Author Notes:

This is yap's fault (again)! She said: "write Salieri slash ... and use the word 'wig'! 100 words." Well - I did. Two versions actually (the second is the funny one and slightly longer). And ... it's the first time I've left the Potterverse. :-))

Salieri and Mozart (from the film 'Amadeus') belong to Peter Shaffer. Yap betaed!

As always, I hope you like and enjoy!



Salieri had always considered himself a man of taste. But now that he was kissing him, tasting him - how could this be true anymore? This was so much more ...

He drew back and the man's hands clutched at his coat, pulling him down again with barely enough strenghts to make it count. Salieri pressed one hand against the side of the coach for support, with the other, he just ... touched him. His body, his face, his eyes. He shoved away the man's wig and pressed his face into his hair, moaning. He wanted to taste everything. Everything that was ...


Wig me!

"Can I talk to you privately for a moment, Herr Mozart?"

"Of course! What about?"

"What about? Well, er ... wigs."

Mozart laughed out loud. It rang horribly in Salieri's ears, but his smile didn't drop for a second. He even managed to broaden it. "Since you seem to have such an exquisite taste for this kind of accessory, I would feel extremely honoured if you could ... advise me."

Mozart bowed, still giggling. "The honour is mine."

Salieri led him into a small room at the end of a large corridor.

"A wig storage," Mozart gasped out.

"It is indeed." Salieri took a deep breath. Perhaps he was overdoing this. Perhaps he should just - "What are you doing?"

He jerked his head away from Mozart's outstretched hand, but it was too late. The man had already snatched Salieri's wig from his now red-hot head.

"I thought you wanted to get rid of this grey, old thing?" Mozart threw the wig non-committally over his shoulder. He then started rummaging through the wigs on the shelves. "Let's see what we can do to improve you."

Salieri gaped. He had to do something, before he got ... wigged. This wasn't about ... this was about - "Love," he heard himself mumbling.

Mozart froze on the spot. At least he wasn't laughing anymore. That could be called improvement.

"What ... did you say? I must have misheard ..."

"I would ... love to ..."


"To ..."

Mozart suddenly jumped. "There it is!" He pulled down something that looked ... pink. Salieri couldn't help but to snort. Although he didn't know if he was disgusted or - relieved. Relieved that Mozart seemed so obviously blind to his true intentions. He frowned. But that would mean that Mozart would never consider him to be -

"This looks wonderful! Let's go and show the Emperor."


Mozart grabbed his arm but Salieri didn't move. After looking at him for quite a while, Mozart suddenly beamed. "Oh! I've got it!" He stood on his toes and brought his face up to Salieri's. "This isn't about wigs, is it?" And before Salieri had time to come up with an answer, Mozart was already starting to unbutton his jacket. "It's about clothes, right?"

Salieri laughed out so loud, he was sure someone must have heard. Mozart, of course, didn't mind and ... didn't stop undressing him. And anyway - this wasn't about laughs.

the end