A/N- Hi all, This story takes place in Season six, right in the middle of the episode 'Life Serial'. I know you've all probably seen this and might be a little bored with the first scene, but I wanted to establish what part of the episode I'm starting from. Hope you enjoy, let me know what you think! :-)

Chapter One ~*~ Ripper

"Your motorcycle is loud" Buffy said as she walks in behind Spike. He turns to her and gives her a looked.

"Sssspike" The bartender said looking around at the two of them. Buffy cringes when she sees that the bar tender has a forked tongue.

"The usual Dave" Spike said taking out his wallet. "And one for the lady" He said nodding to Buffy. The bar tender puts two shot glasses on the table. "We're heading for the back room, pet"

Buffy just gives him a look. She turns to the bar tender as he starts to pour the shots. She grabs the bottle from him and pulls of the pour- spout and takes swig. Spike pulled out a few more bills and puts then down on the bar and turns to walk away with Buffy right behind him.

"This is where the real action is" He said as he walked towards some door. Spike opens the door and Buffy walks into the liquor filled room.

"These lowlifes know everything that happens in this town" Spike said pointing to the group of demons sitting at a table.

"Oh, good." Buffy said smiling at them she said raising her voices a little. "These are the lowlifes" The four turn to look at her then go back to their game.

"Fine. A little louder" Spike said walking over to the table. "Boys, what's the game?" Spike said to the green demon sitting in the middle.

"You know the game, Spike, you in?" The green one says with what you might call a smile.

"He kills our kind. Don't let him in" The demon with about 15 eyes said glaring at Spike. Spike, not one to take an insult, picks the many eyed demon up out of his chair. Buffy walks over and smiles.

"Ooh, ask him if he's heard..." She starts but Spike cuts her off.

"Later" Spike said throwing the demon at the doors and sitting down.

"You're gonna play cards?" Buffy asked in a disbelieving tone.

"I need a moment with my lady" Spike said sighing as he gets up and walks Buffy over to the other side of the room.

"You wanna play, that's fine. Okay? I am sticking to the original plan" Buffy said looking over at the demons. "Which one do I kill for information?"

"Listen" Spike said looking from the demons to Buffy. "These guys talk while they play" He said, she looks back at him. "We'll get more info out of their mouths than out of gaping holes in their corpses" Buffy shrugs in agreement and walked over to sit down. She took off her jacket and took a drink of her whiskey.

"I'm in" Spike said sitting back down "Everybody ok with that?" They all shrug and turn to the green demon.

"Ante up" He said as they all reach under the table. They come back up holding a kitten, they put them in a basket in the middle of the table.

"You play for kittens!" Buffy said outraged. They all ignore her and turn to Spike.

"So, who's gonna advance me a tiny tabby, get me started?" They all look away and down at their cards.

"Come on" Spike said looking around at them "Someone's gotta stake me"

"I'll do it!" Buffy said smiling as she took a drink. Spike turns to her and glares. What, you thought I was just gonna let that lie there?" She takes another swig from the bottle. "Blaaah" She said putting the bottle down.

'Ugh, can this get any more boring?' Buffy thought about half an hour later. She looked over at the table and sees Spike jump up out of his sit.

"You wanna fight? You face the two of us" He said gesturing back to Buffy. She looks around and snorts.

"What?" Buffy said standing up "I'm not getting into a bar fight!" She slurred a little "I'll beat 'em up for information, great, but not to defend you right to gamble for kitten! Which, by the way, is a stupid currency"

"They're delicious!" The green demon said as the other demons nodded in agreement.

"Come on, Slayer, a big fights just what you need" Spike said smiling at her.

"Forget it" She said "I'm not playing by anyone else's rules anymore" She said as she got up "I'm done" She staggers over to the table and opens the basket of kittens and tips in over.

"Hey!" One of them says as they try to recapture the kittens.

"Be free, kittens!" Buffy said before turning and walking out of the back room. Spike looks at the kittens and turns and runs out after Buffy.

"What's wrong, Luv?" Spike said when he had caught up with her.

"What's wrong?!" She said turning on him "You were gonna help me! You, you were gonna beat heads and, and, and fix my life! But you're completely lame!" She almost yells while gesturing wildly with her arms. She doesn't even notice that her jacket is slipping down her arms.

"Tonight sucks! And, and look at me! Look at, look at stupid Buffy!" She says as she starts to pull on her jacket "Too dumb for college, and, and, and freak Buffy, too strong for construction work." She pulls her jacket up "And, and my job at the magic shop? I was bored to tears even *before* the hour that wouldn't end! And the only person I can even stand to be around is a ... neutered vampire who cheats at kitten poker."

"Oh, you saw the cheating, did you?" Spike said a little embarrassed.

"Also? I think you're drunk!" She said tuning and storming out of the bar. Spike stands there for a second feeling totally confused. Finally he moves to the door. He's walking with his eyes on the ground and bumps into Buffy.

"That van" Buffy said looking at the van down the street.

"You want to steal a van, I'm with you Luv, but we have got the motorcycle" He said looking to the motorcycle sitting in the parking lot. She shook her head and looked up at him.

"I've seen it before, at the construction site" Buffy said walking towards the van. When she's about 15 feet away a big red winged demon pops out.

"Rrrah! You have discovered me!" It says putting its hands on its hips. "But do not try to defeat me, for I have been testing you and I know your weaknesses" It said laughing a little.

Buffy walks over as the van starts to drive away. Her first swing misses the demon but she dose manage to kick him in the balls. This, in her drunken state, causes Buffy to fall over on her butt and just sits there. Spike runs over to help but Buffy in having none of that.

"I'm ok! I'm fine! Get off me!" Spike backs away raising his hands in surrender.

"I am well struck" The demon says in a squeaky voice "I call on the misty portal to my demon dimension, where I will lay my head down and gently die" The demon throws something down and a big poof of smoke. Buffy and Spike cough and wave at the smoke trying to see.

"He blew up. Did you see?" Buffy said very proud of herself.

"Yeah I saw" Spike said looking around "He's gone"

"Gotta love it, you know" Buffy said smiling "It makes you feel all powerful and, and..." She looks around and back at Spike. "Kinda sick"


"Feeling any better?" Giles said as he walked into the room with a glass of water.

"I think at one point, I actually turned completely inside out" She takes the water Giles hands her and sits down on her bed. "But yeah, better" She takes a drink and smiles.

"I'm sorry I didn't, um, find this demon with my research" Giles said sitting next to her.

"Aw, it's ok. I-it wasn't much of a fight" Buffy said.

"I did how ever find a few things that he could have used for the time skipping," Giles said taking the empty glass from Buffy. "Shall I show you, or are you tired?"

"No I'm pretty mush wide awake" Buffy said standing up "Not like I could sleep now anyway"

Giles smiled and got up too. He led her down the stairs and into the living room where there were like 25 books on the coffee table.

"Uh ... is this all research or just some kind of stress test for the table" Buffy said smiling up at Giles.

"Well I wanted to find something" Giles said sitting down. Buffy sat across from him and picked up a book. She looked over the cover and smiled 'Time Travels Finer Points'.

"Time travel, cool" She opened it and started flipping through the pages.

"Yes, well, let's just put that over here" Giles said taking the book so she didn't read one of the incantations, and accidentally send herself to the dinosaurs.

"This is the one I wanted to show you" he said picking up a book and showing her the page.

"Ohh, that's the evil lint" Buffy said looking at the page. She looked up and seeing Giles confused face shook her head "Never mind"

"This is used to make a person miss different amounts of time" Giles said pointing at a sentence. "See you just tell the spell how much time, then you put it on your target and they miss what ever time you spelled it for."

"Cool" Buffy said looking down at the picture "Well, when it's not being used on me"

"Yes, well" Giles pulled the book away. Her stomach growled and he smiled. "Hungry?"

"Yeah" Buffy said smiling at him. "I could eat." Giles got up and walked into the kitchen. While he was making something to eat Buffy went skimming through some of the other books. She picked up the one Giles had taken away and flipped threw the pages. She stopped on a page written in Latin and tried to read it.

"Giles what does 'alias' mean?" Buffy hollered into the kitchen.

"Another time" he hollered back before he realized what she was probable reading.

"Ok" Buffy said to her self as she read the incantation under her breath. "Capere hinc ad alias, alius locus" She looked up from the book and saw Giles running into the room. "Huh, that's funny" She said before the room started to spin. The last thing she saw before she blacked out was Giles, and he did not look happy.


Buffy sat up and looked around. She seamed to be sitting in a park, after dark. 'This is weird' she thought as she looked around. 'The last thing I remember is Giles' she thought as she looked over and saw some people run through the trees. She got up and whipped around when she heard a women scream. She set off running towards the scream, as she was running she wondered where the hell she was.

She heard the scream again only this time it was followed by laughter. She came to a halt right on the edge of a clearing and watched as the six people goofed off, and were apparently getting high. She just stood there watching and thought 'They should know better then to be out this late.' She perked her ears up as they started talking.

"Thanks Phil" Some one says to the right of who must be Phil.

"No problem" he says passing it to his right. The some one on the right takes a drag and hands it to his right.

"Here you go Diedre" he said passing it to a giggling girl next to him.

"Thanks Ethan" She said smiling. Buffy cringed at that name. While they were passing it between the three of them the other two were building a fire.

"Stupid bloody fire" One of them said kicking a stone. Buffy had already confirmed they must all be British and wondered what they were doing in Sunnydale.

"Aw, don't be a spoil sport" Ethan said handing the man the pipe. "You lost the bet, gotta pay up Ripper"

Buffy froze and tried to look into the dark to see them better. She couldn't see a damn thing!

"Here try this" The unnamed man said throwing Ripper a can of lighter fluid.

"Thanks mate" He said spraying the fire, the flames leapt up and lit up the whole clearing. Buffy gasped as she saw Rippers face. It was him, Giles. But he was like 20, how was that...then she remembered the book, and the Latin and she winced.

"Giles is going to kill me" She said to her self as she walked away from the clearing. If there was one thing she knew about time travel was don't change anything. She didn't want to run into Ripper before she figured a way out of this mess. So she headed to a hotel, luck thing she still had her cash on her from being at the bar with Spike.


"What do you mean she's gone?" Xander said pacing the room.

"I mean, she read from that bloody time book and was gone. I would think you guys would have learned to not take magic lightly" He said looking over at Willow.

"W-well how do we get her back?" Tara asked looking up at Giles.

"I don't know yet" he said sitting down in the chair and putting his head in his hands.

"Well what do we do now?' Dawn said looking around at every one.

"Research" Willow said "It's all we can do right now"


Buffy opened her eyes and for a second didn't know were she was. Then it all came flooding back to her, the book, the incantation and Ripper. She had found an ok hotel last night and had paid for three nights there. She had gotten very little sleep but she didn't sleep much now a day anyway. She sat up and looked around the room. The sun was filtering in through the moss colored curtains. She pulled out her money from the jeans on the floor. She counted it out on the mattress. She had been expecting to have to pay Spike for his help so had brought along a little, so she now had 200 dollars and some change. And with the difference in value it should last her a little while. She had decided the night before that the only person who was going to be able to help her was Giles, so in order to go to him for help she had to be not herself.

She got up and went over to the bathroom. She turned on the lights and jumped as she saw the cockroach scurry across the floor. She got into the shower and 20 minutes later she was dressed and ready. First she needed to go to the store and get some hair dye. She put her money in her pocket and headed out the door locking it behind her.

She walked to the store because it was only a few blocks away; she had gotten directions from the clerk. When she got to the store she found the hair dye's and decided with her natural color, brown. She got a few bathroom things too, a brush, shampoo, a little makeup, some hair ties and some sunglasses. Her next stop was the clothing store, where she got two blouses and a two pairs of really cute bellbottoms.

After she had dyed her hair and changed her cloths she was sitting on the bed trying to think of how to find Giles, uh, Ripper at this time of the day. She could look him up in the phone book, but then she has to call and what she going to say, "Hi, you don't know me but would ya help send me back to my time?"

So she needed to find him some where. Maybe she could go back to the clearing and see if he and his friends showed again tonight. 'Well that sounds like the best plan of action.' 'So' she thought turning to the T.V. 'What to do till then?'


"Anything?" Dawn said coming up behind Willow.

"No, Dawn" Willow said trying to smile at her "Don't worry your sister can take care of herself"

"I know" Dawn said sitting down and pulling over one of the books. "Can I help?"

"Yes" Giles said coming in from the back room "Don't read any of the words"

"Right" Dawn said pushing the book away. "We've been at this all morning" She said sighing "I miss her"

"We'll find a way to get her b-back" Tara said putting her hand on dawns shoulder. "Don't worry"


Buffy walked to the park and shivered at the cold. 'Note to self' she thought 'get a jacket.' She stopped when she heard running feet. She listened to see if she needed to save some one or if it was Giles. She heard a giggle and a scream and realized it was them. She walked a little faster till she got to the edge of the clearing. She stopped and watched as they built another fire and sat down.

'So how do I approach them?' she thought to her self. I could do the helpless girl thing and get there attention, or I could walk over there and introduce my self. 'I don't think that would go over well' Buffy said as she remembered what Giles was like as a teen.

'So what to do?' She thought as she watched them. If the little that her mom had told her, or that she had accidentally heard in her mind, Giles liked to play the hero, so maybe that was a good plan. Just as she was about to run out there screaming that something was after her she heard a noise from the bushes to her left. She stiffened as her slayer senses kicked in. 'There's a vampire over there' she thought, 'probably looking for a snack.'

She turned and walked a few steps before she came to two vampires hunched over a bush and watching Giles and his little group.

"Hungry?" Buffy said deciding she could use this to her advantage.

"Aw, look what's wondered into the woods Mick" One of the vampires said smiling up at her. They both stood and started to advance on her. She smiled and kicked up and stick laying on they ground did a round house kicking the stick strait at one vampire. It hit right in his heart and before he new it he was dust.

"Come and get me" She said smiling at him. She turned on her heal and ran towards where she could hear the group talking. As soon as she could see them she let out a scream that got there attention.

"Help me!" She yelled as she ran towards Giles. He jumped up as she came towards them. The vampire followed her out of the woods. Giles saw him and smiled, pulling out a mini crossbow he shot the vampire and it went poof.

"Oh thank god" Buffy said smiling up at Ripper. "What was that thing?" Buffy asked looking to the pile of dust.

"A vampire" Ripper said smiling down at her.

"Really?' Buffy said adding a little awe to her voice. "Wow"

"Aw Ripper, who's your new friend" A man said coming up behind her. She recognized the voice and had to stop herself from turning and punching him in the nose.

"I don't know" he said turning to Buffy, "You are?"

"B..." She trails off as she realizes she can't give him her real name "Beth" She said smiling at him "I'm Beth Winters"

"Aw, well this is Ethan, Phil, Tom, Die, Randy and I'm Ripper" He said pointing them each out to her. The girl came up to her and smiled.

"Hi" She said "Your American?"

"Yes" Buffy said "I'm visiting a friend"

"Oh" Ripper said smiling "Boyfriend?"

"No" Buffy said "Old school friend"

"Marvelous" Ethan said smirking over at Ripper "Would you like to join us?"

"Sure" Buffy said sitting down in-between Ripper and Die. 'Well this should be interesting' Buffy thought smiling.


Giles was sitting at his desk in the back room reading the book Buffy had read for like the fifth time.

"Giles" Some one said putting their hand on his shoulder. He turned and looked up. There was a girl standing there with long brown hair, big green eyes and a big smile on her face.

"Beth" he said standing up and walking over to her. She still looked just like she had the first night he had meet her.

"Well now, you know that's not my name" She said giggling softly. "You look good Ripper"

"What do you mean that's not your name?" He said taking another step closer.

"Well, deep down you've known for a long time" She said smiling at him. "But now it's time to wake up"

"I don't want to" He said stepping forward again.

"Giles" She said smiling.

"Giles...Giles wake up" Some one said shaking his shoulder. He sat up and turned to find Willow standing behind him.

"Giles lunch is ready" She said smiling at him. He had the weirdest look on his face. "You ok?"

"Yes, yes I'm fine" he said standing up and walking with Willow into the store. Every one was sitting around the table eating. Willow sat down and handed Giles a plate with a sandwich on it. He put it down and smiled.

"I know where Buffy is" he said looking around at them "Or well I know when she is"


"So are you staying in town" Tom asked her "Or do you have a flat some where?"

"No, I'm staying at the Hill Top Inn" Buffy said looking around.

"Not a very nice place" Ripper said looking at her.

"Well its ok" Buffy said "The cockroaches are all real nice"

"Cockroaches?" Die asked looking horrified.

"Yeah well it's not so bad" She said then trying to think of a reason why she might not have much money said "My luggage was all stolen from me when I got off the train from Wales"

"Well that bloody well sucks" Ripper said smiling at her. She smiled back at him; boy did she have a beautiful smile.

"Yes it does" Ethan said smiling at her, even now he had a cold smile like he was thinking of the best way to take advantage of any given situation.

"I'd have you stay with me" Die said smiling at her "But my sister lives with me and she's a Dozy cow"

"That ok, really I'm fine" Buffy said smiling at them.

"Nonsense" Ripper said "You can stay with me"

"You don't even know me" Buffy said

"Well I don't think you'll be any danger to big ol Ripper" Ethan said smiling at her.

"Yeah right" Buffy said sighing inward. "I don't want to impose" She said turning to, she must admit very cute, Ripper.

"Well good then" he said "You won't be imposing" Buffy shivered and put her hands by the fire.

"Is it cold out her or is it just me?" She asked looking around at them.

"No its cold" Tom said standing "Call it a night?"

"Yes, lets" Die said standing as well. "See you gents on Friday?"

"Ok" Ethan said "Walk you home?"

"Sure" She said smiling suggestively at him. "Bye Beth it was nice meeting you"

"You too" Buffy said smiling. She just sat there and watched as they all left.

"Shall we?" Ripper said standing and holding out his hand.

"Thank you" Buffy said raising from the ground "Shouldn't we put that out?" She said pointing to the fire.

"Yes" he said dumping some dirt over it.

"That was nice work with your crossbow" Buffy said as they started out of the forest.

"Thanks" he said taking his coat off and putting it on her shoulders. "So how do you know what good work with a crossbow is?"

"Uh...well...a good friend of mine back home is showing me how to use one, I'm not very good"

"Maybe I could help you" he said as they walked along the path. Buffy smiled and realized she didn't know what the date was.

"You know with out having my watch I lose track off the days" She smiled up at him "What is to days date?"

"It's June fifth" he said smiling at her "1979" She smiled at him and nodded. Then she realized something, if today was the fifth that meant that his friend...what was his name? Randall was going to die next Friday when they meet. 'Oh this sucks' Buffy thought 'And nothing I can do about it' She thought 'I have to let this play out or Giles might stay Ripper forever. She followed him up the stairs into his place and looked around, nice place she thought as she looked around.

"Tomorrow we can go get anything you have at the hotel" Ripper said handing her a balled up shirt and a smile. "You can wear this for bed"


"So what you're telling me is you remember Buffy from when you were, what 20, 21?" Xander said looking down at his sandwich.

"Yes" Giles said smiling at the memory. "She was...is going to be there the night Randall dies" he said lowering his eyes from the group. They may all know about it but it still pained him to talk about it.

"So how does she get back?" Willow asked looking over to Giles.

"I don't know" he said sadly "Beth...Buffy just said good-bye one day, I never saw her again, well I mean..." He looked over and smiled at Dawn "I can only assume we get her back some how"

"We'll that's comforting" Xander said smiling.

"Yes, unless she gets trapped in-between times" Anya said looking over at there faces. "But I'm sure that's not what's gonna or what did...or this is confusing" She said looking to Xander.

"Yeah time travel always is" Xander said patting her hand. "Ok, well let's get going with the research then."

"I'm going to run home for a moment" Giles said getting up and heading to the door. "I'll be right back"

"Ok" Willow said smiling at him "See you in a while"

~*~*~*~*~ A/N- I can't remember if Giles still has his own place at this point, but he does here...:-)

Giles unlocked his door and walked in. He sat his coat on his chair and walked through the living room and up the stairs. He went into his room and opened the closet. He reached back and pulled out a box with a lot of dust on the top. He blew it off, it was marked 'Ripper.' He sat down on the bed with the box and opened it. Inside were a lot of old pictures and his leather jacket. He lifted up the jacket and found what he was looking for at the bottom of the box.

A framed picture of him and who he now knew was Buffy; they were at the park in the day light. How weird it was to see her again after so many years; when in reality he had seen her every day for the last six. She had given it to him the last time he'd seen her.


"I have to go" She said standing with him in the park.

"Where" He said wishing she's stay.

"I can't say" She said handing him the picture.

"Just remember I'll see you later" She said as a tear ran down her check.

"Ok" Ripper said taking the picture and wiping away the tear "When?"

"Not for a while" She said smiling sadly at him. "There's something in the picture for you, don't read it till you know the time is right"

"How will I know when?" he asked smiling at the picture.

"You'll just know" She said smiling at him "Promise me"

"I promise" he said smiling at her "Well, in a while then" He said kissing her on her check. "I love you" he said in her ear before he turned and walked away with out looking back.

~End of Memory~

He looked down at the picture and smiled. He had never opened it, just like he'd promised. He had hated having the picture sitting there waiting for him, but still he waited. Then after a while he put it away and put the memory in the back of his mind. 'Now was the time she had wanted me to wait for' he thought as he took the back off and smiled when a piece of paper fluttered to the ground.

He bent over and picked it up. He smiled when he saw what name she put on the front. In her neat little hand writing in said 'To: Giles' Across the front, he sighed as he opened it with a smile on his face.

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