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Chapter Fourteen: Dumbledore's Announcement

Harry awoke the next morning to very loud murmurs coming from the common room. He pulled back the curtains and found that he was the only one left sleeping. Yawning, he pulled on his robes and made his way downstairs. Harry was slightly shocked when he reached the bottom step. It seemed that the entire Gryffindor house was surrounding the message board. Harry could make out Ron's flaming red at the front of the group.

"Ron!" he practically shouted. Ron turned around and spotted Harry. He pushed his way through the group, stumbling on the flurry of robes.

"Hey Harry. Man, this is crazy."

"What?" Harry asked curiously.

"There's this weird message on the board saying we all have to be at breakfast on time. We're trying to figure out who sent it."

"Let me see it," Harry said, making his way towards the board. He had to cram his way in there, but he finally appeared at the wall. Ron was right, there is a strangely familiar writing was the message was:


Harry gave a tiny smile and shook his head. It was so obvious.

"I know...hey...I..." he tried to speak, but no one could hear him. Harry sighed and turned towards the group. "HEY!" he screamed. A quick and slightly eerie silence filled the room.

"What is it Harry?" Dean asked from the corner of the room.

"It's Dumbledore. He probably just wants to make an announcement. I've seen his handwriting too many times not to recognize it."

There was a rush again to try and see the writing and Harry just barely got away. He looked around for Hermione's familiar bushy hair, but didn't see it.

"Where's Hermione?" he asked Ron.

"She already went down to the Great Hall. She was really jittery. Reckon we better go down to?"

"Yeah, I guess. Let me go get my stuff." Harry ran back up the stairs and into his room. A few scrolls of homework were laid out against his desk, along with quite a few open books. He slowly crammed it all into his bag and began to go back down. A strange feeling of nervousness filled him. Dumbledore rarely gave announcements in person, and lately, they hadn't been good. Harry felt like something very bad could have happened. When he walked back into the common room, he noticed no one else seemed to be worrying. Ron was waiting by the portrait hole, and they promptly went down to the Great Hall. As they walked in, Hermione waved at them. Instead of the normal buzz of breakfast, most students were sitting nervously in their seats, talking in whispers. Dumbledore was sitting in his chair and suddenly he looked down to his wrist. Harry had a feeling it read 8 o'clock, for he stood up and quietly cleared his throat. The effects were almost instantaneous. Silence filled the hall and Dumbledore smiled. Harry looked up to Sirius who just gave him a wink. Harry sighed in relief. Sirius obviously knew what was going on and it couldn't be bad. A new feeling of anxiousness spread over him.

"I bet you're all wondering why I called you here to day," he said, drawing a few laughs. "We have decided to reinstate a tradition that was practiced for quite some time. Many of your parents have participated in this tradition, and we fell it is time we brought it back. This year, and hopefully for many more years to come, we will be hosting an annual Christmas Ball."

It took a few moments for the words to sink in, but the reaction soon followed. The hall erupted with happy cheers. Dumbledore gave a grateful smile.

"Now, the ball this year will be held exactly one week before Christmas break. As with the Yule Ball that was held two years ago, students fourth year and above will be allowed to attend. That is of course, unless a younger student attends with an older student." At this there were more chuckles, chuckles Harry remembered from his fourth year. "Younger students, be warned that the halls will be patrolled during the ball, and I ask you not to attempt to sneak into the Ball. Thank you very much."

Harry turned to Ron with a look of horror on his face.

"Not this again!" Ron groaned and put his head in his hands. Hermione gave a smirk. She turned to Ginny, and began to giggle, reminding Harry slightly of Parvati and Lavender.

"We'll have to go shopping this weekend. I need some new dress robes," she told to Ginny who giggled even more. Ron looked towards Harry with a look of slight disgust.

"Girls..." he muttered. Harry gave a smirk. He had a funny feeling that for the rest of the day he'd be hearing giggles. Harry and Ron began to eat their breakfast in silence when the swooping of wings gilled the rafters, announcing the arrival of the mail. Morgy swooped down and landed in front of Harry. He ripped open the letter and scanned down.

I"Dear Harry,

From what Sirius and Remus have told us, Dumbledore has decided to lift the ban on the Christmas Ball. They decided to stop holding it the year we left school; thanks to a very bad prank your father and his friends happened to pull.

Come on Lily, you know it was funny. Plus, we didn't b to make the punch bowl attack the band. It just sort of happened.

Well, the "accident" that your father and his friends caused the band to sue Hogwarts, but luckily Dumbledore smoothed it all out. One of the agreements was the Christmas Ball was to go on a "permanent hiatus" as it was called.

Like I said, not our fault.

Shut up love. Now, while we were in Diagon Alley getting your school stuff, I got you a new pair of dress robes

And I say they look smashing! You're going to kill the ladies! Just like your dear old dad.

Shut up James! Ignore your father dear. Anyway, they're pretty much the same as your old robes, green; only they have black lining, around the sleeves and such.

Like I said, smashing...

Why did I marry him Harry?

Because I am the most irresistible man on Earth, that's why. I'm smart, dashing, suave, cute, funny, amazing...

I thought we got rid of that big head years ago.

Well I can't help but show off to the woman I love.

Your sweet talk doesn't work on me, you idiot.

My charm will win you over eventually! It's inevitable!

Harry dear we love you very much and we can't wait till you come home for Christmas!

It's inevitable Lily dear! I love you pup! Your mother is grabbing the quill from away! Cause trouble for me!

P.S. We were looking through our stuff the other day and we found the pictures of us at our balls." I

Harry pulled out the pictures and smiled. His mother was wearing a beautiful white satiny dress robe, his fathers an inky dark blue. Harry looked up and spotted Ginny looking over at him. She quickly busied herself with a piece of toast, though flushes of red crept up her face. Harry tucked the pictures away, and took a long drink of chilled pumpkin juice.

Indeed, the halls seemed to echo with giggles and excited murmurs that, most naturally, emitted from the mouths of girl of Hogwarts. The day seemed to go on forever, but finally the last bell rang, and Harry began to walk outside for some fresh air; the giggles seemed to be polluting the air. The echoing halls also were much more crowded, as the girls traveled in tight- nit groups, especially the 4th year girls who had heard the details of the Yule Ball they couldn't attend when they were 2nd years. When the final bell rang signaling the start of dinner, Harry bumped into a boy with silvery blonde hair. Draco Malfoy turned his head and looked at Harry with disgust.

"Watch where you're going Potty. I don't want to have to burn these clothes because you've touched them. They're from a signature line."

Harry, who was feeling very tired and annoyed at the ringing from the giggles in his ear, just rolled his eyes.

"Surprised you can still buy a signature line, you know with your dear old dad in Azkaban."

"My father is going to be let out soon. The name Malfoy commands a certain respect. And I wouldn't be talking about fathers Potty. Yours is a bloody idiot who married a filthy little mudblood."

A little whispering entered Harry's head and he recognized it as Hermione's.

"Don't rise, don't rise. Just ignore him."

"God, I've gone soft..." he thought rubbing his aching head. His scar began to twinge badly.

"Did you hear me Potty? Yes, yes, a bloody idiot who married a filthy little mudblood and they had a slow, ugly git."

The ringing in Harry's ears increased to a very loud level. His scar was burning now. Ron and Hermione were heading up to put their bags away, and Harry's legs started to give away. He gripped the wall, trying to find a secure place to hold onto. Harry's books spilled from his hands. A loud maniacal laughter seemed to drone out his own heartbeat.

"He's angry...very, very, angry..." Harry muttered.

"What in bloody hell are you talking about Potter?" Malfoy asked in a cold long drawl, jumping away as Harry sank to his knees.

"Goddamn..." Harry said as the now still hall, though still crowded slowly disappeared from view and his world went black.

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