Notes: Hey, I actually have a PLOT now!! *snorts* Not that anyone is reading it…

Innocent Dream

~ Timeless ~

I walk, and I walk, and I walk. It is all I can do now. Walk and wander and grasp at elusive memories.

Sometimes I come upon a village. Sometimes they are friendly, and provide me with food and shelter for the night. Sometimes they are hostile, and drive me away with sticks and stones.

Sometimes they are abandoned. Empty.

At night I lay down in the empty shacks, and I dream. And when I wake up again everything is still the same. Empty. Quiet. It seems like an eternity has passed, yet no time has passed at all. Timeless.

Has it been years? Or only days? I do not know.

I know only that I am still young, and so I still dream…

Sometimes, when I come upon these empty villages, I feel a dark heavy cloud settling over my heart. I am not sure, but I think it is grief. Nostalgia. Perhaps regret. There is something in my past, some shadowy thing that haunts me, but I do not know what it is. Something I have done… something… something great but dark… But I do not remember.

I need to know.

I need to find out.

What did I do? What happened? Why can't I remember?

Ignorance is bliss… whispers a little voice in the back of my mind.

But I don't care. I need to know. I can't spend the rest of my life like this, drifting… without purpose… timeless.

I am not timeless. I cannot remain young forever. Someday I will no longer dream.

Someday I will die.

I want to know.

I must know.

I swear upon all that is timeless, upon all of my dreams… I swear that I will find out.

My tired feet bring me at last to the shade of a great, old tree. There is something strange about this tree. A grand, mysterious aura, that feels so familiar… yet I cannot place it. The great tree… it is timeless. I feel as if I've known it forever, as if all my life I have lived for one thing alone, and that one thing is this tree.

It is beautiful.

Beautiful, but it feels wrong.

It is old, older than me, older than time.

Sorrow, hatred, joy, regret, betrayal… The tree is drowning in a sea of whirling electric emotions.

There is something strange about that tree.

Something wrong.


And guess what tree that is… ^_~ Hm, I wonder… *coughs*

Yes, Kohaku has lost all sense of time. He has no idea how long it's been since Naraku was defeated. (Heck, he doesn't even remember who Naraku was, really…) And how the heck was Naraku defeated anyway? What happened to Inuyasha and co.? Well… you'll have to wait and see…

Btw, this story is going to be short and simple. Nothing epic. I'm too lazy to write anything epic. (In case you couldn't already tell…) There is a plot though, with a climax and everything. Sort of. I swear. (Haha.) The chapters probably aren't going to get any longer, because I'm trying to experiment with a different style here.

Next chapter: Kohaku meets up with someone at a bloody, abandoned village near the tree…

THANKS to anyone who's read/reviewed.