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Summary: Man, I hate these things. Jubes and Emma meet Natalie Darkholme
and what the heck is going on with Emma and Natalie's mother?

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Jubilee glanced sideways at Ms. Frost. Since arriving at the airport 45 minutes ago, the woman hadn't spoken a word more about Natalie. What she had done was to sit in one position most of the time, reading a book and looking for the entire world like everything was normal.

Cracking her gum, Jubilee continued doing what she'd been doing for the last 45 minutes: staring the double doors marked 'ARRIVALS' in big, neon letters, hoping to spot this new student and her mother before they spotted her and Ms. Frost.

Of course, she had no idea what they looked like, but she didn't care. She was after all, bursting with curiosity. The very idea that Mystique had trusting relatives was enough to make her fight down hysterical laughter. Mystique didn't exactly inspire trust. Jubilee always preferred to think of her as a genocidal maniac.

Of course, Frosty had picked up on her train of thought- literally- and had spent five minutes patiently explaining what she knew of Mystique's relationship with her niece; how Natalie didn't know of her aunt as 'Mystique' but as a well meaning family member who called often.

Jubilee was so busy thinking about the conversation that she didn't notice Natalie until the girl walked right up to her and spoke.


Jubilee jumped nearly a foot into the air. She realized that Emma was already on her feet and immediately got up from her chair, getting her first look at Natalie Darkholme. Her eyebrows shot way up.

The girl standing before her was of a milk chocolate complexion. She was about 5'5 with a dark side swept ponytail just falling past her left shoulder onto her cream unzipped leather jacket.

Underneath the jacket was a mauve tube top that showed just a hint of cleavage; the top ended just above her navel which made her beautiful curves easy to spot. Her cream designer jeans clung to her hips and the outfit ended in black high heeled boots that added about 2 inches to her height. Curious, bright violet eyes stared at her from under long, thick lashes and an apologetic half smile tugged at full lips.

Jubilee shook her head. She didn't know what she'd been expecting, but this girl certainly wasn't it.

She realized that the girl had been talking to them during her observations and tuned back into the conversation.

".sorry to startle you." Natalie was saying. Her voice was rich and pleasant and Jubilee recognized a faint British accent. "You must be Ms. Frost," she continued, holding out a hand to the blonde woman.

Emma smiled. "That would be correct. This is one of the Academy's gifted students, Jubilation Lee."

"Call me Jubilee."

"It's nice to meet you, Jubilee. My mother will be along shortly; she's giving one of the baggage attendants grief." That same guilty half smile appeared again. "She didn't like the way he put the bags on the trolley."

Jubilee found herself smiling, too. "Drama queen?"

Natalie arched a perfectly plucked eyebrow in amusement. "In her own right, I guess. Mother is more of the quietly threatening type. She hates making a scene."

Emma had been trying to read Natalie's mind for more information about who her mother could possibly be, but had found unusually powerful psi-screens in place. She saw this conversation as the perfect opportunity to get some answers. "I'm sorry; I forgot your mother's name."

"That's alright. Her name is."


Emma turned towards the soft voice.

And froze.

A tall, auburn haired woman in a form-fitting , dark blue business suit and high heels stood before them. Her The newcomer gave a humorless smile. "Long time no see, mind reader."

Several emotions flitted by on Emma's face. "Janey?" she finally managed.

Both Natalie and Jubilee wore identical confused expressions. "Mother? You know Ms. Frost?"

"Of course I do darlin'." The Texan accent was palpable. We met a couple years back." A long silence followed. Jubilee got tired of it and decided to say something.

"Well, it looks like you two have a lot of catching up do so we'll wait for you outside. Natalie, is that small bag yours?"

"Um, yes."

"Good. Bring it; I'll help you with that other one. Ms. Frost, you can help Ms. Taylor with her bags when you two are finished; bye!"

Jubilee grabbed Natalie with her free hand and the two of them walked towards the parking lot, leaving the two slightly confused women behind.


Outside, Jubilee slowed down and turned to look at the still bewildered Natalie. "What do you think happened back there?"

Natalie shrugged. "I don't know. Mother never told me that she knew Ms. Frost. She was unusually quiet on the flight over here though. Something strange is happening."

"Well, Frosty's not the type spill her guts to people, either. She's been pretty closed up about her past."

Natalie nodded. "Same here. Well, whatever's going on is their business. I'm sure they can handle it."

There was a brief silence as the two girls studied each other. Suddenly Jubilee looked embarrassed. Natalie arched an eyebrow curiously. "What?"

"I like your eyes."

Now it was Natalie's turn to look embarrassed. "I've always been uncomfortable with them. I always thought they made me stand out; made me different from everyone else." She cleared her throat and looked around before continuing. "Well, at least I've always known I was different. My mutant abilities just make it official."

Jubilee grinned. "Speaking of which; what kind of abilities do you have? Frosty didn't tell me."

Natalie shrugged then gave a small half smile. "Why don't I just show you?" She tilted her head towards the row of lights in front of the building. "Watch this."

Her eyes closed for a moment and the lights suddenly began flashing off and on, slowly at first, then more quickly and finally in a pattern. On, off, on, on, off, on.

Jubilee stood in awe at the display and turned back towards the dark girl. Natalie slowly opened her eyes and Jubilee saw the strange violet irises glow briefly before Natalie closed them again. When she opened them, the glowing had stopped and the lights had returned to normal.

"That was just a small display. I can manipulate anything electrical; I could probably shut the power down here at the airport." A slender hand brushed a stray lock of dark hair out of her face. She grinned. "I could, if I had more control. The last time I tried something like that, Daddy's office blew up."

Jubilee giggled. "I'm guessing that's the reason he flew you off to mutant school." She linked arms with Natalie and continued heading for the parking lot. "Don't worry. I think you'll fit in just fine."



That's exactly how Emma Frost felt from the moment she set eyes on Janine Taylor for the first time in almost a year. How did you.

"Janey?" she asked again, uncertainly. I thought that you.

Hazel eyes twinkled in a café au lait face. "It's me, mind reader."

"But, but."

"I've never known you to be at a loss for words, Em."

"But I thought." You're not.

"Emma, I know I've got some explainin' to do, but trust me when I tell you I'm all right. The important thing now is my daughter."

The blonde woman took a deep breath, and pulled her thoughts together. She could ask Janine the thousands of questions that flooded her mind later. She was even tempted to probe the other woman's mind for answers but refrained.

She'd never do that. Not to Janine. The auburn haired woman was one of the few people she'd cherished a deep friendship for, that she trusted. Never, since their relationship had been born a few years ago had she read her mind.

She looked straight at the taller woman. Janine was searching her friend's face for some clue that she was ready to continue a normal conversation.

Emma decided to speak, getting straight to the point. "Have you told her why she's here?"

Janine lowered her voice. "Partially. She knows she's bein' sent to a school for mutants."

"But you haven't told her why."

"She thinks it's because she accidentally blew up Alex's office." She allowed herself a small smile before continuing. "I was hopin' that we could go over it back at the school. I'm stayin' for two days so we can catch up."

Emma nodded and the two walked towards the parking lot area. She trusted that she would get the answers to her questions; it was only a matter of time.


During the limo ride back to the Academy, Jubilee and Natalie talked almost non stop. Jubilee told Natalie of her time with the X-men, why the school was established and of the adventures they'd had so far.

In return, Natalie asked Jubilee about the other students at the Academy; what their names were; what they were like; what their powers were. After receiving answers, she told Jubilee more about herself, where she came from; her many moves to different places because of her father's work and about her sister.

Emma sat back, observing the two laughing girls. *Does she always talk this much?* she asked Janine telepathically.

The Texan woman smiled. "Naw. She only gabs this much when she's nervous and tryin' to hide it." She paused for a moment before regarding Emma thoughtfully. "Of course, I'm sure you know how nervous she is."

Emma gave a dry laugh. "I can't read her mind, Janey. She's got some sort of psi- screen up and I can't break through it."

Janine gave Emma a look of pure surprise. "She's got psi- screens too?"

"Damn good ones too. I've been trying since she came over and spoke to us, but I can't read her thoughts or emotions." Emma gave her friend a sidelong glance. "I doubt that even she knows she has these screens."

Thoughtfully, Janine stared out of the window. "Try sendin' her a message telepathically. See if she can hear you."

"I'll try-"

"There it is!" Jubilee exclaimed, drowning out the rest of what Emma would have said. Natalie gazed outside at the beautiful surroundings of the Massachusetts Academy. "Wow."

The limo slowed down and finally, stopped. Emma got out first, followed by an ecstatic Jubilee, an awed Natalie and a nonchalant Janine Taylor keeping an eye on the chauffer who was offloading their bags from the trunk of the limo.

"What do you think, Natalie?" Emma asked the girl, who was gazing about with a small smile on her face.

"It's beautiful. Peaceful." She glanced at her mother. "Reminds me of home."

"That it does, darlin'. Speaking of peaceful, Em, it's a hell of a lot more quiet here than I expect of a school." Janine quirked an eyebrow at her friend.

Emma checked her watch. "It's only 10:30; they're still in class. Jubilee why don't you get Natalie settled in the dormitory and introduce her to the others. I'll leave her in your capable hands for the rest of the day."

"All right! No school!" Jubilee pumped a fist in the air and Natalie stifled a giggle at the disapproving glance the blond haired woman sent in her new friend's direction.

Jubilee picked up one of Natalie's bags and linked arms with the taller mutant. "Don't worry, she's safe with me." Emma made a sound in her throat, but said nothing. Instead, she smiled at Natalie and caught the brief, nervous look that skittered across her face. *Don't worry; you'll be fine.* she sent, briefly wondering if the young mutant, despite her mental resistance so far would be able to pick up telepathic speech.

She had a flash of realization that if Natalie could not receive telepathic speech, she and Jonathan would have great difficulty in communicating with each other. She was greatly relieved when Natalie sent her a small smile and said "Thanks." before moving of in the direction of the dormitories with Jubilee.

Turning to the chauffer, she instructed him on where to put the rest of the bags. He nodded once, and then moved off. That left just her and Janine.

The two of them gazed at each other for a while before Janine smiled. "Well, Emma, like I said before, I've got some explainin' to do."

"Well, start explainin'." Emma said, unconsciously mimicking the older woman's accent. She folded her arms. "Explain why you just disappeared like that."

Janine sighed. "I will." She glanced around. "Maybe we could go inside."

Emma nodded wordlessly and the two women entered the building.


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