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"Thanks, Gemma, you're a gem! No pun intended." Zenon said with a smile as she hurried off, late for class as usual.

Nebula was waiting right outside of their classroom door. "Z, you're late!"

"I know. Let's jet." Zenon squeaked as she flew past Nebula and hurried to her seat.

Nebula shook her head and quickly followed her best friend into the classroom. She took her seat seconds before their hologram teacher showed up.

Zenon sighed and settled into her seat. Nebula smiled and settled down herself.

Seconds after class let out for the day, Zenon and Nebula were already on their way to the habitation module to hang out in Zenon's room.

"So what's the deal with Davis? That guy that just moved up here with his family?" Zenon asked.

Nebula flopped onto Zenon's bed and rolled her eyes dramatically. "I am in total comprehension mode minor whenever I'm around him. I can't seem to form a coherent sentence."

Zenon giggled. "How does he like the Spay-Stay?"

"He thinks it's totally cool. And he loves living up here." Nebula replied.

"It's so stellar that you found someone that you like." Zenon said with a sigh.

"Yeah, but, I don't think he like's me back." Nebula said with a sigh.

"He would have to be in totally comprehension mode minor to not like you." Zenon replied glibly.

"Yeah. Well, I've been meaning to ask you, how are doing?"

"What do you mean?" Zenon asked.

"About Greg breaking up with you?" Nebula asked her brown eyes showing concern.

"I'm fine. I mean, sure it's not that great being dumped, but it's not like it's a big deal anymore."

"I'm glad, Z. I know you really liked Greg, but he was on earth and you're up here."

"I know. Let's talk about something else, though."

"Okay. So, when does Margie get back from visiting her aunt?" Nebula asked.

Zenon ran a hand through her short blonde hair and sighed. "Sometime today actually."

"Cool. Do you want to go find out, from General Hammond, when she gets back? And then we could go meet the shuttle." Nebula suggested.

"Okay." Zenon said with a smile.

"Hey, General Hammond." Zenon greeted when they found him.

"Hello, Zenon, Nebula." General Hammond said.

"We're here to find out when Margie gets back today." Nebula said.

"She's do in on the next shuttle. It will be here any minute." General Hammond said with a look at his wristwatch.

"Thanks." Zenon answered and with a wave, they headed off to meet the shuttle.

"Looks like we're right on time." Nebula commented as they sprinted up to the area where the shuttle riders departed and arrived. The doors were just opening and Margie stepped out.

"Hey, girls! Wait until you see this fabulous new blouse I bought." Margie said as she breezed up to them, holding a shopping bag in one hand, and pushing sunglasses up onto her head with the other hand.

Before either one of them could reply, Zenon looked up and her jaw dropped.

"Oh! I forgot to tell you that I brought a friend back with me." Margie said with a giggle.

Nebula saw Zenon's shocked face and looked over to see what she was looking at. Her jaw dropped and she looked at Margie in shock.

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