Baby + Julliard=Disaster
By-Sarah... BFFbas
Save the Last Dance

Rating-PG-13 and could turn in to R...
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Tomas! HOLY... CRAP... HE IS A HOTTIE! Summary- yea know that one night after Steps...? When Derek and Sara... were at Sara's when her father was out... well... what happened... then Sara got in to Julliard... (DS... CK.)

Sara runs out to the mailbox and sees a letter with a return address that is labeled Julliard; she runs back up stairs and calls Derek.
"Hi can I talk to Derek please?"
"Sure hunny" Mama Dean says and then yells, "DEREK SARA IS ON THE PHONE FOR YOU!"
"Sara, hunny, what's up?" Derek grabbed the phone and thanked Mama Deen.
"Oh I just got my JULLARD LETTER! Hurry up and come over!"
"Ok I am on my way, and Sara."
"I love you!"
"I love you too... see you in a few minuts!" she hangs up the phone.
Derek runs down the hall from the kitchen to his room passing Chenilles room.
Chenille runs after him,"What's up... where yea running!?"
"Sara got the LETTER!" Derek ran out the door," WE'LL CALL!"
Chenille starts to jump up and down and scream!

Derek gets to Sara's apartment and starts to pound on the door, "SARA!"
Sara comes running to the door opening it and then jumping in to Derek's arms... "HI! Are you ready?"
Derek kisses her and leads her in to the living room and lets go of her. "Oh Sara I have been ready for weeks!"
Sara smiles at him, "Ok lets do this!" She opens the letter and reads the first two lines...

Miss Sara Johnson,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to the school Julliard!

She screamed and jumped around yelling, "I'M IN I'M IN!"
"Your in!?"
"YES I AM IN! I START IN THE FALL!" she yelled jumping in to Derek's arms again!
"Sara I am SO proud of you!" he said spinning her around.
"I'm in. I'm IN!"
He kissed her passionately.
Sara broke away from him and gasped!

"Sara what is it!"
"I think... I think... I have missed 3 periods..."
"And what might that mean?"
She sat down and he just stood there, "Derek... I might be... I might be... I might be pregnant!"

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