The unforeseen

by Anne Shard (alias Odeena Skywalker)

Epilogue: The leave-taking

Although striken with grief at the death of their beloved leader, the Night Elf Sentinels resumed their fight with renewed strength and fierceness. Under the twin leadership of Maiev Shadowsong and Illidan Stormrage, they gradually reclaimed the forests of Ashenvale, until, eventually, the day came that, with one final victory, the last remainders of the Burning Legion were either slain or driven away, never to return again.

This victory, as well as the birth of the first child since the destruction of the World Tree, brought forth a new hope for the Night Elven race.

Soon after this final triumph, the time came for Illidan Stormrage and his warriors to take their leave and return to their own home realm...

The night was cold, and a steady wind blew through the branches of the ancient trees. Dark clouds chased in the sky above, sometimes obscuring the light of both the unusually brilliant half-moon and that of the stars.

Maiev shivered, wrapping her robes tighter around her. Then, she leaned against a tree trunk, and looked at the sky. It had been so long since she had actually taken her time to look at the stars, it dawned upon her. Once, she had used to spend hours at a time watching them. But that time seemed no more than the vague, shadowy memory of a dream now, she realized, and a small sigh escaped her slightly parted lips.

The snapping of a tree branch in a nearby bush caught her attention, and she straightened up, ready to face up the unseen agressor. However, after a brief moment she relaxed. She knew, even before she heard his voice, who was the one to seek her.


It was Illidan Stormrage. The warden straightened up and smoothed down her robes with a rather hasty gesture. "Illidan."

Silence then fell between the two. Eventually, it was Maiev who broke it, "It will rain soon."

Illidan nodded, "Indeed."

Silence descended once again. Again, Maiev spoke, this time not without a slight hesitation in her voice.

"Illidan... you have done so much for our people. I... do not believe that we could ever repay this. Despite everything that has happened in the past, you came to our aid still, and now..." Her voice trailed off, and once again she gazed dreamily at the stars. Tonight, it seemed, despite the clouds, they shone brighter than ever.

'She seems so small', Illidan thought. 'So... fragile.'

Maiev was not wearing any armor, but just the simple clothing of the Night Elven women. Her long, dark hair, for once unbraided, fell on her shoulders in thick strands, waving slightly with the wind. Of course, Illidan could not see all this. Nonetheless, he felt the change, and, much to his surprise, it fascinated him.


He hesitated for a moment, uncertain of what he would say next.


It was not hard to tell that the demon felt, for once, prey to a strange and new kind of emotion. Maiev felt it as well; taking a deep breath, she laid her hand upon his gently, and spoke.

"Illidan..." Her voice betrayed her inner tension, but she cared of it no more. "I ask you to forgive me if by my words I will offend you." She took an unsteady breath, and then followed, "I had never thought that I would say this but - I - have come to care for you, Illidan. And I... love you."

Several moments passed without any reaction from Illidan's part. Maiev felt tears welling up in her eyes despite herself, and she struggled to keep herself in check. "I understand", she whispered, her voice now sounding broken. At the same time, she motioned to release his hand - and yet, unexpectedly, he retained it in his firm, yet gentle grip, and pulled her into a tender embrace, wrapping his wings around them both.

For a long time, none of them spoke. At last, Illidan was the one to break the silence.

"Come with me, Maiev", he said in a silent whisper. "Leave Ashenvale, and come to Draenor. Together, we can rule. I can offer you the gift of immortality."

Maiev seemed to ponder this for a few moments. Finally, she shook her head. "I cannot, Illidan. I belong here. With my people."

He bowed his head silently, understanding. "Then", he said, "the time has come for us to say goodbye."

And suddenly, seemingly with no warning, their lips met in a single, bittersweet kiss.

One by one, the Naga and Blood Elven warriors stepped through the glimmering portal that would take them to their home realm. Illidan Stormrage, last of all, lingered a moment longer, seemingly searching for a particular presence among the crowd of Night Elves that had gathered to bid them farewell. At last, he found her, and, to her alone, he smiled - a small, serene smile, which made tears come to her eyes once more. Finally, he turned around, and stepped swiftly through open the portal.

Maiev felt a sudden knot in her throat. She took a deep breath, and let it out slowly, unable to restrain the tears that now flowed freely down her face.

The portal grew smaller and smaller, until at last it came to be not larger than a simple moonstone, like those that she had used to wear so long ago, and then it disappeared altogether. As Maiev watched it, the recollection of the final moments of their last encounter came to her mind once again...

Maiev looked up, tears glimmering in the moonlight as they hung onto her long lashes for a moment before they fell. "Tell me..." she asked softly. "Will I ever see you again...?".

The demon seemed to ponder this, until at last he gave a small, wistful sigh. "I... do not know, Maiev", he whispered, moving one hand to gently wipe the tears from her face. "And I believe that time, alone, will tell... "

The End

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