Words Of Truth

Disclaimer: everything except the unknown characters belong to Joss, Mutant Enemy, Fow, somebody else not really sure who :)
Rating: R
Author's notes: Read the first one if you haven't already, Angel's semi human and that's all that really matters
Summery: In the last week of school, The Scooby Gangs English class decide to play true confessions
Spoilers: Everything up to Prom, and the story before this obviously


Ch. 1

Angel, Cordelia, Xander, Oz and Giles all looked up as Buffy, Sydney and Willow walked through the doors of the library. It was Monday morning and the three girls had arrived home the night before from their weekend in LA. Angel got up and gave Buffy into a kiss before pulling her down onto his lap.

"So did you guys have fun?" Angel asked
"The best." Willow replied sitting on Oz's lap "Thankyou so much Angel."
"It's no problem." He told her with a smile. He then turned that smile to Buffy, "So what did you buy?"
"Well I couldn't choose so I dropped a list off with the maid at my dad's house and gave her some money and told her to get dad to send me the dress when I choose. I already know that she'll end up buying it."
"Don't worry my love."
"Oh I'm not; I just wish he would take an interest in me that's all."
"I'll take an interest in you if you want." He replied while his hand snaked down to her stomach and he started to tickle her.

After a few minutes of squealing Angel finally let up and kissed her nose. Buffy smiled and rested back into his embrace. Willow looked up from Buffy and Angels little display and focused on Cordelia. She frowned when she saw the Cheerleader quietly shelving books.

"Hey Cordy, you're a little quiet. What's up?"
"Nothing" Cordelia sighed in a soft voice. Willow's frown deepened in concern.
"Come on Queen C. You're immortal now. Cheer up or eternity could become pretty boring."

Cordelia just shrugged and continued to shelve books. Willow sighed and turned back toward the four guys sitting at the table.

"So anything ascensiony happen over the weekend?"
"No" Wesley replied coming through the doors of the library. "And Buffy, I demand to know where you have been the last 2 days."
"Did you even think of asking Giles or Angel?"
"I did. And they ignored me."
"Thankyou." Buffy told Angel before turning back to Wesley, "If you must know I was dealing with a life and death situation."

Wesley suddenly became interested and pulled out a piece of paper and a pen.

"Really? Please do tell me. What kind of demon?"

Buffy looked at Willow and Sydney and grinned

"Oh Wesley it was so traumatising," she put on a little girl voice, "There was a black satin calling me then I turned and saw a blue one draped in chiffon. Then I saw a green one."

Buffy visibly shuddered and Wesley wrote even more earnestly not quite gasping what the blond was saying,

"Then I looked across the road and I saw the pink taffeta."
"Taffeta, I don't believe I've heard of that one. What did it look like?

By this stage, Willow and Cordelia were metaphorically rolling around the floor with laughter and Sydney was using the tabla as support. Angel and Giles were starting to go red from trying to contain their laughter. Buffy shook her head and continued.

"It was pink, strapless and it gathered at the back. It even had shoes to match. But now that I think about it, I know my decision will come down to price."

Wesley looked up confused

"Price? They were for sale?"
"Yeah $200 or something. But they all were. I don't know which one I should choose."

Buffy said turning to Angel who just shrugged letting her know it was her choice.

"Choose? You have to choose which one to kill? I really don't understand."

Buffy got up and headed out everyone except for Wesley and Giles followed.

"Don't worry Wes. You're not the first guy and you most defiantly won't be the last."

Buffy winked at Giles who smiled in acknowledgment as the gang walked out the door to go to their first class.

"Mr Giles, I do believe that some research is in order. This taffeta demon in particular sounds quite awful."

Giles rolled his eyes

"No need to. I know exactly what's going on."
"You do?"
"Yes it happens every year around this time."
"So what is it called?"

Wesley picked up a book and began to leaf through it. Giles leant up against the doorframe and smiled a Ripper grin.


Wesley realized what had just happened and threw his hands in the air in annoyance.

"Tea Mr. Price?"