OKAY!!! Konnichiwa minna-san! Hi! My name is Xaphrin and I'm here to tell you a story! Just a couple o' notes before I hop into my story:

1) I've never written a fan-fiction based on an American show (I write mostly anime fan-fictions), occasionally a Japanese word or two will slip into the text, and I wanted apologize in advance.

2) I've never written a Teen Titans fan-fic before. So, wish me luck!

3) I Don't Own Teen Titans (Yay Cartoon Network!)

4) Enjoy!

Boy Meets Girl

(A Teen Titans Fan-Fiction)

               It was absolutely the most perfect day for a walk. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, the clouds looked like fluffy white rabbits…

               Okay, Beast Boy wasn't out here to enjoy the sun, the birds, or the fluffy rabbit-clouds. He'd much rather be in a dark room playing his favorite video game, or watching some crazy Japanese animation. (Doesn't he seem like the type of guy to watch anime?)

               The truth was that Robin wanted to start a new 'training program', and Beast Boy was only too happy to comply… not. So here he was walking around town, arms folded behind his head and sighing at all the 'Closed for the Holiday' signs in many windows of the shops and restaurants that lined the streets.

               "I am so bored…" Beast boy moaned as he redirected his walking to the park. There were all sorts of people milling about, flying kits and being with friends and family. He was here along.

               Once again the avocado-skinned male sighed, as he flopped on to the grass that matched his hair color "I'm so freakin' board!"

               "Me too…" said a very musical voice next to him.

               Beast Boy kept staring at the blue sky and clouds as he spoke to the owner of the voice. "So, what are you doing out here?"

               "Trying to see what shapes the clouds resemble… like that one above me, I think it looks like a submarine."

               Beast Boy looked up and laughed. "Hey, you're right. What about that one?" He pointed to a cloud to his left. "Don't you think it looks like a plane?"

               There was a long silence, then a loud gasp coming from the person next to him. "You're… you're green!"

               Beast Boy sighed deeply and let his hand flop to the grass. Again with the superficial judgments… so what if he was the color of vegetables. He still had feelings!

               "Yeah… I am…" He sat up and rubbed his head. Another day gone to waste… "Sorry to bother you…" He stood up to leave the park.

               "Don't leave!"

               Beast boy looked over his shoulder, and boy what a sight he saw! There was a girl! But not just any girl! She was… she was… she was green! Just like him! With elfin ears and all!

               "Who… who are you?" Beast Boy whispered, looking her up and down in utter shock… not to mention how pretty she was as well.

               The girl blushed, and she tucked a stray piece of dark blue hair behind her ear. "My name is Kijin*. Who are you?" (*Kijin (Kee-jeen)= A whimsical person/creature [Japanese])

                "Well…" Beast Boy rubbed the back of his neck and blushed, suddenly feeling a little goofy about his name. "I don't have a title as pretty as that… my name's Beast Boy."

               Kijin giggled at his red face and awkward appearance. "It's cute…"

               "Are you… a shape-shifter?" Beast Boy questioned carefully, so not to upset her.

               Kijin nodded, smiling. "Mm-hm…" Her eyes, unlike his, were blue and sparkled every time she spoke or smiled, drawing Beast Boy even more into her aura. It seemed like he was a moth and she was the shining flame in the dark world.

               "Are you one as well?"

               "Huh? … Oh! Yeah…" Beast Boy was jolted out of his reverie. She was pretty… "I'm sorry… it's just that I've never met another shape-shifter."

               "Me either…"

               There was an awkward silence as they looked at each other, unsure of what to say or do. Here they were, two very different people and yet so similar when they were together.

               "So… um… do you wanna get a soda or something…?" Beast Boy questioned.

               Kijin's eyes lit up. "Sure!"

               Raven walked into the living room to find everyone, except Beast Boy, was there, doing something. Cyborg and Robin were playing a game, and Cyborg was winning for once. Robin, however, didn't seem too thrilled about it.

               "I feel a sense of foreboding…" Raven said as she sat down next to Starfire.

               "Oh YEAH!" Cyborg said, grinning. "That's how Robin's gonna feel when I finally kick his butt!"

               "You just wait and see metal-man!" Growled Robin in response, furiously pressing buttons on the controller.

               Starfire had recently taken Martha Stewart as her goddess and was currently in the process of trying to recreate every project the psychopath-crafter had ever created. Presently, the redhead was making some sort of lambrequin-looking thing for her bedroom. It was very weird, and very… pink.

               "What do you mean, a sense of foreboding?" Starfire questioned as she strung silk flowers together on a piece of yellow ribbon.

               "I don't know…" Raven shifted uncomfortably. "… It's like there's something wrong… with Beast Boy."

               "YESSSSS!" Cyborg jumped up and threw his hands into their air. "Ha-ha! I beat you, Robin! No new training program!"

               Robin sighed and tossed his controller aside. "All the same. I didn't expect the program to last that long anyway… no one seems to want to actually… train."

               Starfire blinked at the situation, then turned back to Raven. "With Beast Boy? What do you mean?"

               "Huh?" Cyborg jumped into the conversation quickly, walking over to the conversing females. "What's up with BB?"

               Raven blushed, and looked away for a moment. "I… I felt a sense of foreboding, and I think it's about Beast Boy. Where is he, anyway?"

               Robin let a small smirk cross his lips. He knew there was something going on between Raven and Beast Boy, there had to be. Otherwise Raven would never even think about questioning the rest of the team of Beast Boy or his whereabouts.

               "He vamoosed when he learned about the training program," Cyborg said, leaning against the couch and looking at his violet-haired companion.

               Starfire gave a start and looked to Robin for guidance. "Vamoosed?"

               He laughed. "Word of the day calendar, Cy?"

               "Hey!" Cyborg cried indignantly. "It's a good tool to increase my vocabulary."

               "Well," Robin laughed. "Good luck with that one." He turned back to Starfire. "Vamoosed means 'run off'."

               "Oh… yes!" Starfire said brightly, as she turned back to Raven. "Beast Boy has vamoosed."

               "I don't like moose… or mooses… or whatever they're called!" A voice cried from the doorway. "And why are you talking about me anyway?"

               "Raven fel-mmph!" Raven growled and clamped a hand over Starfire's mouth.

               "Huh?" The green-haired man looked from face to face and saw nothing. Finally he walked all the way into the living room. Robin felt another small smirk take over his mouth again; BB was so naïve to the world around him. Especially when that world included Raven.

               "Good news, I'm cooking dinner tonight!" Beast Boy suddenly stated brightly, smiling at his companions. His reply was a chorus of moans.

               "Awe… sick…" Cyborg cried, dropping to his knees and looking at his green friend. "I can't stand your tofu stuff, BB! Let me cook dinner! Pleaaaaseeee."

               Beast Boy glared at his metallic friend. "FYI," He called out. "I'm having company over and she doesn't eat meat either."

               "What, was there a convention of vegetarians downtown today?" Raven asked sarcastically, crossing her arms and rolling her eyes.

               "Actually…" Beast Boy's voice got very soft, and he looked at the ground, smiling innocently. "I met this girl today…"

               Raven, for no apparent reason, suddenly stood up and walked out of the room.

               Beast Boy gave a start and watched her storm away from her companions. "Raven! What's wrong?" He called after her, surprised at her sudden display. Was she really that upset of tofu? "If you really want I'll cook you a steak!"

               A book came hurling at his face in response. Beast boy soon found himself on his back and on the floor.

               Robin looked from his green companion to the door, and then back again. He didn't think that Raven would have reacted so violently to BB actually meeting a girl. Although it was a shock that Beast Boy actually met a girl. There had to be some sort of catch…

               "Ow…" Beast Boy whined as he sat up and rubbed the thick, red line that ran down the middle of his face. "What did I say…?"

               Robin smiled and sat down next to his friend. "So, BB, who's this girl?"

               "Oh… actually… I want everyone to meet her. She'll be here at seven." He blushed a little.

               Robin gave a start. This was serious, it almost seemed as if Beast Boy wanted everyone's opinion on this girl. Raven must have picked up on it, and that's why she got so upset. Robin didn't blame her either… he would have gotten upset had Starfire met some new guy. He glanced at the redhead, who had put down her unfinished lambrequin and was looking blankly between her friends.

               "Actually… she's…" Beast Boy looked up at Robin. "She's a shape-shifter, like me."