BY Dragonfang33

Synapes: A Spider-Man/Kim Possible x-over, Peter Parker goes to Middle-ton to interview legendary Teen Hero Kim Possible, but in the process becomes involved in a battle with WEE (Worldwide Evil Empire) and Dr. Drakin.

Chapter One

Arrivel, Web-slinging

Location: American Airlines Flight 312 from New York New York, to Middleton California

The flight was one of the most boring the young man had ever been on. A movie that made no sense, and above all an old man, who wouldn't stop nagging.

"Why me," Peter Parker asked himself, "I mean a guy who has saved the world from the like Dr. Octopus, the Lizard, and the Green Goblin, ends up going to some small city in the middle of no where to interview a cheerleader." Peter was beside himself with both shame and humilation.

Location: Middleton International Airport

The flight had just landed, and for Parker it was a both a relief and a blessing. Since he was suppose to interview a cheerleader, he wouldn't have to worry about facing off with a mad scientist, getting turned into a giant spider like creature, or saving to world from an alien invasion.

Since it was night, Peter decided that he would call Aunt May in the morning to let her know he had arrived safely. Parker quickly grabbed a taxi, and headed toward the hotel where he would be staying. Once there Peter quickly changed from his street clothes, which consisted of a t-shirt, blue jean jacket, tennis shoes, and blue jeans,into a red and blue costume that he had under his clothing.

"Well," Spider-Man thought to himself, "the night is young, and a little Web-swinging will help me think of questions for this Kim Possible." Spider-Man fired a stream of webbing from his wrist, and began swinging across the city.

Well heres chapter one, I will post chapter two after I get two reviews