A?N- I just found one of my old notebooks from about two years ago and this story was in it. It was the only one in it that was completed so I decided to post it here. I hope it doesn't suck. I really liked it. I've read it over and rewrote it a little so it should all make sense! AND, it was BEFORE my slash phayze!

Title: Those High School Days (1/2)

Author: Hearts Desire

Disclaimer: Own no one. I wish I did, but hey ... we can't all be as lucky as Vince McMahon


Jeff Hardy shut the door to his locker loudly. "I'm SO glad it's Friday!" he moaned to his best friend, Shannon Moore.

"Yeah. Me, too." Shannon replied, adjusting the strap og his heavy bag on his shoulder.

"At least you don't have three tests on Monday."

"Yeah, that's cause I'm passing all my classes!"

"Hey, I'm passing all my classes!" Jeff protested, "They must use a different grading system on me or something."

"A zero's a zero, buddy."

Jeff rolled his eyes and shoved Shannon by the shoulder. The bag on Shannon's shoulders was so heavy that he would have toppled over if it weren't for the lockers on the hallway sides.

"Quit!" Shannon laughed as they headed out of the school and to Matt's car, "When're you getting your car back, Jeff?"

"It isn't fixed yet. I gotta replace a cylinder and clean out the gas chamber. The entire thing is a piece of junk." Jeff replied, helping Shannon into the back of Matt's truck and getting in.

"Hurry up, I've got people to get home." Matt said from the front.

"Get a hold on. You're not that cool." Shannon said, sitting down in the way back.

Some of the other guys in the truck laughed abd Jeff gave Shannon a high five. Shannon was the only one who ever had enough courage to tell EVERYONE what he thought. Jeff really admired him for that. Matt rolled his eyes and pulled out of the parking lot, heading to Paul's house to drop him off. He kept checking the rear-view mirror, hearing Jeff and Shannon wihsper and laugh.

After Matt dropped of Paul, he dropped off the rest of the guys, leaving only Jeff and Shannon. They both headed up to the front bench, sitting on the floor, playfully shoving and pushing each other as they doodled in one of Jeff's notepads.

"Why don't you kids go sit back in the back?" Matt asked after Jeff turned a page in his book again.

"Cause we don't wanna." Shannon replied in his thick country boy accent, "If we wanted to, we'd go. Sides, we'll be home in ten minutes."

"No, we're dropping you off at your house. Brad'll be there in a few minutes and we need to talk. I don't want y'all interrupting us."

"How d'you know we'd interrupt yous?"

"Cause I know you two. You're always loud."

"I'll be quiet." Shannon promised.

Matt scaffed, "No you wont. You can hardly keep your trap shut for five minutes."

"Matt, you can't send him home. He comes over erry day. Sides, he's my friend, not yours. You don't even like him." Jeff said, starting another picture for them to draw on.

"You don't know what yer saying. I like Shannon. I like you, Shannon. See? I just told him."

"Don't mean that you mean it." Jeff argued.

"I mean it."

"Then why the hell won't you let him in the ring with you or any of the others? He's hardly in and when he is it's always in a short match with me or Joey ot Christian. Why not you or Marty or someone like that?"

Shannon didn't let anyone answer. He knew why Matt didn't want him on with him and his friends.

"Alright, enough. Quit fighting." he said, his mood noticably darkened.

"Sorry, Shann." Jeff apologized.

"Drop me off at home, Matt. I got some studying to do."

"Y'sure, Shann? You can stay. I don't mind any more. I know you'll be quiet if you say you will." Matt said, turning into their subdivision.

"No. I wanna go home. Scott'll be home from practice soon and he can help me with Geometry."

"Shann, he said you can stay. He's sorry." Jeff whispered.

"I know, it's fine. I'm not mad. I just ... I wanna get home."

"If it's what you want, Shann." Matt said, turning onto Shannon's street.

He pulled into the empty driveway of Shannon's house. Shannon grabbed his heavy bag, took a few books out that jeff had put in there, and got out of the truck. He waived good bye to the Hardy's before walking up the walk and into his house. Matt started the truck up again and drove the short rest of the way to their house. They were silent until they got into the house.

"Y'know, what you said in the car really got to me." Matt said quietly, getting himself a drink.

"Yeah, well, it's true. You never let Shannon on with you or anyone unless he is just going to do a simple moonsault or something. Like a five minute match with Christian or something." jeff replied, plopping onto the couch with the remote.

"I don't mean to cut him down or anything like that. I just ..."

"You worry too much."


"But any one of us could get hurt in there. Not just Shannon."

"I know, I know." Matt sighed, "This has bothered you for a long time, hasn't it?"

"Yeah. Just cause he's smaller than the rest of us doesn't mean he can't do the same things we can. He's a better wrestler than most of us and you won't let him get in with anyone."

Matt sighed, "I just don't want him to get hurt."

"Let him practice for a little. I know he's good enough to go with you and the bigger guys."

Matt thought for a minutes.

"Alright." he caved, "We'll give him more time. But, if he gets hurt-"

"Shannon knows that if he gets hurt, he gets hurt."

"Alright, alright." Matt said guiltily.

"Thanks Matt. You don't know how much this means to him. And me, too."

"Yeah, yeah. Go call him and tell him he'll be working with Jason tomorroe instead of running camera."

Shannon showed up bright and early the next morning. Matt couldn't tell who was more excited, Jeff or Shannon. They had stayed on the phone until at least midnight "working things out". Actually, matt had an idea that Jeff did most of the talking for once. They were both very talkative people.

Shannon and Jeff were playing basketball in the driveway when everyone else got there. Jason walked up the drive, helping Shannon up since he had fallen on his ass when Jeff went for a slam dunk. Shannon brushed himself off then realized everyone else was there, shrieked and tried pulling Jason into the backyard.

"Hold on there, little man." Jason laughed.

"Come on!" Shannon begged.

Eventually, Jason allowedhimself to be dragged to the back by the younger man. They practiced for about an hour, going relatively without anyone getting hurt. They did so the next practice, and the ones after that. Shannon was getting better and better at each practice.

Matt had even started letting him have longer matches, and with the bigger guys, sometimes, too. Shannon was getting used to hitting the ring, too, which made it easier to do other moves on him.

Matt got up from where he was sitting on the trampoline about four months later. He sighed and stretched, yawning before facing his brother and friend.

"Shann, you wanna go do some moves ont eh trampoline?" he asked.

"Yeah!" Shannon said, climbing to his feet.

{Alright, i don't know if everyone knows the story about when Matt and Shannon were practicing on the "ring" when Shannon was 11. But that's what's coming up. If not, you'll just have to wait to find out! }