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One More Chance


Van and Fiona are finally together, but a misunderstanding separated them. Now years later they meet again. What will happen now that they both have new lives? What is Fiona hiding from Van?  

Chapter 1

The Mistake

"Van put me down." Said Fiona. Van was carrying her and she knew that he was going to throw her in the lake.

"It's your turn to get wet." Said Van as he looked at his drench clothes. Earlier Fiona had pushed him to the lake so it was his time for revenge. When he got at the edge of the lake Fiona tickled him. That only cause them to fall on the lake. "You got me wet again."

"That's what you get." Said Fiona laughing. She splashed water on him. Van quickly went underwater so Fiona couldn't get him. Fiona looked for him, but there was no sign of him. Suddenly she felt a pair of strong arms around her.

"Lets go for a ride." Fiona knew what he was going to do, so quickly to some air. They both went underwater. Fiona opened her eyes so she could see Van. Van still had his arms around and refuse to let her go. Finally they both went to the surface.

"Are you ever planning on letting go of me?" Asked Fiona seeing that Van wouldn't release her.

"No." Van whispered to her ear. Then he gave her a quick kiss before picking her up.

"Now where are we going?" Asked Fiona since Van was taking them out of the lake.

"You'll see." Said Van as they walked threw the sand. Fiona could see that they were approaching a cave. Once they were inside Van laid her down in the sand and began to light a fire. From the cave you can see a great view of the lake with the two moons.

"It looks so beautiful from here." Said Fiona as she watched the lake with the two moons.

"Yeah it does." Said Van as he took a seat next to her. "But do you what's more beautiful in here?"

"What is?" Asked Fiona as she kept starring at the moons.

"You are." Said Van softly to her. Fiona blushed. Van turned her around so she would see him. He gently caress her cheek. "You know that I love more than anything in the world right."

"I know Van. And I love you two." Said Fiona as she looked at his black eyes. Van gently kissed her. Slowly he pushed her back so she would be laying on the sand. Van continued to kiss until they were both lost in there passions.


The morning came and Van and Fiona were still asleep in the cave. The sun's light got inside the cave causing Van to wake up. Van covered his face because the light was bothering him. He looked around and found that Fiona was still asleep.

"Hey Fiona wake up." Said Van. Fiona didn't move. Van gently began to shake her.

"Huh? What is it Van?" Asked Fiona as she woke up.

"It's morning I think we better go back to the hotel." Said Van as he stood up.

Fiona stretched a bit before standing up too. They both got dressed and headed out to the hotel. It took about 20 minutes to get there.

"I think I'll take a shower." Said Fiona as they were nearing her room.

"Can I join you?" Asked Van with a naughty look.

"Didn't you have enough from last night?" Asked Fiona as she opened the door to her room. Van wrapped his arms around her.

"I never get enough of you." Whispered Van to her ear. They walked in to her room.

"You can join me if you want, but I'm warning you that nothing will happen. I'll be too busy getting the sand out of my hair." Said Fiona as she entered the bathroom.

"Then I guess I'll just take a shower in my own room." Said Van as he approached the door. "Hey meet me in an hour at the hotel's restaurant ok."

"Sure. Don't forget to lock the door before you leave." Said Fiona from inside the bathroom.

"Yes my lady." Said Van joking as he left the room.


Van walked inside his room and found an envelope on the floor. "I wonder what this is?" Van asked himself.

He opened it and read what it said. "Major Flyheight, we request your help on the battle field at Silver town as soon as possible. Sincerely The Guardian Force." 

"Oh great. Don't this guys know that Fiona and I are getting married in two weeks. Just when I was enjoying my vacation with Fiona this had to happen." Said Van annoyed. "I don't think Fiona will be too happy with this." Van put the letter away and walked to the bathroom. "I hope she'll understand."


Fiona walked out of the bathroom with a bright smile on her face. /I can't wait to tell Van. I hope he would take this news like I am. He is always saying that he wants to have a big family. I guess this will be great news to him. I can't wait until we're married./ Thought Fiona joyfully. She started to get ready to meet Van. /How should I tell him? Should I just say it when I see him or wait until I we're married? Maybe I should tell him on the honeymoon./

Fiona looked at her reflection in the mirror. You still couldn't notice it. "I need to go and see a doctor so I can know how many months I am." Said Fiona to herself. Fiona looked at the clock and saw that she was 10 minutes late already. "I better hurry!"


Van was already at the restaurant. He looked at his watch and 15 minutes had already passed since he got there. He kept looking around the place looking for his angel. "How should I tell Fiona about this unexpected news." Said Van to himself.

"What news?" Asked Fiona from behind him.

Van quickly turned around to see Fiona. "I thought that you would never get here." Said Van as put an arm around her.

"Just because I'm a couple minutes late you think I won't come." Said Fiona as they walked to a table.

"15 minutes to be precise." Said Van as he moved the chair so Fiona could sit. Fiona hit him playfully on the shoulder.

A waiter came and brought them their menus. They both looked threw them. Fiona thought she could eat all of them. This past few days she had been eating more than usual. And not just normal food, but some strange mix that she would do. Even Van was starting to wonder what was wrong with her. Van ordered something simple unlike Fiona who ordered some things really weird. Even the waiter was a bit shock. After they ordered Van decided to tell her about the letter.

"Fiona there's something important that I need to tell you." Said Van unsure of how she would take it.

"Well Van there is something I need to tell you too." Said Fiona who had decided tell him.

"Let me talk first ok." Said Van thinking that what had to say was more important.

"Ok." Said Fiona noticing that this was more serious than she thought.

"Fiona," But the waiter came with their food and interrupted them.

"Thanks." Said Van to the waiter. The waiter left and Van began to speak again. "Listen Fiona you know that your very important to me right?"

"Of course I know Van." Said Fiona.

"And you know that I always will be with you right." Said Van trying to prepare her for the news.

"I know Van, but what does all this have to do with what your going to tell me?" Asked Fiona who really didn't know where this conversation will lead them to.

"When I got back to the room after I left yours I found a letter. It was from the Guardian Force. They need my help on Silver Town as soon as possible. I'm afraid that we'll need to postpone the wedding." Said Van hoping Fiona would understand.

But unfortunately Fiona didn't understand. "Your joking, right?"

"No I'm not. I'm really sorry honey, but I need to go. Please understand." Said Van in a pleading tone.

"How can I understand! This is the third time you postpone the wedding! Van we planned our wedding a year and a half ago. We were suppose to be married 9 months ago, but at that time the Republican army needed your help. So then we waited until you came back. And then when we were going to get married the Imperial army asked for your help. That was 5 months ago. And now when we're only two weeks from our wedding this happens. Van I'm starting to think your postponing this on purpose." Said Fiona with hurt a voice. In her expression you can tell a very hurt expression.

"How can you think that. You know I can't until the day that you become my wife." Said Van who also was a bit hurt by what Fiona said.

"Then don't go. Van I've been waiting for ever for our wedding. Don't do this to me." Said Fiona with a pleading tone.

"Fiona please understand. They need my help. I can't just turn my back on them." Said Van hoping that Fiona would understand.

"But you'll turn your back on me. Listen Van you have to make a choice. Either you stay with me or go with the army." Said Fiona who was getting annoyed.

"If you truly loved me you wouldn't make me choose. Fiona I don't care what you say I'm going and that's final!" Said Van who was angry now.

Unknown to them everyone in the restaurant was starring at them. Fiona got up and looked at Van with a very hurt face.

"Fine then. Stay with your army." Said Fiona then she just took of.

Van was too angry and didn't go after her.


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