Chapter 5: When the Care Bears Attack…

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Isaac: still playing with his Nintenduu Maybe I should go see what's up…it seems pretty quiet back there. puts game on 'pause'

In the bathroom…

Garet: low voice you'll never win this battle, Crystal! I put Exodia in attack mode! puts Exodia in attack mode You're doomed—uh? exodia card glows

Garet put the card down and quickly stood up as the bathroom floor rumbled, he started sweating and panicking. Then, Exodia rushed out of the card and onto the cold hard floor, growling at Garet.

Garet: …pees in pants


Isaac: walks to bathroom door Garet! Open the door! slams door OPEN THE FREAKIN' DOOR!

Exodia busts out the door and growls at Isaac.

Isaac: Omigod!


Isaac: Garet! GOOD LORD! watches Garet get thrown up in the air and getting shakin' by Exodia

Garet: WAAAAAHHHHHH! gets thrown into a glass window

Isaac: high pitched voice GARET! turns to Exodia YOU BIG OAF! kicks Exodia and causes no damage Take that! And that! And that!

Garet: squeezes his way out of window and drops to the ground Ugh…

Isaac suddenly gets thrown into the window.

Garet: ISAAC!

Isaac: Garet! We have to find Ivan!

Garet: pulls Isaac out of window To the care bear section!

Care Bear Section…

Suddenly time freezes and the lights blackout. A spotlight hits Ivan. Ivan stands up and dusts himself off.

Ivan: Hello, friends. Today's chapter is brought to you by the letter 'H'. Can YOU sound out the word 'H'? Try sounding it out! winks

Isaac enters.

Isaac: What the hell are you doin', Ivan?

Ivan: winks Ha! to audience See kids, Isaac used the letter 'H' in the sentence, "what the HELL are you doing, Ivan?" That's ME! makes a happy grin and winks

Isaac: We have—

Ivan: winks

Isaac: …to get you out of here!

Ivan: double winks

Isaac: stares at Ivan …

Ivan: … stares at Isaac

Isaac: …What the heck—

Ivan: wink H-e-c-k. Heck. to audience We're on a roll!

Isaac: …You know what…? Stay here…

Ivan: Hey! (gasp) wink You said "here" wink Can you make the 'h' sound?

Isaac: … walks away

Back to Mia…

Mia: …

F.T.: Hahahahahaha! Perfect! Now…My Scene doll, Nolee! Get the new dream car Derek bought you for your 16th birthday!

Nolee: …Yes ma'am… gets car

F.T.: Hmm…this is nice…where did he get it?

Nolee: I dunno…

F.T: Well, no matter…because at the end of this mission…THIS DREAM MOBILE WILL BE MINE! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Nolee: …aww… tear runs down cheek

F.T.: Now, come Mia…and lets destroy high-tech technology! MWUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Mia: …Mwu-ha-ha-ha-ha… mwuha-ha!

F.T.: …Ahem! Anyways…to the Nintenduu section we go! drives away with Mia walking behind her.


Ivan: So that's what happened…winks

Isaac: Yeah, but just because Mia turned into an evil bastard, doesn't necessarily mean we have to kill her…

Garet: D-do you want us to attack her thighs?

Isaac: W-why would you do something like that?

Garet: …it was just a thought! GOSH! spit comes out of mouth

Isaac: glares at Garet

Ivan: Hm…I know a way we can destroy those Barbie dolls…


Ivan: I'm sorry, Isaac. Were you saying something?

Isaac: What're you talking about?

Ivan: You were looking at me, like there was something in your head you didn't quite understand…would you like to talk about it, huh? winks

Isaac: Are you gay?

Ivan: Would you love me if I were?

Isaac: …no…



Ivan: looks at Garet Look at that! It's that same look Isaac made? Is there something you don't understan!


Ivan: Oh…we'll use the power of the Care Bears to…

End of Chapter

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