Z: This was a small idea that's been in my head for awhile. What would happen if X and Zero met Dark X and Dark Zero (see bio for information and art site for picture)?

D. Zero: Well, there's going to be a lot of trouble if I know you.

Z: Shouldn't I be saying that about you? You're the one always getting into trouble.

D. Zero: AM NOT!!!

Z: Whatever. Anyway… this fic also contains yaoi…

D. X: [gasp] No!! Really?!!?

Z: [sighs and clocks D. X with a frying pan]

D. X: OW!!!

Z: And this will have lemon as well, but here on FF.net, it'll be a little less… vivid…

D. Zero: Big surprise.

RCM: [walks into the room] Uh… Zeal? Are you going to finish your other fics too?

Z: Of course! But I had this on my mind for a long time and I couldn't get it out!

RCM: Oh, okay. As long as you finish them.

Night. Z: Tha'll take some time.

Everyone but Night. Z: SHUT UP NIGHTMARE!!!!

Darkness comes to Light

Chapter 1 X's POV: Well this is interesting…

MHHQ is always busy this time of the day, and today is no exception. Everyone's up and about, doing this or that, trying not to run into each other in the meantime. To any viewer, it would've been hilarious, but to me, it's lost its fun. I admit, once or twice, it's okay, but seeing people crash into each other about twenty times a day, that's a little too much. Even Zero's starting to complain about it, so hey, it really must be getting boring.

Sometimes, I wonder about that guy. Really. There's little we know about his past, and if I have to believe Zero, he doesn't even remember himself. If you ask me, he knows plenty but refuses to tell anyone, even me! I doubt he's even told Iris.

Oh yeah… Iris. Totally forgot about her. Damn it. I don't know what it is about her, but something about her just… it ticks me off. Of course, I don't let it show (most of the times). I didn't even show my anger at her snatching my best friend away from me. Because that's practically what she did.

The second Zero saw her, all his attention was focussed on her, and he just seemed to forget about me. I tried to get his attention again, but all that bozo saw was her! And of course, she noticed him looking and smiled at us, or more at him actually. She then walked over and started talking to Zero, acting like I wasn't even there. I swear, I could've shouted at the top of my lungs and Zero wouldn't have heard me.

So, well, I left.

Easy as that. I left.

He never noticed me leave. And once I managed to find him again, which was about a week later, he seemed to have plainly forgotten I exist at all. He ignored me as I sat down next to him outside of HQ, simply staring up at the sky with a look I couldn't describe. He didn't even respond when I called out his name. Only when I clocked him to his head did he finally acknowledge me.

"Hey, X! What the hell was that for?!" he demanded, rubbing his sore head.

Okay, usually, I don't get angry at Zero. I can take his crap better than others can, but right now, I felt as though he was purposely ripping me apart. If I find out he did it on purpose, I'll seriously mangle him up during his sleep! Can't kill the guy, don't know why.

But like I said, Zero was, of course, totally clueless about why I clocked him, so I got angry. Really angry. I mean, be rational people, if your best friend ignores you for a week, and he doesn't acknowledge you when you talk to him, you hit him, and then he has the nerve to ask why you clocked him, wouldn't you be pissed? Yeah, I figured as much.

But I caught him off guard by getting angry, which I never do unless it involves Mavericks. I started shouting at him, and he stared at me as I did, mouth agape and his eyes wide at my anger. I practically shot up form my seat to tower out above Zero, showing him that no amount of words was going to calm me down.

I screamed at him, whatever I had screamed, I don't know, it's hard to grasp now, but whatever it was, Zero tried to butt in multiple times. Saying stuff like "X, calm down", or "X, listen to me". And I would shout stuff back like "No I won't calm down", or "No! You listen to me!" Stuff like that you know.

But even though I was angry with him, I was hurt even more. Years ago, we vowed to always be best friends no matter what happened, and now Zero had practically thrown that all out the window by ignoring me completely.

So, once I was finished, I waited for Zero to speak up, to say anything to reassure me that he still wanted to be my friend. That he didn't want to wash it all down the drain. But I half-expected him to be angry with me for blowing up on him in the first place.

But he did nothing.


No reassuring words, no tantrum, no nothing.

Minutes passed, but when ten had passed, and he still hadn't done anything, I did the worst thing I could ever do; I broke the promise myself.

"Know what, Zero? If you appreciate Iris' company more than mine, than you can forget about us being friends at all! I don't even want to be your partner anymore!!"

That got a reaction. He gasped and shot up, grabbing my shoulders in his hands.

"X, listen already!!"

"NO!!! LET ME GO!!! LET GO!!!!" I screamed, and kicked him, hard.

Zero doubled over, and I took that moment to run. Back to HQ, to the safety of my room, ignoring Zero's desperate calls to get me to stop. Once I got into my room, I immediately changed the code to my room, making sure Zero couldn't come in at all.

My breathing was erratic as I leaned against the door, needing something to keep me to my feet. Usually, it would be Zero keeping me up, but now he was no longer there. And it was my own damn fault. I really started to regret what I did, but I knew I had no way to turn it back around.

If I could, I would've, but the fact was, I couldn't.

Somehow, I don't remember how, I found my way to my bed, and collapsed, letting loose all the tears I had been holding in. I curled up, pulling a pillow close to my chest. I buried my face in it, trying to picture it being Zero's shoulder instead. Whenever I needed to let it all out, Zero always pulled me to him and let me cry on his shoulder. I needed that now. Very much so.

I staid there for so long, and I stopped trying to figure out just how long I'd been there. I didn't get up to eat, nor did I manage to sleep. Whenever I tried, I woke up moments later, not feeling any rested, and instead, feeling more tired than before.

The pain tearing through my body was something I couldn't bear, and I really needed Zero here. I needed him so much, that I searched my entire room for anything with Zero's scent on him. Somewhere around my room, I managed to find one of his old shirts, and, thank god, it still had his scent all over it. I pulled it over my head, not caring if it was too big for me, and finally managed to fall asleep, his scent having that big an effect on me. I was burning up, but I couldn't care.

I dreamed of him. I dreamed of when things were the way they had been before that argument. I was in his arms, crying in his shoulder again, and he was whispering to me that everything would be all right, that it was okay…

I slept for a long time, just laying there, wrapped up in his scent, how I wanted things to be again. A small part of my mind told me that was impossible however, that I'd lost him for good and could never get him back again, all because I couldn't control my temper.

I told it to take a hike.

Whenever I ran out of scent, I desperately searched for him, almost begging him not to leave me alone, going into a crazed frenzy. And whenever I found him, I would fall back into my dreamy state, just drinking in his scent. [A/N: A friend of mine did this when she and her boyfriend broke up]

I didn't respond to anyone coming to my room, begging me to come out. It was always Alia, Signas, or Douglas coming to me to try and get me out of my room, but I wanted neither of them. I wanted Zero, goddamnit!! But I don't think they understood, and they kept trying.

Yet I remained in a state in between sleep and awareness, unable to distinguish dreams from reality, and vice versa. I simply hovered in that state, basking entirely in Zero's scent, begging silently for whatever was up there to bring him back to me.

My prayers were soon answered.

A soft knock sounded from the door, but like so many other times, I ignored it. But when it came again, and no words came, I took notice that the knock was hesitant, as if whoever was on the other side was nervous about something. Slowly, I rolled over on the bed, staring at the door, still clutching Zero's shirt in my grasp, as if I could open it from a distance and see who was so hesitant about seeing me. When a voice finally came, it was just as hesitant and nervous.

"X? Are you up? I… I really need to talk to you."

My breath hitched slightly, as I slowly pushed myself up.

"…Zero??" I murmured, almost ready to get up again.

It took a few seconds for him to answer again… and it sounded like he was really nervous about talking to me.

"Y-yeah… it's me… please, open the door, X…"

"……O… okay…"

I stumbled up from the bed, slowly making my way to the door, still holding his shirt tightly. It seemed to take an eternity to reach the door, but somehow, I managed and opened the door. He stood there, looking down at the floor, before turning his face up to look at me. He really looked nervous about something.

"Hey," was all he managed to get out.

I couldn't even speak, because it was almost too much seeing him stand there. I almost threw myself at him back then, but I was wiser than that. The urge was there though.

"C-can I come in?"

I gulped down whatever was blocking my throat, and just managed a small nod. I stepped aside so that he could enter, and once he was inside, I closed the door again. I turned to him, clutching his shirt to my chest like it was the only thing left keeping me alive.

Zero gulped a little nervously, before he turned to face me.

"Look, X, about Iris…"

I shook rather clearly, trying to stay on my feet, but almost unable to. My grip on his shirt only tightened as Zero seemed to weigh his words carefully.

"X… there's nothing going on between her and me. I just… I just had the strangest feeling like I saw her somewhere before. Like… like… uh… oh heck… I'm not good with this…"

I managed a slight giggle at Zero's frustration, and that seemed to lighten the mood just a little bit.

"X… look… I'm sorry about what happened, but I just needed to figure out where I saw Iris before, and… well…"

Zero looked around for a moment, as if he expected there to be cameras somewhere. Alright, now I was curious, and I think it showed.

Zero pulled out a picture from his pocket, and held it out to me, whispering: "Check this out!"

I gingerly took the picture from him with slightly shaking hands, took one look at the picture… and could barely contain my laughter. Zero seemed to enjoy it as well and walked up to beside me.

"Just happened to walk past the book-store. Was lying right in front of me."

I smiled, first smile in days probably, I don't know, but at the moment, I couldn't really care. The most important thing was that Zero was there, with me. That was the only thing that mattered to me at the moment.

But he saw I'd been crying, and he seemed to know that he was the cause of my tears. So, he did what he usually did whenever I cried; namely, he embraced me and just held me.

He said nothing, but I didn't need any of it. I just needed him.

That was about… 10 months ago, and we're back to being best friends at the moment. Zero was being plagued by Iris time and time again, but he kept brushing her off if he was talking to me.

But anyway, that's over and done with now, and at the moment, there wasn't much for me to do. Zero's in his room, taking care of some paperwork that's due this afternoon. He always does that stuff at the last moment, don't ask why, I don't know. I always tell him to do it the second he gets it, but he just refuses to listen. Don't really blame him; he's always been one hell of a stubborn prick.

Like I already said, a lot of people are calm at this time of the day, and nobody expects the Mavericks to attack. The last Maverick attack had been two days ago, so everyone knew they had to recuperate. I did too, but I couldn't be too sure of anything nowadays. Gate already told me (he managed to recover, but he's still in custody) that there was a mysterious aura surrounding his lab when he had gotten there from the Eurasia crash-site, but he had found nothing when examining it.

Gate seems to trust me now, after I managed to knock some sense into him. Alia seems to like him, very much so. I don't blame her. Gate's a nice guy, it's just that he's been a crazy psycho because of Zero's DNA. How'd that even happen?

But I long ago decided to just drop it.

As I already said, people weren't expecting an attack… and three guesses what happened.

Right, we got attacked. And not just by any old Maverick. It wasn't anyone we knew (and I'm thinking of Sigma here *shudder*), but they seemed to have a clear goal at hand.

They were attacking Gate's old lab.

Even though it had been meant to be destroyed, people ended up rebuilding it instead. And by the looks of it, the Mavericks didn't like the idea.

Both Zero and myself immediately rushed to the war-room, where Signas was staring at a screen, and Alia was working vigorously with the computer, her fingers flying over the keyboard. I swear, I've never seen anyone type that fast. But then again, Alia also typed a lot of mistakes. Almost cost people's lives out there more than once.

Anyway, Signas goes on and about, about some kind of seemingly meaningless attack on Gate's old lab, but I'll safe you people the boring lecture. I almost fell asleep myself with that, geez! Signas really has a one-track voice, much like Zero has a one-track mind when faced with battle. Fight first, then think.

But in any case, Signas sent us out to take out the problem. It didn't take us long to get there, but the sight that greeted us was one we had not expected. All robots and Mavericks we faced seemed to be searching something whilst destroying everything they encountered, and it left us rather confused.

"Those bastards are looking for something," Zero mumbled.

"I know… but what?"

Zero simply shrugged his shoulders to show that he didn't know.

"I think it's best we split up, okay?" Zero suggested, saber in hand.

I noticed the grip on his saber was slightly stronger than it usually was, signaling that he was beginning to worry. It's the small changes in his behavior that give his emotions away, but he doesn't seem to notice himself.

I gingerly place my hand over the hand holding his saber. This caused him to look at me in surprise. I simply offered a smile, before I rushed off into the compound without a word. There was no need for words. It's a little something between best friends. You can understand each other without the use of words. Before, I was never able to understand, but ever since I met… no, that's not right… ever since I had gotten to know Zero, I understood. Man, he'd been one stubborn prick when we first met.

We fought a little (just for training, you know), and we kept to each other mostly. But Cain (jerk) had paired Zero and me up in one room, and neither of us had been too pleased with it. It never lasted all that long, but that short amount of time was enough for us to get to know each other.

Hey whoa!! I'm supposed to be busy with a mission here!! Not remember how Zero and I met!!

C'mon X!! Focus! FOCUS!!!


Thank you!

I continued on, blasting numerous Mavericks and other robots into nothing but scrap within seconds, and continued to run. And if my internal clock hadn't been playing tricks on me, I'd been running for about… uh… 12, 13 minutes or so, when I had been able to pick it up.

A beacon.

A very weak one, but it was there. Someone was in need of help. It was much too weak to have been picked up by MHHQ, but I'm sure those Mavericks managed to get the message. So that's what they were doing here. It all makes sense now.

I began to make my way through the place, but came to a halt near some sort of barrier. It was a deep purplish tint, and it crackled and sparked with electricity of about the same color, if not a few shades lighter or darker. A lot of Maverick corpses, along with robotic ones, lay at the edge, seemingly almost burned to ashes. Ignoring them, I walked over to the barrier, and tapped at it with a finger.

Surprisingly, it wriggled slightly as I poked it slightly. Smiling, I placed my hand on it, a little stunned to find it warm to the touch. As I looked at my palm, I noticed nothing wrong, so I took a chance and stepped through.

Nothing happened.

I just got out on the other side.

The barrier was still in place, as I noticed when looking back. I started walking toward the center, feeling the beacon increasing as I moved. I was getting closer, that much was clear. But when I reached the source… I was flabbergasted.


Can you blame me for shouting? I saw my best friend lying on the ground, on his side, in one of those stable positions I read about in certain books. It was the position a victim of a motor- or car-accident had to be in to avoid blood coming in his/her lungs, if even possible. GACK!! I'm leaving the subject!!

I ran over to him, and was about to shake him into awareness, when it suddenly registered.

Whoever this guy was, he was not Zero!

He looked exactly the same, but his hair was a shimmering cornblond, and his entire armor was a pitch black. His jumpsuit on the other hand, was stark white, and all three gems he had were a deep blood red, much like the joints and those shiny gauntlets at his wrists. Not only that, but he seems to be about 3 or 4 inches bigger than when I last saw him.

Right, what the hell was going on around here?!

"Hey!! Hey wake up!!!" I shouted, and shook the Reploid, barely missing the sheath of a beam-saber on his back.

Yep, he was definitely like Zero.

The shaking made him groan, but he sounded older than the Zero I knew; though it was practically the same. Two eyelids fluttered ever so slightly, and his head raised slightly, eyes half-closed… but it was enough to scare me.

His eyes… they were red… bloodruby to be exact…

He blinked, as if confused, then opened his mouth slightly.


A single syllable… but he knew who I was. How? I don't know. I really don't.

"You have to get up!! It's not safe here! Come on!!" I said instead, beginning to pull at his arm to get him up.

Strangely enough, he wasn't all that heavy, but he could barely stand. He practically tumbled back to the ground again when I released him.

"Hey! Don't think I'm going to carry you!!! Come on!! Up up up!!"

No way was I going to carry him! Who'd he think he was?!

"Can't… too… tired… frackit…"

And he passed out. Just like that. Passed out cold without a warning. I managed to get a hold of him, but nevertheless, I had no intentions of carrying him out of here. But the question was; how was I going to do that?

I wasn't sure if I could teleport out of here, but I had to try. I closed my eyes, and clutched this dark Reploid tight, hoping that I could take him with me.

And somehow… I made it back to MHHQ, unscathed.

Lifesaver practically flipped when he saw what I brought home, and everyone was demanding explanations I didn't have. I had to wait for Zero to get back, because I knew that the Reploid I brought back was not Zero.

I waited in my room, knowing that once Zero's done, he'll most likely come see me. I had to confront him with this head-on. This couldn't wait.

Just as I expected, Zero stormed in about 20 minutes after I returned. I jumped up from the couch and immediately opened my mouth… same time he did.

"Zero/X!! You're not going to believe what just---Huh?!?!"

We were both dumstruck that we both said the same thing at the same time, and it made us stand there for awhile, not saying anything. But then it started again.

"What do you mean I'm not going to---Will you knock it off!?!? NO!! You knock it off!!"

It took a few minutes for us to realize what we were doing and I groaned and dragged a hand over my face.

"Ugh! You go first!" I mumbled.

"Okay, but you might want to take a seat first," Zero said warningly.

"Nah, don't bother. I don't think anything can shock me today."

Zero blinked for a moment.

"Well, what if I told you I found a Reploid who's completely identical to you safe for the darker armor?"


Had I been able to, I would've had a heart attack, but as it was, I simply froze up, staring at him.

Once I found my voice though…

"Well this is interesting…"