"Kitten!" Daine cried back into the Via, hoping that she would hear.

"Try again," Numair said urgently, placing one hand on the nape of Daine's neck, and the other on the upright Via. He whispered a soft spell.

"KITTEN!" Daine's voice echoed briefly, and the Via glowed. They both waited, holding their breath. The Via glowed again, and trills came through. Then the trills translated: "Ma? Numair? Come home!"

They stared at each other.

"How?" Daine breathed, gazing at Numair. Numair placed his hand on the Via, and looked like he was concentrating.

"Kitten," he said slowly, thinking, "When you follow Daine – you use a teleportation spell, right?"


Kitten listened to Numair as he spoke, answering that yes, she did teleport. She had no idea how this related, though, and told Numair so, through the Via. It was nice for them to understand her for once.

His annoyed voice came back through the star-shaped-coin. "I'm asking you to do sort of a backward spell. I want you to focus on your Ma and I and with your magic will us home. I'll do the rest."

Kitten was confused, but agreed to do it.


"Wait," Daine said, "Numair, what on earth are you talking about?"

"Kitten'll guide us," he said excitedly, "I'll channel my magic through the Via and to Kitten, and she'll be able to guide us home."

"I thought you said you'd need time to think about it."

"I hadn't thought we'd find ourselves someone to guide us home." He rapped his arms about Daine, smiling. "Ready?"

She gulped, but nodded.

Numair touched the Via. "Kit, now!" he cried.


Kitten gasped slightly, and focused her magic onto her Ma and Numair, and, with her mind, MADE them come home, just as she had taught herself to MAKE herself appear in other places.


Narsa walked into her room to find a blinding light coming from the top of her bed. Panicking, she nearly ran up her ladder and just barley glimpsed Ain and Mn-aur before they vanished.

She stared, wondering what on earth just happened. Then she sighed, and went to see the shopkeeper, Lynoss. He would want to know what had become of his humans.


It was nothing like how they got there, Daine thought. Everything had gone black, and Daine couldn't see anything. She felt Numair's arms around her, and felt herself clutching his chest, and he squeezing her back, but nothing else. There was no wind. There was no noise. There was no pressure. There was simply nothing, and yet fear compelled her to hold Numair as close as possible, so she wouldn't loose him, or herself, into the nothingness.

It was horrible.

And then there was something.

The nothingness began to fade, and Numair's lab began to slip into view. Kitten was standing on a Via on the table, glowing bright yellow.

They were home...

Then there was a thud, then a shake, and the lab began to disappear. Numair cried out a "No!" but nothing happened. Their cage, in Narsa's room began to appear again.

And, in her terror, Daine had an idea.

It was like shape shifting, only different. When she shape shifted, she changed herself. What if, instead of changing herself, she changed her surroundings? There was nothing else to try. Desperate, and the cage coming into view, Daine closed her eyes.

She remembered the dusty smell of Numair's books in his lab, the way it stunk after something exploded, how it was so cluttered, and the way his chair was falling apart...

Numair felt his control of where they were going slip, and he very nearly panicked until the lab came back into view. He stared at Daine, whose eyes were closed, and felt a sense of awe. Could Wild Magic even to that...?

The lab sharpened and became more and more real, until they were standing, solid and whole. Daine collapsed against his cheat, gasping.

"Daine! You did it!" Numair cried, lifting her up and spinning her. She laughed happily, albeit tiredly. "How?" he demanded, putting her down, "How did you do it?"

Daine opened her mouth to explain, but found out she couldn't. She had forgotten. Somewhere, in the back of her mind, she thought she heard a voice

-Sorry, m'friend, but I can't be letten' you do tha' again. S' just a mem'ry mod'o'f'cation spell. You won' be worse fer the wear...-


The Guardian of the Barriers sighed in relief. They were back. It could close the Barrier again. It had had words with the one who teleported – and took away her power to do so. Sheepishly, it went to go tell Mithros. The head god would be so angry that something had gotten out... and then back in again! First the barrier between the Realms of the Gods and the Mortal broke (the barrier wasn't even god-made, it wasn't the Guardian's FAULT!), now the barrier between planets malfunctioned...

Hoo, boy, the Guardian was in trouble...


"I—" Daine began, but she was interrupted by a thud.

"Stupid pages," Numair grumbled. He grinned briefly at Daine, and kissed her swiftly, then walked over to see what the pages were doing.

Numair followed the thumping and thudding and found the girl page had gotten into a fight. Sighing, he used a small amount of his fading Gift to force them to stop – making their arms and legs heavy until they couldn't move.

"Such animosity will not do," he said, "you've managed to -" he paused for a very swift moment, so small, that he doubted that the pages noticed, in which he came up with a half-true story. "-Affect my current working; if it were to go astray..." he shuddered lightly to himself, but, again, he doubted the pages noticed. "Except it's not going to, because you are going to drop this and go do whatever it is pages are supposed to do at this time of night." He really hoped it was night - it was dark in the passageway, though. "Run along, please."

They didn't move.

He did not have the patience for this – he had to go make sure Daine was okay! Numair frowned.

One of the pages croaked, "Spell."

Numair was baffled for a moment. "Spell?" Then he very nearly banged his head on a wall. "Oh, yes, of course. How careless." He called his Gift back. "Now you may go."

He turned to leave, hearing the girl ask if he would report them. Numair just shook his head to himself, then went back to find Daine grinning up at him, hugging Kitten. He smiled, and kissed her over Kitten's back.

"Where was I?" he asked, smiling, thumbs stroking her cheeks. Daine grinned at him.

"I don't care. I'm tired; you're tired. We're sleeping." She placed Kitten on the floor, grabbed his hand and led him like a pony on a lead rope to the bed, where she collapsed and fell asleep as soon as she landed.

Numair joined her soon after, although he did take his boots off.

Shakith, he thought as he faded into sleep, have we got something to tell the king when we wake up...

As Numair fell asleep, Kitten huffed – he hadn't even thanked her!

Men, she thought in annoyance as she curled up at Daine and Numair's feet.



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