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The Dance

Hilary walked out into the cold night air. Two more days until the dance that she work so hard on. She spent weeks trying to make the last dance of her time at middle school perfect. It was going to be perfect. Everyone had a date.well everyone but her. Tyson, Max, Kenny, Rei, everyone had a date. No one had asked her. She walked down to the canal and sat on the log, thinking of what she was going to do.


"I just can't believe Tyson got a girl to go with him to the dance." Max laughed.
"Oh I can't help that I'm irresistible!" Tyson said. This caused the room to break out in laughter.
"Everyone got a date. Well, that is going at least. So Kenny who is going with you?" Rei asked.
"Well that cute girl, Jessica, from our Math class." Kenny stated with a smile. He was the shortest and not the cutest but he still got a girl. He thought of that is an accomplishment for himself.
"So Hillary, who are you allowing to escort you?" Dizzi asked.
"Actually, I'm not going to go." Hilary stated, trying to sound like nothing happened.
"What?!? You planned everything. You spent weeks on this." Rei stated.
"Yeah you spent so much time on it." Max said.
"Really is it a CRIME not to go!" Hilary got upset and walked outside.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(end of flashback)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Why does this always happen to me?" Hilary said to herself.
"Maybe because you won't talk to anyone?" Hilary jumped at the sound of the voice.
"Kai? What are you doing out here?"
"I could ask you the same thing, but I know it is because you're upset about the dance. What's wrong?" Kai asked sitting down next to her, discarding his cool demeanor.
"Why is it so important to you? You don't care about anything." Hilary stated coldly.
"I asked you a direct question. To answer yours because you are my friend and even if you don't think so I do care."
"You want to know why.well it's because no one asked me to the dance." Hilary started to cry.
"Hilary, there is still one day left to get a date." Kai said not knowing what to do to make her stop crying, "Please stop crying."
"Yeah one day left, but no one left to ask. Everyone has a date Kai."
"Not everyone, Hilary."
"Who? Name one person."
"Me." This left Hilary speechless. "How about going with me, Hilary?"
"I'd love to. But Kai don't do this out of pity. I'm sure you had tons of girls ask you." Hilary said drying her tears.
"Hey, I don't mind. Plus I would rather go with someone I know. And you're my only friend that is a girl." Kai said.
"Oh you sure know how to make a girl feel special, don't you?" Was Hilary's sarcastic remark, causing both to laugh.
"We should go in it is late. And we shouldn't tell them about this little conversation the guys will think I'm going soft." Kai said standing up.
"Okay." Hilary said as they walked in. "Thanks, Kai."
"Whatever." Kai said regaining his cold demeanor.

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