Tales of the Jagan
Chapter 1
The Treasure of Mortar

Hiei is a pirate along with Yusuke, Kuwabara, and Kurama, their ship, the Jagan, the most fearful and deadly ship on water. Their current interest is collecting the treasure of Mortar. Botan is a young poor girl, who happens to own a piece of the treasure. Botan sees Hiei in town and helps him out of a little problem. Later, when she is about to be crushed under a collapsing building he saves her, either as a way to repay her. He notices that she has a piece of the treasure so instead of killing her, like he would normally do in this circumstance, he takes her aboard the Jagan when she agrees to help him find the other pieces of the treasure. Now Botan, Hiei, and everyone else on the Jagan are on a search for the ancient treasure of Mortar. But not only they are searching for it, also their greatest enemy, the Toguros, are have their eye on it as well. Pairings: HieixBotan(obviously) KuramaxShizuru



KuwabaraxBotan *slight*(he has a crush on her) TouyaxYukina*slight* ( I'm not sure about this one)


I sighed sitting at my wooden desk. Today was the day we would raid Attanun. Most people would think that is an absurd thing to say but it is perfectly normal in the life of a pirate. That is what pirates do, they demolish cities, towns, anything, take their valuables and leave.

But I am no ordinary pirate. The Jagan is the name of our ship, the most cursed, feared ship in the world. Actually, I named her myself. One significant thing about the Jagan, normally there is only one captain, who is in control of the ship and calls all the shots. My ship, however, has four. Yusuke, Kurama, Kuwabara, and myself.

We have a history, I guess one could say, because we grew up together as kids. I had known Kurama practically since the day I was born. We were both demons who had a knack for stealing and fighting. While Kurama used a plant whip as his main weapon, I use my sword and ability to control fire. I have pretty much mastered fire by now and have started to test my darkness abilities, which let me tell you is not easy.

We met Yusuke a few years later. We were passing a village and heard a boy who had amazing fighting skills and was known as the worst punk of the village. We came across paths that day and it kind of just clicked. We found out he was a half-demon and didn't care for the school the village tried to make him take. He hated it actually, and showed it by giving the school a bad reputation and the staff hell. Almost everyone in the village was scared of him.

We told him of our occupation as thieves and he became interested. We visited the village frequently to visit him and when he became fourteen years old he started to travel with us.

Kuwabara is the only human in our group. He was the only kid in the village who had the courage to fight Yusuke. He didn't like the way everyone was scared of him so he challenged Yusuke himself. The first time they fought Yusuke easily beat Kuwabara. Kuwabara swore he would keep fighting him until he won. I think they have over 500 fights now and Kuwabara never won a single fight. It didn't stop him though, only made him more determined with each loss. Soon he became the most powerful human in the village.

He started seeing Yusuke hanging around us frequently. He followed us once and gawked when he found out we went stealing. Kuwabara got over the fact and demanded he come with us then after. He said he could do anything demons could do and wanted to prove it. Needless to say I wasn't too pleased, the guy was a complete moron and was always bickering with Yusuke and myself.

But we couldn't stop him and he continued to tag along. As time passed we became closer and formed what I guess you could call a group. I still fight with the idiot constantly but no longer think he is a complete fool.

Kuwabara used a sword made of spirit energy while Yusuke shot bullets of spirit energy out of his index finger. Both became useful in the future. As our power grew, so did our theft. We began stealing more valuable things. In time, we even had a wanted poster with a reward.

We sold our prizes for thousands in the black markets and became rich. Somewhere along the way we learned of piracy and wanted to give it a shot. We bought a ship, which I titled the Jagan, the all-knowing eye of darkness. We considered each other equals so we decided to have four captains. We hired a lesser crew to do our bidding and handle the ship while we took control of the heavy work.

We began raiding little towns then whole cities, eventually becoming the most vicious and feared pirates. Yes, the Jagan built its reputation quickly. Within a year everyone knew and feared it.

There was only one other pirate ship that rivaled ours, the Oblivion. Our most despised enemy, Toguro was the captain of the ship. Well, the Toguro brothers to be exact, with their two right hand men, Karasu and Bui. We have only had the displeasure of meeting them a few times, but our hate for them fired up quickly. It is through them we heard of the treasure of Mortar.

The treasure of Mortar is made of many jewels the size of a ping-pong ball.(think oil beads that you put in the tub) Legend has it that when all the jewels are collected they will merge into a great gem of immense power that will easily give us the power to defeat the Toguro brothers and gang.

The problem is, no one knows where or how many pieces there are. For some reason hundreds of years ago the Jewel of Mortar split into many pieces, scattering all over the world. There could be over hundreds out there! No one knows for sure.

Each individual gem has its own special power, some stronger than others. Another problem is, we don't exactly know how to use them as of yet. In fact, not much is known about them at all, most of the important information vanished over the years.

It may sound silly to want something just so someone else cannot have it and use it against them, but that is what we are doing and I assure you it is no laughing matter. Our minds are set, we are completely serious about tracking every last jewel until we have collected all of them, no matter how long or hard it may take.

Kayko possesses the only gem we have so far. Yusuke met her a year or so earlier before we began our task of finding the jewels. For some reason Yusuke felt drawn to her and they became friends. She told him that her jewel was handed down to the first daughter in each generation. When he found out it was part of the collection we needed he didn't have the heart to take it from her. So now she has been traveling with us. Too bad she hasn't figured out how to use it yet.

One of the abilities we suspect each piece of the treasure has is the ability to sense the other gems. Kayko's gem glowed we near the city of Attanun, so some one living in the region must have a jewel. Which gets us back to the point, is why we have planned to attack at dusk. We must find that gem at all cost.

******************************************** Botan

My mother and I moved to Attanun when I was three. My mom died two years later leaving me with her closest friends in the village.

That was a hard blow for me. My mother was the only relative I had or that I knew of. When she died I felt as if my life were over. But with the help of the villagers I pulled through.

I was always a well-liked girl in the village of Attanun. When I first came here I was bubbly and cheer, your average happy-go-lucky girl. When mom died that all changed. For months I did nothing but cry. No eating, sleeping, or playing. Just crying my heart out.

Attanun was a strange community type village. Everyone knew each other here; there were not many people to begin with. Most of us were poor too, that was probably a good thing, it kept us on the same level. Practically everyone in the town was friendly and caring.

It only took about two hours for the town to find out what happened. After my mother's death I stayed with her closest friends, Trisha and Ender Timons. With their help I slowly came back to the girl I was. I was no longer the overly cheery girl and would never be again but I was happy, and I had my life back.

The Timons were the bakers of the village and one of the better off, but as I said that didn't change anything. The Timons didn't think any less of anyone else. They took me into their house, which was the upper floor of the bakery. They insisted I call them aunt and uncle which I did happily. I was glad to know I had a family again, even if we weren't related by blood.

My mother did leave me something though. A precious gem I hold greater then my very life. The jewel itself is about a quarter round in size (you know those oil beads you put in the bathtub? Think them) and was a beautiful indigo blue that shimmered in the sunlight. I kept the jewel in my pockets so it was always with me. It was the only thing I have left of my mother, so you can understand why I cherished it so.

I didn't tell anyone about the gem and I want it to stay that way. This gem must have been the finest of my mother's jewelry. It could be worth millions. I knew the people of the village were harmless but sometimes stranger would come from outside our borders that I couldn't say the same for. If they heard the villagers talking of it they might want to steal it for themselves. That's the last thing I wanted to happen.

The Timons weren't fortunate enough to have children of their own so now they are stuck with me. A few years later when I was seven my little cousin came to live with us. Sayaka's (Sayaka is the girl in the beginning part of the series where she plays the part of an investigator to bring Yusuke back to life. I don't know the true spelling for her name so I will just spell it like this) parents were slaughtered by demons. She had lived a few miles away in a nearby village with her parents. When they were killed she came to live with her godparents, Trisha and Ender. She came to us about a week after the tragedy, but she was so distant. Some nights Aunt Trisha would cradle her in her arms at night for comfort, but strange enough the little girl never cried. In fact she hardly showed any emotions at all when we first met her.

Sayaka was somehow drawn to me though. We shared a room and slept on the same bed. It was at night when the poor girl would cry and I would try and comfort her. I wrapped my arms around her and tried to rock her to sleep while telling her stories to calm her. She began to open up to me especially when I told her that my mother also died. I guess it kind of connected us to a mutual understanding that we knew how painful it could be to lose someone you love.

In time her cheerfulness came back slowly. She started smiling and laughing like any normal child would. If one didn't know her right after her parents were killed one would say it would be impossible for such a sweet little child to act so distant. Even to me it seems more like a dream than actual reality, but I know for a fact that that was how she had been.

After Sayaka came out of her depression we started to bond even more. As she got older we did everything together. We took walks, Aunt Trisha even taught us some of her fabulous baking skills. We made cookies all the time, especially gingerbread, Sayaka's favorite. I made them for her whenever she was in a slump or angry. She never really said anything but I knew she appreciated the things I did for her.

I knew Sayaka admired me and looked to me to be her role model. I was flattered with the idea. She loved me and I adored her just as much. We were nearly inseparable even though I was fifteen and she was eleven.

Nights were our main bonding time, we could lay awake and tell each other everything. Well, I couldn't tell her everything, there were some things I knew that I probably shouldn't so I kept it inside. Sayaka would tell me all her fears and I would comfort her. It was odd an eleven year old would turn to someone at the remarkably young age of fifteen for comforting instead of her dear auntie, but strange as it may be that's the way it was.

When I was fourteen I started working at a stand at the market were I could sell sweets and bread to the peasants. Sayaka would sometimes accompany me to give me someone to talk to and she always came around noon to bring my lunch. I did this because I felt the need to repay Trisha and Enders for all they had done for me. They were the main reason I had gotten over my mother's death and were there for me. They took me in and raised me as if I was the child they couldn't have. I was so thankful for all they had done for me; I felt so in debt to them. So I did whatever I could to help them out.

Ender and Trisha were an elderly couple after all and didn't like the long walks back in forth from the bakery to the market place. So I took the job. It gave me a chance to see the villagers and I did good for my family as the same time.

Today I am packing up early today because Aunt Trisha asked me to pick up some cloth to make Sayaka a dress. It seems she has ripped yet another one. This is the fourth one this month. My dear Aunt and Uncle say I was far worse though and I probably was. I was an outdoor kid who loved adventure.

I started packing up the stand getting up from my sitting position to get the straw-woven basket that my Auntie had made. Today had been a good day. I sold over twenty-six loaves of bread. The sweets had also gone like crazy, now that I count them while placing them in the basket, I only have seven left of fifty. I carefully folded the blanket and placed that inside as well.

I loved walking down the market place. It always seemed so alive. It never failed to remind me why I loved this town so much, the people. As I continued my way some of the villagers greeted me and I returned it warmly.

" Hi Botan, how's your family?" Jordan, the blacksmith asked as I passed him.

" Fine, thank you. How's Jimmy?" I replied smiling. Jimmy was Jordan's two- month-old son.

" He's great. I just wish he could fall asleep one night without wailing like a thunderstorm," Jordan said laughing. I laughed along with him. As great as children are, they come with some torture as well. As does everything if you think about it.

I continued my way until I reached the seamstress, Saramien. I see her often, as Sayaka seems to increase her torn dresses each month. She noticed me in the crowd and grinned.

" Good evening Botan. I'm guessing Sayaka has ripped another dress has she?" Saramien asked kindly. I nodded.

" She comes second only to me," I answered.

" Well that's true. When you were younger I your poor Aunt had to drag you down here everyday!" Saramien exclaimed.

I blushed. Did I really come that often? Good god, I really was horrible!

" Sorry about that. I must have been very annoying," I said looking at my toes.

" Nonsense! If I had minded then I wouldn't have become a seamstress. Such is the expectations of the job," Saramien laughed.

" Though you were quite the case!" she continued.

" Heh heh," I stuttered, not really knowing what to say.

" Well now Botan, what will it be today? Should I repair Sayaka's dress for her or just lay out some new material?" Saramien questioned.

" Well if its not too much trouble can you repair the dress? It's one of Sayaka's favorites although Aunt Trisha wanted to get a new dress altogether," I replied.

" Certainly, I can do that," Saramien nodded. She got out her needle and thread preparing to stitch the damaged dress once more, " I had a feeling you would be coming today so I already chose some material for you. It's on the table. The dress will be repaired by tomorrow. Come back then," she waved her hand not wanting to be disturbed with her work.

I walked over to the table picking up the soft material laying it in the basket. It felt as soft as silk and had pretty swirling patterns in red with a blue background to make its design. Sayaka would love it. Saramien had picked her favorite colors. I whispered a thank you to Saramien who was busy at work and quietly left the shop.

I covered my eyes slightly as I stepped outside back into the light. Judging by the position of the sun I would have just enough time to get back before dark. You did not want to be out after dark. That was the time all the gangs and thieves came out, turning Attanun to become a completely different place.

Most of the villagers had filed out to their homes by now; only a few people remained in the once flourishing market. I walked quickly in the direction of my house, getting nervous with the rapidly setting sun. I heard a familiar yelling not too far away. I ran towards the voice. As I turned a corner I saw a circle crowded around two figures. One was as I suspected.

Avil was the leader of one of the thug gangs. He acted like a nice gentleman on the outside but he was a creep on the inside. To try and protect my family from him, I ignored it, as did everyone else. Though we knew without a doubt he was up and about at night causing trouble. It seems he has found a new target for his aggressions a boy I do not recognize. As I came nearer I noticed he looked...wet? Why would he be wet? Well we were near the docks, but this is not the best time to be swimming, surely he knew that.

The boy had black hair with blue tips and a white starburst in the front. I must say it was one of the wackiest hairstyles I have ever seen but it looked..nice on him? He was wearing all black and had a white bandana on his forehead. Avil was in the center yelling at the stranger, who didn't look at all threatened by him. Was he crazy? Did he know who this was? There might be a slight chance he could take on Avil but there were over twenty guys surrounding him!

Maybe I could help him out of this. I knew that Avil had a crush on me...maybe I could persuade him to let the guy go..It was worth a try.

" Avil!" I screamed at him.

He looked up at me shocked and I felt everyone's eyes turn to me. I found my eyes staring at the newcomer's crimson ones.

" What are you doing? You know you have to be back by dark! That's the time when all the bad guys come out," Maybe I could play him by making him think I was that naïve of the world and making him think I actually cared for his sorry ass. The things I do for people..

" Botan? That's what you came for? But I have to teach this guy a lesson. I'm sure he is one of the guys causing trouble around here!" Avil protested.

" Avil I have never seen him before. If he truly was causing all the trouble I highly doubt we would have seen him before this," I said dryly. Who was he fooling?

" I mean I don't think this is him. It has to be more than one person involved in all this chaos. There would have to be other people with him. Please can't we just go home?" I pleaded, immediately softening my previous words. I didn't want him to get suspicious.

Avil glared at the newcomer thinking things over in his head. The boy just shook his head looking back in forth to me then Avil. I bit my lip in worry.

" All right Botan, I'll take you home," Avil decided waving off his gang who seemed to disappear into the shadows.

" NO! I, uh, I mean I forgot my blanket at Saramien's and I need to retrieve it first," I recovered. Smooth, I said mentally, real smooth.

Fortunately for me Avil wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed. He walked off in the direction of his house, then turned back to look at me suspiciously, and then continued walking home. When he was out of sight I let out a sigh of relief I didn't know I had been holding. I turned back to the stranger, who was looking at me.

" You didn't have to do that you know," he said to me, letting me hear his voice for the first time.

" It's ok, Avil has had a thing for me awhile now and I guess it has its ups," I said trying to smile.

I held my hand out for him to shake.

" Hi my name's Botan."

He grasped my hand firmly and shook it. I felt a something in me spark at the contact. I looked at him but he didn't seem to feel anything so I shrugged it off.

" Hiei."

It was then I noticed he had a sword strapped to his belt. I felt curious, it was the first time I met someone who might really know how to use a sword.

" Do you know how to use it?" I asked.

I had decided to go for a little walk to scale the village and get a feel for the surroundings. We would be attacking in less than an hour and I wanted to know where everything was. I was all wet from the water; I had to swim from the Jagan to the docks.

A group of thugs were waiting for me on land. I pulled myself up and used my power over fire to dry my body as best as possible though my clothes were still a good deal wet. The group had circled around me but I ignored them. Foolish ningens, they don't know what they're getting themselves into.

The leader of the group stepped out among the pack into the middle to stare at me. I glared at him.

" Get out of the way," I said carelessly. If they wanted to fight and die why should it matter to me? They would die soon anyway.

The pack laughed.

"Ooh you think you're a tough guy huh? Well this is our turf so you better just get out now," the leader said. He cracked his knuckles to emphasize his point, " While you are able."

I smirked. They were getting it now. I waited for them to make the first move. They should learn to pick their fights, and I'm just the person to teach that to them. The leader prepared to lung forward into an attack when a voice stopped him.

I girl stepped out of a corner and told the leader off. After a short argument she convinced the pack to beat it more or less. If I didn't know better I'd say she was trying to protect me. Which was confusing.

Why did she just do that? It was clear that she despised the guy from what I see so she must have done it for me? But why? I was getting ready to pound them all to the moon when she interfered.

The blue-haired girl sighed as the guy she had called 'Avil' disappeared. It seems she is somewhat scared of him. The girl appeared to be around fifteen years old. She had captivating candy colored eyes that went well with her simple purple dress. She held a basket in her left hand and my jagan eye picked up a blanket in the basket. So she did lie.

" Hi, my name's Botan." She held her hand out for me to shake.

I nodded shaking her hand.

" Hiei," I said simply.

I saw her eye my sword.

" Do you know how to use it?" Botan asked indicating my sword.

I felt the urge to laugh. What was I supposed to say? Yeah, I'm a master of seven different styles of swordsmanship and I can slash up to sixteen times a second. I didn't want to scare off the girl who had 'helped' me.

" I'm ok," I said deciding my answer carefully. She nodded to me.

" You should watch out for Avil. He's not the kind of person you would want to mess with. You probably already know this but he causes trouble for this town at night," she said, her ponytail blowing in the wind.

I smirked and nodded.

" I figured."

She cast a glance at the sky and her eyes widened. It must have been later than she thought.

" Well I need to go now. Nice meeting you, Hiei. Maybe we'll meet again," Botan said turning around to follow Avil's path. She waved her hand in a farewell and ran down the empty path.

Very doubtful we will meet again, since your village is going to be burnt to the ground in less than an hour..Somehow I felt myself wishing I would see her again. I shook my head to clear my thoughts.

Hopefully she would be one of the few who would survive Attanun's downfall.


Screaming had pierced the once silent night. Houses where set aflame, people where running around crazily, demons were laughing at their pathetic attempt to get away from their inevitable death. The village of Attanun was being burned to the ground.

We had started the attack on schedule, but the jewel was not in sight. For some reason my mind was not on the jewel..but onto some blued- headed villager. I shook my head once again. Why did she keep appearing in my thoughts? It wasn't like she was significant in any way, just a normal, village girl. That tried to save you, my mind shot back. Great since when did I have a conscience?

The truth was the girl had been in my thoughts ever since her departure. It was getting aggravating. I had a mission to do. I part of the treasure was here and I need to find it!

I heard a scream behind me. Just a normal scream, there shouldn't be anything wrong with that but I knew the person which the voice belonged. I whipped around to see Botan staring in horror as a building above her came collapsing down. My eyes widened. In seconds the falling debris would crush her body. Botan was going to die.


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