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Notes: This is yet another one of those post-Naraku possibility fics. Yup. Yet another one of them.

Innocent Dream

~ Elusive ~

Naraku. Kagura. Kanna. Sango. Kirara. Miroku. Inuyasha. Kikyou. Kagome. Shippou. Sesshoumaru. Rin. Kohaku.

Names. Empty words. They mean nothing to me. Yet they whirl about in my head, haunting me, and I clutch at them desperately, understanding only vaguely their significance, as I search for the ever-elusive truth, the answers to all my questions, the very meaning of my existence.

My memories are fading. With each passing day, I lose a little more to the dark recesses of my mind. I no longer remember my name. Who I am. Who I was.

I recall a woman. I remember spending a lot of time with her. Maybe that is why I remember more about her than anyone else. Because I can still see her smile, her dark red lips curving into a derisive smirk. Even so, that is all I see. Her red, dangerous smile.

I recall a man. Something tells me that there was something inherently wrong with him, but I do not know why. I know only that he was powerful. Manipulative. And I know only that I have associated him with the dark shadows that reach out at night, grabbing for my soul.

I recall, too, another man, sometimes, and my memories of him are the blurriest. Always, there is a girl with him. I cannot picture their faces, nor the colors of the clothes they wore, nor can I hear the timbre of their voices, or the sounds of their laughter, but I think I was close to them.

I recall the same girl often, in another memory, in which she is older, with another boy about her age. I think -- I think they were happy together. I do not know what happened to them.

Perhaps they are dead.

Perhaps they are all dead.

Only one image stands out clearly from the sea of faceless spirits swimming about in my mind. It is the face of a little girl, with shaggy black hair and a smudge of dirt on her cheek. She is smiling. She is always smiling.

To her image alone I cling, as I wander aimlessly through the bloody, devastated land.

Perhaps, through her, I shall find my answers.


Harhar. That was short. This is the result of a random plot bunny. I have no real plans for the future of the story. I probably won't update it until I finish my current projects for Rurouni Kenshin. Then again, my STUPID SADISTIC muse likes to inspire me whenever I DON'T want him to inspire me, so... ya never know. I may even update it tomorrow...