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Chapter 1: The Journey Home

Sixteen-year old Sandrilene fa Toren sat in her room in discipline waiting for the arrival of her foster-brother Briar Moss. She had received a letter from him only a few days before saying that he, his teacher Rosethorn, and his student Evvy were finally heading home and would be there within a week. Of all of her foster-siblings, Sandry had missed Briar the most, and she couldn't wait for him to return.

Briar was a plant mage, and was being taught by Dedicate Rosethorn of the Earth temple, one of the best plant mages in Winding Circle. During his travels with Rosethorn, Briar had discovered a stone mage, and, since there was no suitable teacher for her, Briar was given the responsibility of teaching her. Briar had not been thrilled about being a teacher, as he had written to Sandry very clearly in numerous letters.

Trisana Chandler, one of Briar and Sandry's foster-sisters had not written had not written to either of them in almost a year. Sandry was beginning to wonder where Tris was and what she had been doing during her travels with Master Niklaren Goldeye, Niko to most everyone. Tris had taken the family dog, Little Bear, along with her and Sandry was beginning to miss him as much as she missed her friends.

Daja Kisubo, Sandry and Briar's other foster-sister had only written a few letters during her voyage with her teacher Dedicate Frostpine of the Fire temple. In the last letter she had sent to Sandry, she had discovered both a cooking mage and a carpenter mage, and was having to teach both of them. After that letter, Briar quit complaining so much in his. Daja wrote a lot about fighting fires in the houses of Kugisko, a port in Namon. From what she told Sandry, Daja was very impressed with the local firefighters' techniques in fighting fires.

"Sandry, waiting like that will make it seem even longer. Go find something to do; something useful." Sandry turned around to see her teacher, Dedicate Lark of the Earth temple, standing in the doorway.

Sandry rolled her eyes. "Yes Lark." She waited for her teacher to leave, then walked over to the large wooden chest at the foot of her bed. She opened it and pulled a folded hunter green material out of a cloth bag. The material was to be made into an elaborate cloak for Briar's seventeenth birthday, which wasn't too far away. Sandry worked diligently on the cloak for two full hours after midday before deciding to take a break. She climbed onto the roof through the trap door in the attic. She lay down on her back to watch the clouds like she and her friends used to do whenever they had the chance. Without meaning to, she fell asleep on the thatch roof in the warm afternoon sun.

() () () () () () () () ()

Briar Moss sat nervously on the edge of his seat. The wagon that he, Rosethorn, and Evvy were riding in was slowly drawing nearer and nearer to his home and closer to Sandry... and Lark, he added quickly. Briar wondered how much Sandry had changed since the last time he saw her. He knew that she had spent most of the time that he, Tris and Daja were away helping her uncle, Duke Vedris IV of Emelan, recover from the heart attack he had. Was the Sandry that he would see in just a short time be different from the Sandry that he had known two years ago? How would he deal with her if she'd turned into just another noble?

"Pahan Briar?" Evvy asked from the back of the wagon, interrupting his thoughts of his noble friend. "You got a funny look on your face." Evvy was from the streets, just like Briar had been, and she had the grammar to prove it.

"You have got, girl." Rosethorn corrected. "She's almost as bad as you were." Briar grinned broadly and took her comment as a compliment. Rosethorn had drilled good grammar into his brain, and only occasionally spoke street.

"I was just thinking." He answered nonchalantly. Evvy was garrulous and asked questions about everything. In a way, she reminded him of Tris.

"What about?" Evvy wondered, continuing her interrogation.

"That, Evvy, is none of your business."

Evvy laughed. She had been expecting him to say something like that. "I bet you were thinking about that noble-girl." She said noble like just saying the word physically hurt her. Evvy didn't like nobles, but Briar kept insisting that Lady Sandrilene fa Toren was not a typical noble. Briar had told Evvy that Sandry actually preferred being amoung common folk more than the other nobles and their parties. Briar often spoke about how Sandry always stood up for what she believed in, even if she was the only one. Every time Briar talked about her, which was more often than she would like, Evvy told him she'd believe it when she saw proof, but she still thought it impossible for a noble to act the way that Briar had described Sandry.

Briar ignore Evvy, not wanting to admit that she was right – he had been thinking about Sandry. He pulled his magic tightly into him, hoping to surprise his friend. As soon as the wagon pulled up to Discipline's fence, he leaped out and raced inside. He found Lark in her workroom.

Lark stared at him for a moment before she recognized him. "Oh, my, how you've grown!" she exclaimed, hugging him. Briar was now a head taller than she.

Briar's eyes quickly surveyed the room. Not finding what he was looking for, he asked, "Where's Sandry?"

Larks smile widened. "On the roof, I believe," but Briar was out of the room before she had finished her sentence. He ran up the stairs and opened the trap door leading to the roof and froze.

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