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The Dance
The Night of the Dance
At the Dance

"So where is she?" Max asked the guys who were standing in a circle because the girls had to go to the bathroom (yes it is true all girls go to the bathroom in groups).
"Hilary hasn't showed up yet." Rei stated keeping a look out.
"Oh this food is great!" Tyson said causing everyone to sweat drop.
"I just can't figure out who Hilary brought. I've calculated it and I can't find anyone." Kenny stated.
The girls walked back to the group, "Doesn't Miriam look absolutely stunning?" Max asked as he watched her walk towards him.
"She looks fine, Max. Oh and how did you know to get her pink flowers? They match her dress perfectly." Rei asked.
"Oh, Hilary told me." Max said trying to keep his attention on the guys, unsuccessfully.
"Hey, maybe she knows. I mean she has to know." Kenny said.
"Know what?" Miriam asked.
"Who is coming to the dance with Hilary? Or do you even know?" Rei asked.
"Oh I know. But I think she wants to surprise you guys." Miriam stated.
"Now you're starting to sound like Kai. He said basically the same thing when he found out we interfered with her getting a date." Tyson said, thus getting a smack on the head from Rei, "Hey my food!"
"Did he now." She said with her smirk growing bigger, "Hey you did WHAT!?!?!"
"Miriam, how about dancing with me?" Max asked so that war didn't break out.

At Hilary's House

"Oh, I hope he actually comes." Hilary said to herself. Just then the door bell rang. She opened the door to find Kai standing there, "Oh I'm so glad you actually came."
"Why wouldn't-Wow." Kai said looking up at the girl. Her brown hair was curled and held up with bobby pins and flowers. She had on a dark ruby spaghetti strap dress lined with silver that hugged her curves. Not to mention the sparkles all over her. Kai was at a loss of words. This caused her to blush well that and the fact that Kai was in a black tux. He handed her the dozen of red roses in his hands. They started to walk to the dance.
"Thank you so much, again. This means so much to me. I know this is just a pity date, but." Hilary looked down.
Kai raised her chin with his hand, "It wasn't a pity date. I really wanted to go with you." He had the urge to kiss her but decided against it.
They had just reached the school, "Well here we go." Hilary said, she was more than a little nervous.

At the Dance (obviously)

They walked in slowly. The group was standing and talking with their backs to them. The guys' dates had once again gone to the bathroom, except Miriam.
"Hey there they are." She said as she walked to meet them and get out her camera.
They all turned and a flash was seen as their mouths dropped to the floor, "WHAT!?!?!" Rei stated.
"Hi guys! Surprise, I came with Kai." Hilary said with a blush still on her cheeks.
"You don't dance!" Tyson exclaimed.
"How do you know I don't." Kai stated.
"How come you came with Hilary?" Max asked.
"Because I wanted to come and she was who I wanted to ask." Kai stated shrugging, "How about a dance Hilary?" Kai asked leading her on to the dance floor.
They danced for quite awhile, checking several times to see if the guys were still staring.
"I don't like this." Kenny said.
"Why didn't they tell us?" Rei asked more himself than the others.
"Well, because maybe you would act.oh.the WAY you DID." Miriam stated rolling her eyes.
"I guess you're right." Tyson said, causing everyone to look at him because he agreed with someone, "I mean we did act badly. I just hope Kai isn't planning on playing with her heart."
"I don't think he is." Max stated as he watched them dance, "He does have a crush on her." Everyone turned and looked at Max, "Well, he told me when I asked him why he saved her so many times."
"How come people tell you so many things, Max?" Kenny asked.
"I guess because I can annoy it out of them." Max said shrugging.
"Oh, but that is what is so cute about you, Max." Miriam giggled and pulled him on to the dance floor.
The music changed to a slow ballad, If You're Not the One by Daniel Bedingfield (can't that guy hit those high notes). Kai and Hilary started to slow dance.
"So, Kai, why did you really bring me?" Hilary asked blushing.
Kai smiled, he really liked when Hilary blushed, "Well, to tell the truth. I like you a lot, Hilary. As more than friends." Kai looked away.
Hilary smiled, "Well, so do I, Kai." She said turning his face toward her. Kai pulled her closer to him and leaned down to kiss her, "Now that we got that strait. What are we going to do about it?" Hilary interrupted his intended kiss and wrapped her arms around his neck and traced the back of his neck.
"This." Kai said as he pulled her even closer and kissed her.


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