unconscious and magically bound Dursleys in the hallway.

"There will be time for all this chatter later," Snape spoke coolly as Draco lay back on the bed, the pain in his head and his arm now a dull ache. "We must transport them to Headquarters. Kingsley, if you will alert Dumbledore?" The auror nodded and walked outside to apparate. "Tonks, Weasley, and Moody, move the Muggles downstairs for now. Then proceed to inform the Ministry of the reason for the underage magic. Make something up if you must." Tonks nodded and hurried out the door. Arthur stood, watching Harry blink slowly and painfully until Moody shook his arm gently. The red-haired man managed a weak smile before turning towards the door as well.

"Will you be alright with these two?" Moody asked with a growl, one eye crazily surveying the room.

"Yes," Lupin answered, his arm supporting Sirius as Snape examined the blood pooling under the desk with an unreadable sneer. Moody walked out quickly as Draco mumbled something incoherently from the bed. The potions professor stepped forward and knelt beside him.

"Speak up, Draco," He commanded firmly, but in a volume barely over a whisper as to not hurt the boy.

"Don't let Harry die." Draco pleaded with him through bloody lips, his eyes glossy and distant. "'smyfault, I'm hurt…"

"Nonsense, Mr. Malfoy," Snape answered him curtly. "Mr. Potter knew perfectly well what he was doing, and he is no worse than you are right now."

Harry groaned from the corner of the room where he was cradled in Sirius's arms. "Take me…" He muttered and trailed off.

"Take you where?" Sirius asked anxiously.

"To him…" Harry mumbled. Sirius rearranged his grasp and handed Harry to Remus while the two moved him closer to the edge of the bed, careful not to jostle his arm too much.

"Count of three," Remus said and they both lifted the boy onto the bed next to Draco. The blonde looked over, satisfied that his friend was still alive.

"Sorry," Harry muttered to no one person in particular as his eyes flickered shut.

"Quiet, Potter." Snape commanded gently as he held his wand over both boys. "You must rest now."

"But," Draco tried to protest as he felt the healing spell that Snape had been constructing begin to work almost instantly. He knew in the back of his mind from his studies that the spell would take away their pain temporarily and make it easier for them to be moved, but that they would have to be asleep first. Harry was already nodding off, a queerly angelic smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. Sometimes this spell had an almost euphoric effect on people. Draco vaguely wondered whether he looked as innocent in a drug-induced sleep as the Gryffindor did, before deciding that it didn't really matter. Draco looked great all the time. This was his last conscious thought.

Dumbledore's eyes were sad as he waited in the drawing room of number 12 Grimmauld Place. After being informed of the horrific scene that had awaited the Order upon entering number 4 Privet Drive, he had summoned the Order's medi-wizards to prepare two beds in a bedroom that had been converted to a Hospital Wing of sorts whenever Snape would seek refuge in the house after a meeting. Dumbledore had never imagined that the beds would become occupied by Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy, much less so soon after leaving the Muggle relatives' home that the Headmaster had so foolishly placed Harry into for the last 15 years. The warning signs were there, Albus. He lectured himself with a heavy sigh. How could you have been so blind? A loud noise from the front door interrupted his thoughts and he stood quickly to walk into the hallway. Two slight forms were levitated past his door and around the corner where the medi-wizards waited.

He walked into the living room, and looked around at the group assembled. There was the entire Weasley family sans Arthur and Percy. They sat impatiently, often making rude and angry comments regarding Muggles. Remus, Sirius, and Alastor stood off to the side of the room, while Severus paced before the fireplace. Tonks sat with Hermione on the couch, whose head was bowed with her lips moving silently. Everyone had clamored for the news when Kingsley had hurried in, but now they were oddly reserved. It seemed as though their questions had been answered, and they had found themselves disappointed.

Disappointed in me… Dumbledore thought to himself.

Draco's POV:

The first time I had awakened, it was to unbearable pain and fragmented thoughts.

When I awoke now, I was warm and comfortable, the pain only a dull ache. I remembered where I had been and what had happened and I was instantly furious. How dare they? Those Muggles will regret they ever messed with Draco Malfoy!

It seems you've forgotten the pain rather quickly then…a sullen voice interrupted his rampage set on revenge.

Harry! Malfoy thought to him quickly, instantly delighted that the other boy was conscious and communicating through their link. In his own excitement, he failed to notice the other boy's depressed vibes.

Who the bloody hell else would it be? Harry asked snidely. His tone made Draco start and the blonde boy opened his eyes to find himself in an unfamiliar version of the Hogwarts Hospital Wing. It was dark outside the windows and it seemed to be the middle of the night, for they were alone in the room.

Wha-what's wrong? Draco asked with a note of hurt and confusion. Are you in pain?

No, Harry replied shortly. His eyes were open and staring vacantly at the ceiling, as they had been for the twenty minutes before Draco awoke beside him. The blonde boy rolled up on one elbow and peered at him through the darkness. "Harry?" he asked aloud, his voice hoarse. "What's wrong?"

Harry closed his eyes and one tear rolled down his cheek. "Nothing," he muttered angrily, rolling over on his side, away from Draco.

The other boy continued to stare at him for the next several minutes, a feeling of sadness growing inside him from which he did not recognize the source.

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