BY Dragonfang33

Chapter XVII

Kingpin's Plan

Location: New York, a few Minutes Later

The F16s screamed over the city, heading for their target, a large scorpion shaped vehicle, with a laser cannon built into its tail.

"Delta 1 to Delta 2," The lead pilot said over the intercom, "approaching target, prepare to ----." The lead pilot was silenced when his plane took a direct hit from the tail's cannon, the second F16 closed in for his bombing run, and managed to drop his bombs and pull out of his run.

The bombs dropped by the fighter bomber did little damage to the vehical as it continued its rampage toward the UN building.

"Run, Run away you cowards," Drakken shouted, followed by his signature maniacal laugh.

"You haven't changed a bit Lipskey," Doc Ock replied, "and don't forget why we're here."

"Yeah, Yeah," Drakken replied, "capture the UN delegates, the WEE guys implant the mind control devices, and use them to gain control of their respective countries."

"Good," Kingpin said, as he entered the control room, "I'm please to see that your incompetence hasn't over shadowed our objective."

"Sir," one of the WEE agents said, "we've got visitors, bug visitors."

"Spider-Man, and Kim Possible," Kingpin said, with his typical evil grin, "well we wouldn't want to be rude to our guests now would we?"

The Spider Trio had landed on a wall overlooking the Scorpion Tank.

"Okay," Ron said, "any ideas on what that thing is?"

"It's the TX194 Scorpion," Iron Man added, "the device that Kingpin stole from Stark Enterprise."

"Any idea on how we stop it?" Kim asked

"That would be nice," Spider-Man added

"We've got to get inside, and destroy the Energy Core," Iron Man replied, Kim had her typical grin when she heard Iron Man's reply.

"Oh that's original," Kim added

"Okay enough egghead talk," Spidey said, "let's get down there and smash some giant tank thing." The group made their way through the alley and landed right on top of the Scorpion.

"That was too easy," Kim said.

"Oh contrail Cherie," a sinister voice said from behind them. The group turned around to find themselves face to face with Carnage and a group of WEE troopers, "We've got you surrounded. Now if you'll be so kind as to follow us."

Location: Scorpion Control Room

The WEE Agents tossed the group, bound and gagged at the feet of the Kingpin.

"Welcome my worthy opponents," Kingpin said, the group didn't reply.

"Remove their gags," Kingpin added, motioning for two WEE agents to remove the gags from the group's mouths.

"Whatever you're planning you won't get away with it," Kim shouted.

"Oh contra Miss Possible," Kingpin added, "I already have. You see, I decided long ago that why should I stop at simply being the Kingpin of Crime, when I could own the world.

So when I heard about this UN meeting, I decided." Ron soon cut in

"You decided to mind wipe the delegates and take control of their countries." Ron said

"You're good," Kingpin said, "too bad you won't be around to see my new world order."

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