To my faithful readers (?),

How long has it been since I last crawled out of my hole? Ah yes... 2 years...

First off, I am deeply disappointed in myself. I told myself I would not become one of those authors who writes a really great story, and then goes poof - never to be seen again.

And look what happened.

I became one of them.

Needless to say, I will not make up any sort of excuse, because I know it is all my fault, and not those of life (but hey, we all know how nasty it can be...!). That's not including the fact that I have gone through about 5 computers in those 2 years, each time losing a version of the next chapter. Also, I've been trying to improve my art skills, because I want to become a professional Manga-ka in the future! (Go ahead and check out my gallery on deviantART!) Hopefully you understand that fanfiction was not big on my list!

I bet you were all waiting with baited breath for the new chapter! (How I wish!) Especially since I left you all on an awful place...

After my 2 year absence, I have decided to take the fanfiction world by the horns once again! Head on folks!

So why does that sound like an empty promise to me?

Oh yes...

I have not written anything creative in those 2 years.

I'm rusty.

But, that's not to say that I'm not going to let that stop me! Because, ahem, I am not! And because of this new found obsession with Golden Sun (Yes, I finally picked up the game once again after 2 years!), I'm back and loaded!

As a result, I have decided to redo Assassin of the Night (And I am thinking of Golden Sun: Nightmares once again too). Why?

Because it sucks.

I wrote that story when I was 14... I was a stupid little kid who thought she was the greatest at everything (How becoming older can shatter those views, I tell you!) I'm 17 now, so... Why in the heck am I going to continue a story that I myself, as I read, am grimacing and wondering how everyone liked it so much? (Not to insult anyone... Just pondering...)

The new Assassin of the Night will have the same storyline, of course, but, it'll be much darker. Also, I've been thinking over the ideas in my head, and have most of it planned out. I have to admit that when I first wrote it, nothing was planned. I have a tendency to just go with the flow as I like to say. Needless to say, this doesn't help, and made the whole story make no sense.

And the fact that most of the Golden Sun characters that popped up didn't even do anything? Like Ivan, Sheba, Felix and Picard were there for, what? 3 chapters? Now though, they're gooing to have a much more prominent part! I'd like to say, but I'm afraid to ruin it for you guys! And what's to become of this humble little story?

I've decided to keep it up here, so that when I finally get the new version posted, you can all go back and compare (althought I doubt it, but it's also for sentimental sakes).

As I have nothing much to do in any of my 3 classes, I've actually already started a small part of the first chapter! Including a new slight monolgue from the one we all love, Isaac!

Until next time faithful readers! And thank you for reading this thus far!

Leave any questions you have and I'll get back to you! (:


- Mercury Gold