Authors Note: I've decided to re-write this fiction because I feel that I can do a much better job putting effort into what I really wanted to bring out in this story. I think along the few months I've stopped writing, I've developed my vocabulary... and my writer's block was successfully slain when summer started. I hope you enjoy my revised version and if you like my writing, keep a look out on my other fictions, which I should be finishing soon. Some will be removed from my list because I've lost interest in them, but others should be coming in. Thanks for your time and patience.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything except the plot of this fiction and the character Dallas. Jerry Bruckheimer and Company owns everything else.


Chapter One: Homecoming

It was the usual hot day in Long Beach as Dallas drove her black Mustang down the dimly lit street. She had only one reason for coming to this place and that reason was to visit her sister, whom she'd only kept in contact with through letters. Since their mothers death while on a boost, Sway left for Long Beach while Dallas stayed in Michigan. Both Sway and Dallas had worked with their mother boosting cars. That's how they learned the ropes. Ever since that day, Dallas hadn't stolen one car ever again. Sway, on the other hand, joined a group of boosters. They'd gotten into a lot of trouble and soon, Sway realized the error of her ways and so did Dallas. Unfortunately, Dallas had realized it all too soon and Sway learned after it was too late.

Dallas parked her car under a streetlight beside the curb. She got out and walked down the street to the bar where Sway was working. As Dallas entered the bar, it seemed a lot cleaner that what she was used to. From the corner of her eye, she saw Sway leading a man out through the back door. He looked as though he'd had a few too many drinks. Sway cursed as she threw him out. When she returned behind the bar to serve more customers, Dallas was sitting on a bar stool right in front of her.

"I'll have a rum and coke on the rocks, Sway." Dallas said.

Sway replied, giving Dallas a good look before she began mixing her drink, "Sure thing." Sway slid the drink down the counter to Dallas, who stopped it with her hand and took a drink. Sway was still curious about this woman. She recognized her from somewhere and she knew she would kick herself later for not asking. "Have I seen you before?"

Dallas paused a moment and regarded Sway. "My own sister doesn't even remember me." She laughed softly and took another swing of her rum and coke.

"Dallas? I don't believe it. You never told me you were coming." Sway was taken back a moment as she moved from behind the counter to approach Dallas.

"I think that's what the point of a surprise is, Sway. You weren't supposed to know." Dallas moved toward Sway and they embraced. A whole flood of memories came back the moment they came near each other. For so long, they'd been separated. To have Dallas back in her life was a joy to Sway.

Sway took a step back and spoke, "I'm off work in a few minutes. If you don't mind waiting, I can take you to my place. You're not going to stay in a hotel if I can help it. Hell, if you really need to, Memphis and I can spare a room in the house for you."

"That would be great. Thank you so much, Sway. How about I go wait in the car and we'll head to your place once you get out?"

Nodding, Sway moved to hug Dallas again. "Alright. Just don't drive off on me. I'd hate to loose you twice."

Dallas headed out of the bar and back into her car where she turned on the radio. She didn't mind the wait. Especially because it was her sister she was waiting for. Everything felt different, but familiar at the same time. Sway seemed very happy, not to mention she talked about Memphis. They must have moved into a house together.

Her thoughts were jarred when she'd heard a knock on her passenger window. Sway waved and told her to roll down the windows. "Just follow me. I'm in the white BMW."

The night drew near and the dimly lit streetlights became bright beacons guiding her way as Dallas followed Sway home. She'd wondered what Sway's home would look like and what cars would be in the driveway. Dallas already knew Eleanor would be there. Sway talked about Eleanor all the time in her letters like it was her baby and not Memphis'.

It seemed quite a short drive to Sway's house from the bar. When Dallas pulled into the driveway behind Sway, she immediately noticed Eleanor. She admired the car for moments before getting out of her own Mustang and leaning against the hood. "She's beautiful. Otto did a good job on it."

"He sure did." Sway moved to Eleanor. "I worked on the engine. Otto did the bodywork. I'll tell you more about it later. Right now I have to get you inside and meet everyone. I'm not sure, but Tumbler might be over. He's been coming here a lot since his dad died."

Dallas followed Sway up the porch stairs and into the home. "I'm sorry to hear that." Her eyes moved around the main corridor. It was a beautiful bungalow home. From inside the den, Dallas could hear a familiar voice over the TV. She heard things like 'I have two dads and one wears lip gloss!' and 'My gender is yet to be determined'. She got closer and saw Memphis sitting on the love seat, while Kip and Tumbler sat on the couch. Tumbler sat watching the TV in awe.

"Jerry Springer again, Tumbler?" Sway asked rhetorically as she took a seat beside Memphis on the smaller couch.

Tumbler smiled and placed the remote he'd been clutching in his hand down on the coffee table. "Yup. Good old Jerry."

Kip watched as Dallas took a seat between Tumbler and himself. "You must be a friend of Sway's?"

"Actually, I'm her sister. Dallas."

Memphis responded with enlightenment, "Sway, you never told me you had a sister."

"I wanted it to be a surprise." Sway smiled and looked over at Dallas. "I told her she could stay with us. I know you won't mind, Memphis. She's my sister."

"I don't mind at all. I would have liked a little heads up. I don't know if we have room."

Kip chimed in, "Dallas can take my room. I can sleep on the couch." He thought it would be a good idea to do something nice for Dallas. She was actually quite attractive. It must run in the family.

Dallas protested, "No. I'll sleep on the couch. Kip, you keep your bed." She said turning a bit to face him. "I'm used to sleeping on a couch. I did it all the time back when I was in college."

"I insist. Take my bed. I'll take the couch." Kip said as he got up from the couch and stretched.

Tumbler did the same, sensing it was his time to leave. "Well, I'm heading home now. It was nice meeting you, Dallas. Hope to see you again sometime." Tumbler smiled and walked past her. Dallas smiled back and watched him leave.

The group sat in silence for a moment as they flipped through channels on the TV. There was nothing good on at this time, mostly infomercials, Jerry Springer, and re-runs of 'I Love Lucy'. It was already 2:00 AM and Dallas felt like she was going to fall asleep right there beside Kip. She dozed off for a minute; her head lightly leaned against his shoulder.

Dallas' eyes opened when she heard Memphis' voice. "We should probably head to bed. It's late"

"I second the motion." Dallas said as she got up from the couch and offered her hand to Kip. "Get up. I'm sleeping here."

Kip ignored her hand, smiled, and flopped down on the couch. "Go to bed, Dallas."

"Alright. You win." Dallas turned to Sway. "Lead the way, oh wise one."

Sway took her sisters hand and moved through the home briefly before taking her to Kip's room. "We can take out your luggage in the morning. You should get some rest now."

Dallas nodded, heading toward the unmade bed and sitting on it. "Thanks again, Sway." She lay back down and kept her eyes open for a few minutes to take in the room. It was messy, which is what Dallas expected from a guy like Kip. His room was filled with stuff about cars. There were many car related posters; small car replicas still in their packaging and on the window to the right of her was a classic decal with a ford boy peeing on a Chevrolet. What a lovely thing to look at before dozing to sleep. She nodded off at first, still trying to examine the room but her eyes were getting heavier and eventually she went to sleep.

Kip hoped Dallas wasn't asleep already. He crept past Sway and Memphis' room toward his own where Dallas was. His hand rested on the knob for a brief moment before he turned it and entered the room. He saw his extra pillow by his bedside table and he moved to grab it.

"I'm awake." Mumbled Dallas as she turned her head to look at Kip, who was standing to her right.

Kip turned quickly, almost as if he'd been snuck up on. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to wake you. I just needed to grab my pillow."

"You didn't wake me."

"Okay. Sorry, again." Kip grabbed the pillow and held it against his chest as he spoke, "Goodnight."

Dallas watched as Kip moved away. She sat up in bed and called him back. "Wait, Kip. I feel really bad about making you sleep on the couch. I want you to sleep here." She watched as Kip stood there, debating. "Look, there's enough room for both of us. And it's more comfortable than the couch."

Moving back toward his bed, Kip sighed. "You should be a saleswoman." He joked as he got into the bed beside Dallas. "Hey, Dallas?"



"No problem, Kip."