Boy Meets Girl – Chapter 6 (March 16, 2004)  Raindrops Hide Nothing

               Raven just continued to fly, feeling her emotions begin to lose control. Everything was running wild, and she couldn't seem to regulate anything! The world around her was spinning painfully out of her control, and she felt helpless to stop it.

               Her head pounded and her body became weak as she raced through the cold rain, back to Titan Tower. Beast Boy hadn't helped the situation, by turning into a bird and chasing her the whole way back. Raven knew what he wanted… he wanted to apologize, but she couldn't bear to look at him. He'd let a secret emotion slip past his guard… and Raven wasn't sure if she was ready to let him repeal it.

               Finally, Raven landed on the rooftop in an unceremonious heap of drenched fabric and heaving muscles. She was soaking wet and exhausted from the frantic flight to the tower, and from her unstable emotions. As she rolled onto her stomach she let several loud sobs pierce the thick air, feeling even more pain and frustration pour through her body.

               Her emotions were now becoming restless, wandering inside her mind, as if anxious for some great event to happen; and Raven was quickly losing all control.

               Beast Boy landed next to her, and quickly changed back into his own body. He rushed towards Raven's quivering body and wrapped his arms around her shoulders, holding her off the wet pavement. She futilely tried to push him away, but he stayed firmly placed at her side. "Raven! Are you okay? I'm so sorry… I didn't mean for this to happen… I didn't mean to hurt you…"

               Raven turned her face away. She couldn't bear to see him like this, crying over spilt milk. What's done is done… and Raven wasn't sure what to do now… except apologize for this disastrous chase.

               "I'm sorry…" She whispered, suddenly feeling her head grow heavy and dark. She let her body go limp and mold into Beast Boy's comforting arms. "I didn't mean to hurt you… I… I-"

               "Oh, get up!"

               Raven's eyes shot open instantly, and she looked into a face identical to hers, except for a few minor changes: her eyes and hair were the color of wine.

               Raven shot to her feet and stared at the red woman. She looked exactly like Raven… only her eyes and hair were wine(as before mentioned), she wore a wine-colored cloak, her leotard was cut down the front (revealing far too much of her cleavage), she wore a garter-belt with fishnet thigh-highs, and a pair of red stilettos.

               "Who… are you…" Raven gasped, she was not happy to se an identical version of herself in that get-up; especially in front of Beast Boy.

               "Why, Raven!" The woman said in a mock-surprised fashion, batting her eyelashes at the dark woman. "I'm surprised you don't know me… I'm your last emotion!"

               "No…" Raven gasped, taking a step back. "You… you can't be strong enough to exist outside my mind… can you!?"

               The woman laughed, cocking her hips to one side and grinning broadly at her previous host. "I'm here aren't I?"

               "Um… Raven?" Beast Boy questioned, turning toward Raven the original. "Who is she…?"

               Raven in Red turned to Beast Boy, and smiled brightly. "You must be Beast Boy! It's a pleasure to finally meet you… in person I mean." She took a few steps toward the green boy, as he took a few steps back.

               Raven glared at the embodiment of her emotion; what exactly was she planing to do!? "You… you stay away from him!"

               The woman laughed. "I see Jealousy has taken a stern hold in your body… I'm quite proud of the little wench."

               "You… you…!" Raven couldn't think of a proper curse word to call this retched being. Why was she here!! "Go AWAY!"

               "I can't… not until you accept me…" The woman sneered in her face, and tapped Raven on the nose. "Dare I say… love me?"

               Raven took a step back, her breath quickly leaving her lungs and her body going cold. The world around her suddenly went darker, and all she could see was this woman in front of her. It wasn't possible! She couldn't love, stuff would blow up! "No… I can't…"

               "I am your last emotion, Raven… deal with it."

               "I won't accept you!" She threw up her hands to attack, but Raven in Red just turned and walked away from her.

               "You're frightfully boring… I hope you know that."

               Raven looked appalled at the idea. "I am not!"

               "Um…" Beast Boy shifted uncomfortably. "Do you two want some privacy?"

               "Yes" – "No" Their responses had overlapped, and only succeeded in confusing Beast Boy some more. He held his suddenly aching head, and slowly backed away from the identical Ravens.

               "I'll just give you two some private time…" with those last words, he turned and bolted inside Titan Tower.

               "Awe…" Raven in Red said, genuinely sad. "He was so cute too…"

               "What are you doing here!?" Raven demanded immediately. "And why in God's name are you exposing my body like that!?" She pointed at 'her' cleavage and fishnet thigh-highs.

               "Do you want honest answers, or fake ones?" Raven in Red asked, hopping onto the ledge of the roof, and crossing her legs. She smiled knowingly at the woman beneath her, eye glinting with a slight playfulness.

               "Honest!" Raven snapped.

               "Honestly, I'm here to help you with the 'transition' to your adult self. The transition is far less frustrating and painful when your last emotion exists outside of your body. Feel lucky, Raven, usually the last emotion is something like Bravery or Rage."

               Raven didn't feel the least bit lucky to have this woman 'helping' her.

               "And the clothes?"

               Raven in Red smiled. "You have a very sexy body, Raven. I'm surprised you don't show it off."

               "That doesn't mean you have too!"

               "Oh?" Raven in Red stood up and twirled around. "I like it."

               Raven held her head and sighed audibly. "What are you talking about with the 'transition'?"

               Raven in Red nodded. "Right. You don't know about that." She cleared her throat and began to talk. "Ahem. The Transition is a short time in every Azarath native's life when they turn into an adult. This occurs when you have received all your emotions, at this time you are able to express your emotions… without stuff blowing up."

               Raven looked surprised. "You mean… I can… I can have emotions?"

               Raven in Red nodded, approaching Raven again. "Within reason. You can't go all happy-go-lucky-kung-fu on some one, but you can express your emotions mildly without side effects."

               The dark woman raised an eyebrow, there had to be something else. Was this the part where she should accept her ultimate demise? "What's the catch?"

               Raven in Red grinned brightly. "I have to return to your body!"

               Well, that didn't seem too bad. "And you do that… how?"

               "You have to admit to a certain someone that you love them." Raven in Red looked Raven in the eyes firmly, refusing to let her look away. "And I'm not talking about platonic love, Raven. I'm talking about love."

               Raven took a step back, her cheeks flushing brightly. "What are you talking about! I don't love anyone!"

               Raven in Red laughed deeply, throwing her head back in response to Raven's comment. "If you didn't love someone, Raven, then the Transition would never take place, and I would never have appeared. So, obviously there is someone out there you love… out in that green world."

               Raven turned sharply to stare at her emotion. "Are you insinuating something?"

               "Who? Me?" Raven in Red asked, innocently batting her eyes. "Of course not! I'm only saying that there is someone out there you love; in this world so filled with animals… so many fish in the sea, am I correct?"

               Raven glared at the embodiment of an emotion. "Shut. Up. You don't know anything!"

               "Oh, that's right!" Raven in Red replied, suddenly very angry. She jumped off the ledge and walked severely at the dark woman.  "I've been lying dormant for years with absolutely no insight whatsoever into your subconscious! I'm just talking and talking with no proof to back it up! I have no idea what I'm talking about, obviously!" She hissed at her former host. Finally she slammed her foot down and pointed into Raven's face, staring deeply into her eyes. "You love Beast Boy!"

               Raven turned angrily and rose her hands, ready to fight if need be. "SHUT UP! I can't stand a single thing about him! I hate his corny jokes! I hate his stupid tofu! I hate the way he's always bothering me, trying to make me laugh and smile! I hate the way he pays attention to me and spends time with me! I hate… I hate…" Raven struggled for more things to 'hate', but her boil had cooled and all the things she 'hated' turned ut to be quite the opposite.

               "I hate how I can't show him that I love him back!"

               At that last sentence, Raven burst into tears and fell to the pavement, the rain still pouring harshly around her. "I do love him… I was so jealous over Kijin… I was so angry that he didn't pay attention to me, or want to spend time with me… I love him…"

               Raven in Red smiled down at her former host. "Well, now that that's said and done, all you have to do is tell him… and I'll be on my way, Raven."

               The dark woman's eyes went wide with fear. "I can't…" She whispered. "I… I just can't!"

               Raven in Red rolled her eyes. "Oh, for God's sake, Raven! You know, as well as I do, that he's in love with you. He told you his self! What is so frightening about telling him that you love him?"

               Raven looked away, eyes focused on the ground. How could she tell him everything that had built up over the years? All the emotions, and thoughts, and dreams… how? "I guess I'm afraid…"

               "Of what?"

               The rain had stopped and now, and the dark clouds were parting to let the needed sun shine through, bathing Raven in beautiful afternoon light.

               "Everything… if I let him know how I feel… I'll be vulnerable to the world…"

               "I'll protect you… I'll never let anything happen to you…"

               "I know you will… wait!" Raven looked up into a pair of deep green eyes and blushed deeply. "Beast Boy!"

               Beast Boy took her hand. "Hey, Raven? Why don't you come inside? It's wet out here…" He looked kindly at her, as if he had heard the whole conversation.

               Raven blushed again and wondered how much of the conversation he really had heard. She looked around for her stray emotion, but found it no where to be seen. Oh well… it didn't matter now. She was going to take the deep plunge…

               Raven glanced down at her hand, held firmly in his own and let a small smile appear on her lips. "Hey, Beast Boy?" she asked softly, letting her fingers interlock with his own.

               It was the shape-shifter's turn to blush now, Raven had never been so responsive to him before. Who was that girl? She must have had a profound effect on Raven… 'Note to self: thank her later.'

               "Yeah?" He asked carefully.

               "I love you."

               Beast Boy instantly blushed a deeper red. "I… I love you too, Raven…"

               Raven turned to her companion, then stood on tiptoe and kissed him innocently and sweetly on the lips. Beast Boy kissed her back nervously, then pulled away.

               "Why the sudden change. Raven?" He asked.

               Raven smiled knowingly. "I'll tell you later tonight. Right now, let's go visit Kijin, okay?"

               Beast Boy smiled brightly at his companion. "Alright."

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