I have nothing to say. Get over it.


To Talk

Linear rarely spoke.

It was common knowledge, really. She just plain didn't speak.

To most people anyway.

It started with her being completely silent at all times, to everyone. That developed into a slow only-talk-to-Mag kind of style, and slowly a 'talk, but rarely.'

It wasn't that she was shy. I mean, she was, but that wasn't why she'd never talk.

It was just that, she'd never really needed to talk before. But as she met more and more people she'd be willing to call friends, she suddenly found herself in need of words. She knew words, she just didn't use them. So, she compromised by talking to Mag. He was, after all, practically her brother.

But after everything she couldn't help but want to talk to the other people, such as Chain, Pepper, and. . . Yurka.

But Yurka was gone. He had died.

She tried not to think of that. She tried to think about Yurka; just not his death. He had been strong; like he knew just what he wanted and how to get it. And once you got past the "general hatred for mankind" thing, he was pretty nice. . .

Unfortunately, it took them until his death to get past it.

He talked. He rarely spoke, he was Linear's reason for wanting to talk as well; Linear wanted to be strong like Yurka. She decided to live her life with as much care as if it was Yurka's as well.

When she'd first started speaking no one was really surprised. They would have been under different circumstances, but the fact that she'd suddenly sprouted wings and saved Mag from an exploding ship belonging to a pedophile freak of the 8th imperial army kind of dulled her sudden ability to talk.

So it seemed to fade into the whole situation; when it sunk in that she was evolutia it had sunk in that she started talking, so needless to say, no one especially noticed. Or more of, it seemed like they didn't.

Mag noticed and was overjoyed. Linear was starting to talk; To open up to him. And to everyone else. It was wonderful seeing her hold - even if it was only three word sentences on her part - a conversation with Gre. (Though admittedly it wasn't as wonderful to realize that they were talking about his being a scatter-brain. . .)

Gre noticed and was glad, but didn't especially care. He cared, but not as much. Chain noticed to, and though she was subconsciously glad, she tried to avoid regarding them as friends, and as such, tried to avoid thinking about it.

Linear liked reading. The problem was, she couldn't read very well. It was an embarrassing subject for her, but she couldn't read long words and though she knew words, she didn't know the alphabet very well, so to her they were just symbols. Mag tried to help her reading as much as possible, but the problem was knowing when to offer help.

Sometimes she'd be reading just fine, so offering to help would be silly, and other times she just plain didn't want help, hoping to figure it out on her own. But sometimes she'd stutter out loud, trying to sound out the word, and those were the best times to offer help.

So, for Linear, it was amazing just to talk.


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