Title: Those High School Days (Part 1/2)

Author: Hearts Desire

Disclaimer: I own no one. I am not that lucky!


Once on the trampoline, Matt turned to Shannon. "Alright, cous, would you let me try a suplex on you?"

Shannon swallowwed nervously and nodded.

"Alright, com're. Here. Y'gotta lean forwards. Now you gotta jump when I start to lift you. Then, you gotta keep yourself straight up when I get you in the air. Just keep straight, okay?"

"Mhmm." Shannon agreed.

Matt set up Shannon for the move before lifting him into the air carefully, an arm on Shannon's spine and one under his arm. Jeff watched every move, not realizing until too late that Matt was too close to the edge to do the move.

"Matt!" Jeff called, trying to stop his brother but he was too late.

Matt landed the suples, causing Shannon to thit the hard edge of the ring. Shannon rolled off of the trampoline, hitting the hard ground and giving a quiet shout of pain. He curled into a small ball, clutching his ribs tightly. He could feel his face wet with tears and it felt like he couldn't breath, like his lungs were squeezing tightly but there was no air.

He heard Matt jump to the ground next to him and Jeff sliding to his knees beside his brother.

"Geez, Shannon. I'm so sorry. Are you alright?" Matt asked, afraid to touch Shannon and cause more pain.

Shannon whimpered slightly, still holding his ribs. Jeff carefully pushed a strand of hair from Shannon's face where it was sticking to the tears.

"Shannon, holy cow, let's get you inside. Matt, help me out."

Shannon gave a yelp as Matt and Jeff somehow got him to his feet.

"Sorry." Jeff apologised, "But we gotta get you in there. Here, the basement."

Matt and Jeff helped Shannon throught the door to the basement and sat him on teh couch. By now, Shannon couldn't stop himself from crying. It felt like his ribs were throbbing.

"Now look what you did, Matt. Ya hurt him."

"I didn't mean to!"

"Well maybe you should look where you're standing before you do a move next time!" Jeff yelled, glaring at his older brother.

"I told you he would get hurt in the ring with up. Now look, he might have bruised ribs."

"Bruised? I think they're broken!"

Shannon gave an audible gasp that the brothers didn't seem to hear and tightened his hold on his ribs. He was dizzy and just wanted to throw up everytime his chest tightened.

"Well what are we supossed to do? Call dad or something? Tell him what you did?" Jeff glared.

"I'll call dad and Shannon's mom. You stay here and help him out."

Jeff walked over to the couch as Matt headed upstairs to use the phone. Shannon had significantly calmed down, but still had a deathgrip on his ribs. He would whimper evey once in a while, a few tears still running down his face.

"You okay, Shann?" Jeff asked quietly.

"It hurts so bad, Jeff."

"Can I see?"

Shannon let go of his sides so that Jeff could look. Jeff rolled up the loose shirt carefully.

"Oh, geez, Shann. He really did a number on you."

There was a dark blue/purple patch in the centre of Shannon's left ribcage that was risen slightly swollen. It was about fist sized. Jeff ran his fingers over it, pressing slightly and causing Shannon to give a light shriek.

"Sorry." Jeff apologized again.

Matt came down the stairs again a few minutes later, "Dad'd comin'. He's getting some ice. I couldn't get a hold of your mom, Shann. I tried every number. We'll try again later."

Gil Hardy came down the stairs soon after with a towel, ice, and a cold rag. He went straight to the couch, moving Jeff slightly.

"Shannon. Are you alright? Let me see."

Gil lifted Shannon's shirt as well, but placed his palm over the large bruise. Shannon bit his lip, arching his back slightly and trying not to cry out.

"Sh, sh." Gil soothed, "Sh, it's okay."

Gil studied the wounded skin a little longer. Sinally he stood back up.

"We've gotta get you to the hospital. Now, I'm not trying to scare you or anything, but you've definately broken some."

Shannon whimped again. As if this day hadn't gone from bad to worse!

"Matt, can you help him up. Lay him in the back seat and sit there with him. Jeffry, stay here and try to get a hold of his mother."

"Alright dad. I'll talk to you later, Shannon." Jeff said, as Matt helped Shannon up and through the back door again.

"You remember that day?"

"Of course I do! I was scared out of my mind!"

"Me, too. I thought I had done life effecting damage!"

"It hurt like hell."

"I still can't believe you let him on with you."

"Me either, I don't know what I was thinking."

23 year old Shannon Moore pulled his blanket tighter aroundhimself as he looked through the fire at his best friend. Jeff ran a hand through his multicoloured ahir and laughed, "You don't think."

"Speak for yourself, Mr. Happy-Go-Lucky. What about you?"

"What about me?!"

"How many people do you know who jump motorcycles over fake volcanos?"

Jeff thought for a minute. "Two." he replied, "Me and Shann."

Shannon laughed and he and Jeff somehow found a way to give each other high fives without burning their arms.

"You guys are nuts."

"Not nuts, just crazy." Shannon sang back to Matt.

"That day was kinda fun."

"Oh yeah, so fun."

"No, before you got hurt!"


"I swear!"

"Right, Jeff."

Matt laughed, listening to Shannon and Jeff argue back anf forth before Jeff tackled Shannon to the ground. Jeff began to tickle Shannon, knowing it drove him nuts. Shannon shrieked, begging Jeff to stop. Matt watched for a little before realizing that Shannon had a definate disadvantage.

"Alright, alright. Let it up. Come on, Jeff, you're killin' the kid!"

"HEY!" Shannon yelled, kneeing Jeff to get him off of him, "I'm not a kid!"

Matt put his hands up as Shannon marched over. "Hey, hey, I never said you were, I just said it for some dumb reason!"

"That was sarcastic!"

"No it wasn't, no it wasn't!"

Shannon gave a yelp as Jeff pulled him back, hard, onto the log he had been sitting on.

"My ass!" Shannon shrieked.

"Quit being so loud!"

"Make me!"

"I will!"

"Fuck you!"


Jeff laughed, officially ending the screaming contest.

"You guys ... are dumb." Matt sighed, leaning back in his lawn chair.

"That's not what he said the other day." Shannon muttered to Jeff just loud enough for Matt to hear.

"Oooo, diss on Matt!"

"Forget you two."

"Kinda hard, doncha think?" Shannon smirked, causing Jeff to laugh again.

Matt was about to reply when Shannon cut him off, "Y'know, Matt, you shouldn't even bother saying anything."

"Yeah, me'n Shanny always have a smart ass comment to add to it."

Shannon nodded in agreement. Matt glares. They sat in somewhat silence, since Jeff and Shannon were whispering to each other, for a while.

"Why do you do that?"

Jeff and Shannon looked up.

"What?" Jeff asked.

"Whisper to each other like that. You do it all the time. Talking about me?"

"No, just a habit."

"What? Whispering?"

"To each other."

"But why?" Matt asked.

Both Shannon and Jeff shrugged. Matt rolled his eyes. Jeff sighed, he and Shannon leaning on the truck behind them. Every once in a while one of them would point at something in the sky and whisper to each other excitedly. Matt shifted in his chair, catching Jeff and Shannon's attention witht he plastic screeching.

"Why don't ya sit over here with us, Matty?" Shannon asked sweetly.

Matt smiled, taking a seat beside his cousin. He put his hands behind his head, leaning back onto the car, too. "We should do this more often."