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Chapter 18

All of the Senshi stood bewildered as they attempted to uncover the mystery of Cell's power and survival of the explosion- and in his perfect form also.

"Well, he does have saiyan blood running through him and you know how they always get stronger after serious injury near death," Krillin pointed out. "Not to mention that it's happened twice; once when Goku gave Cell that senzu and just now."

"That's only partially true Krillin," Gohan proclaimed. At all of their confused expressions, he sighed then explained. "In case you bakas forgot, we specifically wished for the senzu beans to only heal those with pure intentions. That's the main reason Cell was so easy for me to defeat earlier."

The group blinked collectively as they recalled that specific wish to the Namekian eternal dragon, Porunga, about five years ago. Gohan just rolled his eyes at them.

"I can see you're all wondering where I got my nice new powers from, eh?" Cell queried, to which his only reply was a look from Gohan saying 'no shit, Sherlock'. "Very well then, it all starts with my creator, Dr. Gero. He was a brilliant man and was aware of the possibility of my self-destruct sequence being activated prematurely. So, as a safety precaution, he made it possible for me to cancel it, which turned out quite useful if I do say so myself."

"I wouldn't," Yamcha muttered. "That still doesn't add up, there should've been no possible way for you to recover your energy like that and get back to your perfect form."

"Patience, my friend, patience," Cell patronized. "As you are well aware, Goku made that journey with me to that location..."

"Chikuso," Gohan cursed as he realized what had happened. Everyone else stared at him, believing that Goku was dead and that Cell had been on some planet with healers, whom he forced to heal him. Well, Vegeta was surging with rage at the death of Mirai Trunks and trying to contain his rage while Piccolo just stared impassively out, making it impossible to know what he was thinking.

"Goku, being the idiot that he is," Cell continued, completely ignoring anything else that was happening. "Just stared around in confusion after I cancelled my self-destruct. So, I wrapped my tail around him and absorbed him. It's rather unfortunate that Goku hadn't recovered his energy through one of those beans, but I found that I got most of his energy anyway. Turns out I didn't specifically need the androids to become perfect after all."

All of the Z-Senshi stared at Gohan, expecting his temper to explode like they had seen it do several times before due to the events that had happened to his father. Shockingly, Gohan just stood there as though he hadn't heard a word Cell had just said.

"Good," Gohan finally exclaimed, smirking. "I haven't had a good fight in a long time; hopefully this time you'll be more of a challenge."

Vegeta, finally reaching his limit (surprised it took so long...) exploded with his raw super saiyan power and charged at Cell, preparing to get some payback for the death of his mirai son.

Cell stood there as passively as he had when fighting Hercule just taking the hits but not feeling anything as Vegeta poured all of his strength into the attacks. Quickly tiring of Vegeta's meaningless efforts, Cell swatted Vegeta into one of the nearby mountains that was still standing; or had been anyway.

Vegeta was about to get up and try again, but found himself unable to move.

"Don't make yourself look anymore weak than you already are, Vegeta; you're just wasting energy." Vegeta looked like he was about to challenge Gohan's word, but realized that he still couldn't move and just settled for glaring at him instead. "I believe we've got a fight to finish, Cell."

Without waiting for a response, Gohan charged at Cell. He had already realized that his mental powers would be fairly useless since Cell had acquired some of his cells and his father's power to help break it, and it would be even more useless if Cell tried using it against him.

Gohan threw a punch at Cell's gut, which was easily avoided and returned with an elbow to Gohan's back, sending him crashing into the ground. Gohan quickly rolled out of the way of the kick that cracked the ground where he had just been lying.

Gohan sprung back to his feet, and was about to fire a quick ki blast at Cell, when Gohan found that he already had one of Cell's fists embedded in his solar plexus. Gohan spat up some blood, then got kicked in the side sending him sailing right towards the crewmen and Hercule, who were all cowering behind rocks.

A quick release of ki behind him slowed then halted Gohan in mid-air as he took a moment to right himself. Unfortunately, that moment was too long and found that Cell was back on him again, barraging him with punches and kicks too fast for Gohan to follow.

This time, Gohan was sent back towards where he had started the fight with Cell. It took him a little longer to get back up than last time, which quickly aroused the worry of the others that he might have bitten more than he could chew. Nonetheless, Gohan got back up to see Cell standing about ten feet away silently mocking him.

"Is this all that Goku's prized fighter has? It's such a shame, really. I was desperately hoping to test out my full strength."

"Quit gloating you overgrown grasshopper," Gohan barked. "You haven't won this fight yet."

Gohan locked his fists at his side as he unleashed more of his tremendous power. Shockwaves that were felt all over the planet emitted from his mighty aura as well as gusts of wind more powerful than any tornado ever seen on the planet.

Gohan's muscles bulged some more and his turquoise eyes got several shades darker and more menacing. His already golden locks seemed to somehow get even more golden than they had been and lengthened another several inches upwards in spikes. Blue streaks of lightning were fluttering all over Gohan's aura, reaching out and destroying anything within thirteen feet of him.

All of the Z Fighters were gob smacked at the amazing amounts of power that Gohan was giving off right now.

"I... I... I can't believe it! He's found another level of super saiyan!" Krillin exclaimed in joy, while Vegeta grumbled in the background.

Unfortunately, they could feel that Cell was still the stronger of the two warriors and would eventually win the fight anyway. Solving the problem quickly, Gohan reached down and removed his weighted boots, wristbands, and tail band, before pulling the top of his gi aside to remove his weighted undershirt. The 150-tons worth of weights were effortlessly thrown miles into the distance. Without the hindrance of the extra weight, both Gohan's and Cell's power levels where pretty much even. Gohan knew that with this amount of power and speed, it would be hard to get off a truly powerful energy blast without a long wait, so he and Cell would have to stick to the basic energy blasts unless allowed time.

Gohan smirked in challenge at Cell, before settling himself into his fighter's stance that he had perfected over the years. Cell returned the smirk and then the two titans clashed, vanishing from everyone's view but each other's.

The fight became all but a blur as Gohan and Cell threw punches and kicks all over in hopes of landing some, but due to their unnatural speed, they seemed to be unable to land any hits.

Gohan slowly began to get an advantage in speed as he got more and more warmed up as he had never truly challenged anyone in the second form of super saiyan. Gohan finally started reigning serious blows upon Cell from various angles. He stuck to as many weak points as he could find whenever they were available to him.

Gohan thrust his elbow into Cell's stomach before flinging his fist up and smacking Cell in the face. While Cell was recoiling from the blast, Gohan sent a powerful kick at Cell's chest, which sent Cell flying into the distance before crashing into the rocky earth. Using Cell's downed time to his advantage, Gohan charged energy as fast as he could.

"MASENKO... HA!!!!"

Gohan waited until the last possible moment, squeezing the last amount of possible energy before letting fly with the yellow beam of energy straight at the grasshopper-like android. The sheer speed meant for the blast gave Cell very little time to get out of the way, but just enough to avoid the brunt of the attack. Instead, only his left arm got blown off, as well as the top of his crown.

Gohan charged full speed hoping to get Cell while Cell was concentrating on regeneration. To his utmost surprise, Cell waited to regenerate and sent a powerful kick at Gohan, which sent him flying. Thinking quickly, Gohan quickly bent over and put his arms between his feet then sent a quick blast flying at Cell, who had managed to regenerate.

Cell prepared to smack the blast away, since it was obviously weak due to how quickly the blast had been released. That's why he was surprised when, not only did he not deflect the blast, it destroyed his entire arm and most of his upper body with it. Cell, who was getting a lot of practice, quickly regenerated any missing limbs.

"How is that possible?" Cell queried. "There's no way you could have gathered that much energy into a basic blast in that amount of time."

"Normally, that's true, Cell," Gohan answered. "Unfortunately for you, I'm not going to tell you my secrets or it would ruin my fun; and our fight." Cell growled in frustration before charging back at Gohan. Gohan smirked at Cell before turning around and shooting a blast behind him.

"Nice try, but I can guarantee you that the afterimage technique won't work on me, but feel free to try as much as you like."


The spiraling beams of orange around purple energy, stolen straight from Piccolo, headed towards Gohan at the speed of light. Unfortunately for Cell, that kind of speed was nothing and Gohan easily moved out of the way of the beam

"Well that was a waste of energy."

Cell growled more then charged at Gohan again with his fists poised to strike. Gohan just smirked as Cell's frustration was clouding his judgment obviously for doing two stupid things in a row, just as he had planned. Gohan just sent a quick, invisible wave of ki at Cell, blowing him away.

"I guess I'll let you be witness to one of my new attacks. You should feel lucky that I want to use it against you; or maybe I just like it too much."

Gohan made fists out of both his hands and held them as though he were holding a baseball bat. Dark green energy began sparking in between his fists and Gohan seemed to tighten his grip on the energy.


The dark green ki shot forth from his fists and formed a blade of solid energy with an unmistakably sharp edge. Cell just raised an eyebrow- or would have if he had any- at why it would have such a name for only controlling the form of ki into a blade.

Gohan smirked and then took off like a dart at Cell, energy sword held defensively but ready for a quick assault. Cell just struck a defensive pose but was gathering energy to stop the sword from striking him, just in case it had some odd powers.

When Gohan was within striking distance, he held the sword above his head and slashed down at Cell, who held his own energy blast in front of him to counter the blast.

Everyone's face- except Gohan's- became full of shock when, not only did Gohan's Ryu Soul Kend not explode when it hit Cell's blast, it went straight through Cell's energy and arm, leaving no signs of contact. Everyone was puzzled for a moment until the energy blade made contact with Cell's chest.

A burning sensation, unlike any Cell had ever felt, erupted from inside of him, seeming to scorch his insides until he burned apart from the inside. Cell tried clutching at his chest in order to lessen the pain, but found that the burning seemed to be coming from within him and thus making it impossible to lessen the pain in any way.

"What... have... you... done... to... me?" Cell gasped out between screams of pain. Gohan smirked while holding his Ryu Soul Kend in front of him, blade pointing directly at Cell.

"You'd think that a quote-unquote "evil genius" would be able to make such a basic deduction based on the name. But since your intelligence seems to be obviously inferior, I guess I'll explain it to you." Cell was about to growl again, but yet another surge of pain hit him, forcing him to muffle a yell.

"The easiest of the words for you to understand is obviously soul, as I didn't complicate it any. My attack completely ignores attacking you physically and instead attacks you with spirit energy that goes through any physical obstacles and straight for supernatural things, like souls. Real nice trick, if I do say so myself."

Cell, in a complete fit of rage, launched off the ground and at Gohan, hoping to pummel him for the technique. Cell didn't get very far, however, before he was hit again by a slash from the spirit energy.

"Don't bother trying to resist it Cell, you can't do a thing about it until the pain subsides. And I haven't used this technique anywhere in the open, so you couldn't have gotten the knowledge to use it anywhere. I'll just give you the other present now."

It was about this time that Cell took a good look at the Ryu Soul Kend, in an attempt to see if anything seemed off about it; well, weirder than usual, at least. As he inspected it, Cell noticed that the forest green energy appeared to be glowing fiercely. Gohan grinned once Cell had found the oddity in the attack.


Following the scream, a vast amount of energy erupted from the blade and consumed Cell in a massive blast. The blast passed completely through Cell, before it flew off into the distance.

Cell regenerated himself, but was panting heavily from the energy it cost him to repair his body so many times and from finally being released of the main pain from the Ryu Soul Kend.

Cell barely had time to feel a swell of ki heading towards him or hear the 'whoosh' as it traveled through the air, before he was once again consumed by the energy released from the blade of Gohan's attack.

"Oh, did I forget to mention that I could control the energy?" Gohan asked innocently. "I guess I did. Oh well, I always liked a good surprise more."

Cell growled and turned around again to see the energy floating before him. This time, however, he was able to notice that the energy wasn't just floating around in a random form; it had taken on the shape of a dragon that looked remarkably like Shenron.

The dragon opened its mouth in a silent roar before charging Cell again. Cell, who was prepared for the dragon this time, threw an energy blast at the dragon, which caused it to explode on contact.

"There, your stupid technique is destroyed. Now then, moving on to more important matters..."

Cell, who had seemed invincible earlier, seemed to somehow draw out even more energy from inside his body. The aura of a super saiyan crackled around him as he bathed in his newfound powers. He looked up just in time to notice Gohan throw a minute ball of energy away from the fight. Cell briefly pondered it, and tracked it with his senses just to make sure nothing fishy was going on. When he declared it safe, Cell charged Gohan with renewed vigor and speed.

Cell, who now had a huge energy advantage over Gohan, began to pummel Gohan with punches and kicks, just like he had wanted to only moments earlier. Gohan tried with all his might and speed to avoid the onslaught of attacks, but couldn't keep up with the increased tempo due to the large amount of energy he had used in his last attacks.

Cell slammed his fist into Gohan, which sent Gohan soaring into and through one of the few mountains that had miraculously survived the power struggle between the two. Cell quickly zankozened to the other side of the mountain and kicked Gohan through it again, before repeating the process several times.

Gohan continued to get knocked around in such a manner until the mountain was reduced to rubble and the dust prevented Cell from getting an accurate reading on his position. Gohan crashed into the ground and lied there, trying to think of a counterattack he could use.

All thoughts of attack were reduced to nothing when Cell landed, knee first, on Gohan's right arm. Gohan heard a loud 'CRACK' as his arm broke from the force exerted upon it and screamed out in pain. Cell, meanwhile, just stood above him laughing.

"Ha ha! See how it feels to be the one in pain?" Cell mocked. "Do you like it? Perhaps you'd like some more pain. Or even more ridiculous yet, you still might have some belief that there's still a chance to defeat me."

"There's always a way to defeat idiotic morons such as yourself, Cell. You aren't any different from the rest of them."

"Well, as much as I'd like to see you try, I think I'm going to finish this now and kill you here and now. Then, I'll go kill the rest of your pathetic little friends until no one is left on this planet to defeat me. After that, I'll move on until I become the most powerful being in the universe!"

With his plot outlined, which all evil villains have to give (seriously, it's in the 'How to be a Good Villain' handbook they all have, I've got a copy of it), Cell gathered energy for a massive blast which would reduce Gohan's body to billions of pieces.

The Z Fighters on the cliff, realizing what was about to happen immediately all- bar Vegeta- jumped into action in an attempt to rescue Gohan from doom. Cell snorted at their weak attempts and easily blew them into the ground hard with a wave of his energy.

With any other distractions finally out of the way, Cell refocused his attention back on Gohan and, in classical villain fashion, asked the most commonly asked question before the end of a fight.

"Any last words before your demise?" Cell queried.

"Three actually," Gohan replied with a smirk. Cell frowned in confusion before replying.

"Well? What are they? I want to finish you off today, you know."

"Look. Behind. You."

Cell blinked a couple times then turned around, and wondered what Gohan was talking about. He then felt a slight tingling and saw a minute blast of energy flying through the air, heading straight for him.

"That's it?" Cell laughed. "Your last hope is in a pathetic ball of energy with a power level less than an average human?" Gohan merely smirked before replying.

"Not everything is as it appears to be."

Cell spent little time contemplating this before refocusing his attention on the ball of energy. Cell raised his hand and prepared to smack the ball away, similar to how a girl would slap a guy after saying something very stupid or offensive. Cell smirked as he brought his hand down; elated to be destroying Gohan's final attempt at survival and proving that he was the strongest being on the planet.

As soon as Cell's hand came into contact with the ball of energy, some strange phenomenon occurred.

The ball of energy, which had just been minute, grew until it had a radius of over four miles long. That same ball, which had a split second ago not even had enough energy to destroy an average human, expanded exponentially in energy until it overwhelmed the amount of energy that any being alive had ever sensed before.

Cell attempted to release the blast meant to destroy Gohan at this new attack, but by the time he had prepared to fire it, Gohan's blast had already engulfed him and was exploding on itself. Cell screamed and tried to get out of the blast, but found that the blast was holding him in place while seemingly bouncing off midair and back at him.

Cell let off a feral scream as the blast consumed him over and over until the light from the blast died down. The dust cleared, and there was nothing to be seen in the space where the most feared tyrant on Earth had been floating moments before.

On the ground, Gohan slumped into unconsciousness; exhausted from overusing his energy.

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