Chapter 1

It was a normal, average night at the State Research and Holding Facility for Super Human

Criminal's. Many of the cells were occupied with criminals from all around with all kinds of

super abilities. There were some who could control fire, some who could shape shift, and many


But right now, our attention is focused on two guards who were walking with a couple of fish on

a plate toward a cell.

"Man, I always hate going here" one guard said, his voice wavering a bit.

"You said it, this guy really creeps me out" the other guy said as they approached a large cell.

The guard then took a card from his pocket and slid it through the slot, opening the door and

letting a hiss of steam escape.

As the guards walked in, they cringed at the sight.

In the center of the room, with iron shackles strapped to his arms and legs, was a creature which

looked like a combination of a fish and a man, complete with red eyes, scales and a huge

muscular body.

This creature was known as Gill. Once a normal person, he switched his arts and crafts

time with another person at summer camp when he was a kid so he could go swimming,

which he loved to do. Unfortunately, the water was filled with toxic chemicals, which

mutated him into a fish monster.

Many years later, he tried to gain revenge on the boy, who's name was Ron Stoppable,

twice in fact, but was defeated both times.

Since then, he has been held here after being captured. But he still yearns for revenge against Ron

for making him a freak.

"Dinner time, scales" one of the guards said as they brought the fish in.

"For the last time, my name is Gill" he said angrily as he clenched his claws into a fist.

"Whatever, just eat freako" they said as they walked towards him



The floor around the guards had become electrified and zapped the guards into unconsciousness.

"HA! HA! HA!" laughed Gill as the guards crumpled to the floor, "good thing I had the sense to

dig up some loose wires with my claws and hide them before those buffoons came in".

With that, he hocked up a bit of slime and used it like a rope to slurp up the card from the guard's

pocket and slide it, unlocking his cuffs.

Setting himself free, he calmly walked out the front door to freedom.

As he looked out to the road ahead, he grinned sinisterly.

"Roll out the welcome mat Ronnie, old Gill's back in town".

End of Chapter 1...