Hello; all my wonderful readers!

It's been a while, hasn't it? Years, in fact. I can't say what happened… I got writer's block and never come back to this. It's no excuse, I know. And it's been at the back of my mind ever since, that this story was unfinished, and that I owed it not only to you as the reader, but the fandom I love, to finish it.

A few nights back, I watched all three LotR movies (extended editions). And more and more I found myself thinking of my story, this story, that I'd written so long ago, now…and now my study is over for the year, I'm determined to finish it.

So I went back to the start. I re-edited all the published chapters, I tweaked bits here and there – those who have read this story in the past (if any of you are left!); nothing changed plot-wise, so while I encourage you to go back and re-read, it isn't necessary (expect if you wish to refresh your memory). And finally, I decided to change the title after all the revised chapters were up (which had never sat well with me, really).

But as I did, I kept wondering if I should replace these chapters, or make an entirely new story. The revisions have expanded the chapters not in plot but in detail, and it feels more like a story to me now. So I've decided to make an entirely new story entry for it.

Once it's all up, Ring Of Blood will be deleted, but I'll never forget the support you all gave me during the initial writing, your advice and compliments. I just hope you can do the same for me on the new story – same plot, but revised writing.

If, Valar forbid, you've been here since the beginning, and want to know the ending – look out for Just One Drop. It's the new version. I'm going to go upload the first few chapters now, and get writing again.

May the grace of the Valar protect you!