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Chapter 5 -- Life

"But...but...we haven't..." Giles just stared at her in shock for a moment sputtering words every few seconds. "I mean...how could this...but..."

"Giles" Buffy said putting her hand over his mouth. "We have, remember?" She smiled a little as it dawned on him just when they had done something.

"But that was..." He trailed off and looked down at his hands. "Wow"

"Yeah" Buffy said nodding her head and looking down at her hands. "I noticed last night when you were telling me when you'd be gone. I was so nervous, I don't know what you want to do but--

"Marry me?" he asked cutting her off. She looked up at him slowly a look mixed between shock and joy on her face. "What?" He smiled at her and jumped off the couch and got down on one knee. He pulled something out of his pocket and smiled at her.

"Marry me?" He asked again opening the little ring box and smiling at her.

"Oh Giles" She said as tears streamed down her face. "This is just...I mean...are you sure...we've only just started dating and...Wow that ring is gorgeous" She said as she reached out and ran a finger over the turquoise stone set in a very fine silver ring. She looked up at him as she realized he must have been planning this even before he knew she was pregnant.

"Buffy, for all those years I thought I had lost the love of my life" He said smiling at her. "Then you walked back in and I knew I couldn't let you go again. I want to have a life with you, to have a family, marry me?"

"Ok" Buffy said so lightly Giles almost missed it. "Ok" She said again nodding her head as tears ran down her face again. "Of course I will" She said as he stood pulling her into his arms. "Oh Giles I love you so much"

"I love you too" He said holding her close and smiling at her. "So when should we get married?"

"Soon" She said smiling at him. "Very soon"


"I know it's a little fast but..." Buffy held out her hand to Willow and Dawn, better she hear this from her then through the door.

"Wow" Willow said taking her hand to look at the ring. "Look at that, gees Buffy"

"Yeah I know," Buffy said nodding her head. She looked over at Dawn how was just staring at the ring. "Well?" Dawn didn't say anything she just jumped up and grabbed Buffy around the waist. When Buffy heard the sobs coming from Dawn she started to worry.

"Dawn sweetie?" She said pulling back and little and smiling at the look of pure happiness on her sisters face.

"Oh Buffy" She said shaking her head and laughing a little. "I'm so happy for you" She said pulling her into a hug again. Willow jumped up and joined the hug, the trio laughing and crying at the same time. After a few seconds Buffy remembered her other news and pulled away a little.

"Wait, there's more" She said smiling at them. She laid both hands on her stomach and smirked at them. "You're both going to be aunts"

"What?" Willow asked pulling back as her eyes went wide. "Gees Buffy talk about fast work"

"Wow" Dawn said as a smile curled onto her face. "Oh this is so cool" She said stepping away from Buffy. "Ok, um we're going to need to get started" She walked over to Buffy's desk and pulled out some paper and a pen. "Ok, you're going to get married soon right?"

"Yes" Buffy said smiling and a little confused.

"Ok" Dawn said nodding her head. She wrote something down and smiled. "Ok, the way I figure it your not all that far along so you should do this with in the next three months if you don't want Jr. there to show" She walked over to Buffy's calendar and flipped through it. "How about...oh, how about in November?"

"Well yeah I guess--

"Ok, good" Dawn said cutting her off and nodding her head as she wrote something down. Buffy looked over to Willow with a confused look on her face.

"What is she doing?" Buffy whispered to Willow as they watched Dawn muttering to her self and writing things down.

"Then of course we'll need to get some things for the baby. Um, we'll need diapers and bottles and cloths and...What else?" She asked looking over at her sister.

"Um?" Buffy said looking a little lost. "Excited?" Dawn smiled and nodded her head.

"It'll be kinda like having a little sister" She smiled at Buffy.

"You know I know that sounds like fun but..." Buffy smirked at the look her sister was giving her.

"You think you're so funny" Dawn said shaking her head. "We have a lot of stuff to do and only a..." She trailed off and looked up at her sister. "Is November ok?"

"Yeah, I'm sure that will be fine with Giles" Buffy said nodding her head and smiling at her sisters' enthusiasm.

"And only a month and a half to do it" She finished smiling at her sister. "So where should we get started?"

"Well the dress of course" Willow said shaking her head and rolling her eyes. "Come on, we can look them up online"

---Two Days To Go Till Wedding Bells---

"Are you sure you have every thing?" Buffy asked as she went through her soon to be husbands' suitcase again.

"Yes" he said taking her hand and leading her away from the bedroom. He led her down the stairs and into the kitchen where there was candles on the table and something that smelled like--

"Spaghetti" Buffy said smiling at him and she looked around the room. "When did you have time to make his?"

"I did it while you were going over finale things with your sister" He said leading her over to a chair. He pulled it out and she smiled at him.

"Ah, such a gentlemen" Buffy said as she sat down and took in a deep breathe of the spaghetti.

"I just wanted a quite moment before tomorrow" He said smiling at her. He walked over to the stove fixed things up and brought it all over to the table.

"Thank you" Buffy said smiling at him as he dished her up some. "I talked to Sam today and the flowers are all done but--

"No" Giles said holding up his hand. "No wedding talk lets talk about Savannah" Giles said smiling. That was what they had agreed on calling the baby if it was a girl.

"Ok, but its not going to be Savannah its going to be Cole" She said taking a bite of her dinner.

"So you say" Giles said smiling at her. "What makes you so sure it's going to be a boy?"

"Mothers intuition?" She said smirking at him.

"Right" He said shaking his head and rolling his eyes.

---The Big Day---

"Man look at her" Xander said smiling as he watched Buffy and Giles dance around the floor. "I don't think I've ever seen her...glow like that"

"I know it was beautiful wasn't it?" Willow said smiling and taking Tara's hand.

"Yeah it was" Tara said nodding her head and smiling.

"So we all know who's doing what for the next few days' right?" Dawn asked looking up from her potatoes. "We have patrols and stuff all figured out?"

"Yeah we got it handled" Xander said nodding his head. "I think Spike even said something about helping out."

"Well good" Dawn said nodding her head and smiling. She raised her head and looked up and the almost full moon. They had the wedding at night so Spike could come. Another night crawler was sent an invitation but so far they hadn't heard from him. Dawn shivered and looked up.

"Did you guys feel that?" She asked looking around. It was a little warm for the middle of November and no one looked the lest bit cold.

"No" Anya said shaking her head. "Are you cold?"

"No" Dawn said shaking her head as she ran her hand over the goose bumps on her arm. She looked around the small tent they had put up in the small park by their house. "I'll be back" She said standing in her long rose dress.

"Ok" Xander said nodding his head and watching her walk off till Anya pulled his attention back to her. Dawn walked around the perimeter of the tent till she came to the place. She wasn't sure how she knew but she did. She turned and walked out of the almost transparent tent and headed to the swings.

"Hey Dawn long time" Some one said from behind her. She turned and had her hand on the stake in her purse when she saw who it was.

"You know you could just come in" Dawn said shaking her head. "That's why she invited you"

"I know" He said shaking his head and looking to the tent. "She's happy with him?"

"Yeah" Dawn said nodding her head. "It would seem so, she's pregnant"

"A child?" He said his head shooting up to look her in the eyes. He looked a little weird out by this.

"Yep" Dawn said nodding her head. "I'm sorry"

"Me too" He said shaking his head. "Just as long as she's happy, that's all I ever wanted for her"

"She is" Dawn said nodding her head. "I better get back, there doing the cake thing soon"

"Right" He said nodding his head. "Hey how did you know I was out here?"

"I'm not sure, I think I could feel it" She looked a little confused. "You know the monks they used her to make me"

"So you think...?" He asked looking back at the couple dancing out on the dance floor.

"I don't know" She said shrugging her shoulders. "Could be"

"Tell you I was here and that I send my best wishes" He handed her a box and smiled at her. "You be careful Kid" He said stepping towards her to give her a hug. She nodded her head and smiled at him. She watched as he walked back into the dark and disappeared. "You too Angel"


"Where'd you run off to?" Buffy asked as she walked back into the tent.

"Just saying good bye to an old friend" She said holding out the box to Buffy. Buffy looked from the box to her sister and took it.

"He didn't stay?" She asked already knowing.

"No, he had...stuff" Dawn said shrugging her shoulder. "Sorry"

"It's ok" Buffy said nodding her head.

"Hey now what's this?" Giles said coming up behind Buffy. "Why the long faces?"

"We had a visitor" Buffy said holding out the package. Giles looked down and saw the little card and Angel's clear handwriting on it. He looked at Buffy and she smiled.

"At lest he came" She sighed and took the present from Giles and handed it to her sister. "Would you put this with the others?"

"Yeah" Dawn said nodding her head. "I'll be right over for the cake stuff"

"Ok" Buffy said taking Giles hand. She smiled at her sister again and pulled him off towards her friends.

After every one had left it was just the core scoobies plus their significant others. Buffy and Giles were sitting next to a huge table filled with presents. Xander had insisted that they open them all before they went on their honeymoon. Buffy liking Xanders' idea had had no problem talking Giles into it. So it was about 11:35 at night and they were about half way through.

"Ok open ours now" Anya said smiling at she handed them the big box. "I picked it out all by my self" She said smiling proudly.

"Goody" Buffy said faking her enthusiasm. Knowing Anya it would be a spell or stake or something. Buffy looked over at Xander who just shrugged his shoulders and smiled as if to say 'Sorry.' Buffy tore off the wrapping paper and opened the box and smiled.

"Oh it's beautiful" Buffy said picking up the golden framed picture. It was all of them plus her mother at a picnic thing they had done last year. The frame was what had caught Buffy's eye though. It was a very old frame, probably an antique, there was a sun in one corner and a moon in the other and at the top it said "Through day and night, through peace and fight, I bless this family, as says me, so mote it be"

"It's very lovely" Giles said taking the frame and looking at them. He then passed it around and each of them nodded and said how nice it was. After all of the presents were done Buffy was cleaning up the table they had been on when she came across the one from Angel.

"Oh we forgot one" Buffy said smiling at Giles who was helping her. The others were in the kitchen making coffee and popcorn.

"Well open it" Giles said smiling at her. She looked up at him and smirked.

"Ok" She said taking off the little bow and ribbon and opening the box to find a little glass blown angel sitting on the soft cotton. Buffy pulled it out of the box and a piece of paper fluttered to the ground. Giles reached over and picked it up.

"An angel to always watch over you" Giles read from the card smiling at Buffy. He looked at her and she smiled.

"It's beautiful" Buffy said walking over and showing it to Giles.

"It is" Giles said nodding his head and smiling at her. "I have the perfect place for it" He said taking it from Buffy and walking over to the front door. He stood up on his tippy toes and hung it on a little nail right above the door.

"Yeah that looks good" Buffy said nodding her head. "Thanks" She said as he walked over and gave her a hug.

"Your welcome" Giles said knowing she wasn't thanking him for hanging it but for understanding that she would want it hung.

"So far so good" Buffy said squeezing Giles.

"Yep" Giles said nodding his head. "Now all we have to do is wait for Savannah"

"Cole" She said moving towards the kitchen where her friends where.

"Savannah" he said smirking at her.

"Cole" She said running into the kitchen with him right behind her.

---Lets take a little detour to LA, shall we?---

"Hey Angel" Fred said walking into the room to find Angel bent over a baby swing trying to put it together.

"Yeah?" He said turning to look at her.

"I have something I think you should look at" Fred said smiling at Conner who was sitting in the corner in a baby bouncer thingy.

"Ok" Angel said standing and glaring down at the swing. "I could use a brake anyway."

"Yeah?" Fred said looking a little worried. "Um maybe I should tell you later?" She said smiling a little.

"It's not good news is it?" Angel asked sighing and walking over to Conner. "Does it have to do with him?"

"Yeah" Fred said nodding her head. "And um, well Buffy"

"Buffy?" Angel said looking confused. "What does it have to do with her?' He asked as Conner started to fuss.

"I think you should read it" Fred said setting a scroll down on the table. Angel walked over with Conner and looked down at it.

Flown back through the years the slayer will go, home again we will find her, with more then when she left. The child she cares undoes the balance, good and evil are again at war and the evil will win unless the answer can be found in the utmost sacred ground, in the place where great power does fall, she still may be able to save us all. The second child of flesh and blood having been born out of death can be the only hope; he will be her only help.

"Ok" Angel said looking down at the baby in his arms. "That kinda contradicts what the other one says" He said looking up at Fred.

"Well that depends on how you look at it" She said "You see we still don't know if he's...um"

"The good element or the bad element?" Angel said trying to help a flustered Fred.

"Yeah" Fred said nodding her head. "So if he helps her then he's good and if something where to have happened to him then he wouldn't be able to help and it would have technically been his fault"

"Ok" Angel said bouncing the baby a little. "That makes sense." He walked towards the door with Fred right behind him. "We have some stuff to take care of here then I need to tell Buffy"

"Yeah I thought you would" Fred said nodding her head. "That's why I had Gunn go out to get a car seat" Angel turned and smiled at her. "I think this is news she should hear from you in person"

"Yeah me too" Angel said nodding his head. "Who's going to come with?"

"Me and Gunn are going to stay here and work on putting things back in order here" Fred said looking around at the great mess. "When you go you should take Cordy and Wes"

"The Sunnydale crew" Angel said smiling a little. "This could be interesting" He walked towards his office "Lets see how fast we can get things settled here, we need to tell Buffy this"

---A Few Months Later---

"So do you want to know the sex of the baby?" The doctor asked as she cleaned up Buffy's stomach.

"No" They both said at the same time. The doctor smiled and nodded her head.

"Ok" She said laughing a little. "I'll just print out one of the sonograms that don't show anything."

"Ok" Buffy said nodding her head. She smiled up at Giles and squeezed his hand. "So every thing is good and healthy?"

"Yep" She said nodding her head. "Ten toes and fingers" The doctor said smiling. "I'm going to go get your pictures then I'll be right back" She said before she walked out the door.

"So you still say girl?" Buffy asked as she pulled on her own shirt.

"Yes I do" Giles said smiling at him. "You'll see it'll be a girl and she'll look just like you" Buffy smiled and rolled her eyes. "Have you gotten your dress yet?"

"No" Buffy said shaking her head. "Did you see the dresses she's making her bridesmaids wear?"

"No" Giles said shaking his head as he helped her into her coat.

"All I can say is thank God I'm pregnant and can't be up there too" Buffy said smiling. "I mean the dress is an ugly green thing with these fluffy things on the skirtand a huge green flower thing right here" She said poking him in the shoulder.

"Well lucky you" He said smiling at her. The doctor came back in and smiled at them.

"Well here they are" She said handing them the photos. "You due date is still looking like it will be early July some time"

"Ok" Buffy said nodding her head and taking the photos. They walked out to the car and Giles smiled when he caught her smirking.

"You know don't you?" He asked as they climbed into the car.

"Know what dear?" She asked looking over at him and smiling. He could tell know that she knew she only ever called him that when she was playing around.

"Man we tried so hard to hide it" He said shaking his head. "Who told you?" He asked as he pulled out of the hospital parking lot.

"Told me what?" Buffy asked playing totally ignorant.

"Buffy" Giles said looking over at her as she smiled.

"No one told me anything, I don't know what you're talking about" Buffy said smiling at him as they drove down towards their house.

"Fine" Giles said shaking his head as a small smile started to form on his lips.

"We still need to get a crib" Buffy said going through the list she had in her head. "And we have to decide what color to paint the room."

"I think pink" Giles said earning a glare from Buffy.

"If you start rhyming I may have to through you out of the car" Buffy said smiling at him.

"I'm driving" He said pointing out a very obvious fact.

"I could do it" Buffy said shifting in her seat. "Are we almost there?" She looked over at Giles. "I have to pee" Giles rolled his eyes as they pulled onto their street.

"Buffy you have lived here as long as me, I would think you would know if we were almost there" He said looking out the window and noticed Willow did a good job of hiding all the cars that were there for the surprise shower. Buffy rolled her eyes back at him and smiled when they pulled into the drive way.

"Think you can hold it for a few minutes?" He asked as he helped her out of the car.

"Yeah" She said smiling knowingly at him. "I think so"

"Ok" He said leading her to the door. He opened it up and reached for the lights only to have the pop on.

"Surprise!" every one called out as they jumped out of their hiding places.

"Oh!" Buffy said looking very shocked for someone who knew what was going on. She looked around and smiled as tears formed in her eyes.

"Hey sis" Dawn said coming over and smiling at her. "Did we surprise you?"

"Oh yeah" Buffy said looking around and smiling at every one. Willow walked up next and as she was hugging her she whispered "How long have you known?"

"About a week" Buffy whispered back before pulling away and asking "Is there cake?"

Two hours and a few games later every one was sitting around watching as Buffy opened up presents. She was down to the last one when she came across a box with no card on it. She looked around at all her friends.

"Who's this one from?" She asked holding it up.

"Um" Dawn stood up and walked over with a card in her hands. "This goes with it"

"You already got me one" Buffy said looking over at the beautiful baby swing Dawn had gotten her.

"It's not from me" Dawn said smiling as Buffy took the card. Buffy looked from the card to her sister to the card again. "Go on open it" She urged. Buffy nodded her head and opened the card. When she saw what the front of it said she had to close her eyes to keep the tears in.

"Ten rules to keep in mind when having a baby, from a Mother to her Daughter" Was sprawled across the front in funny letters with baby pins attached every few letters. Buffy looked up at her sister who just smiled. Buffy opened the card and looked inside as tears ran down her cheek.

"I may not be there to watch them grow but my grandbabies will be safe under my eyes" Was written in her mom's neat hand writing on the bottom of the card after the tenth rule.

"How did she...she couldn't have know" Buffy said crying a little as Giles gathered her in his arms.

"I found it in some of mom's things" Dawn said smiling a little. "She must have written it, and then forgotten it was there when she came back from the hospital safe and sound."

"Wow" Buffy said wiping her eyes on her sleeve. "What about the present?"

"It was there too, along with a card and box for me" She smiled at the look on her sisters' face. "Don't worry I stayed out of them"

"Ok" Buffy said smiling at her.

"Well what's in it?" Xander asked smiling at Buffy.

"I don't know, lets open it and find out" She said pulling back the paper and opening the box. She smiled when she pulled out a photo album. She flipped through a few pages and found they where all her and her mother growing up. The last 20 pages where all empty and in the front it said "Fill this with your memories so they never die"

"I think I know just the thing to put in there" Giles said standing and walking over to his coat. He came back smiling and handed something to Buffy.

"Yeah I think that's a great idea" Buffy said taking the sonograms. She picked two and handed the rest to her friends to look at. "Thanks Mom" She said looking up at the ceiling and smiling.

"Ok, so ice cream now?" Xander asked smiling as three pillows hit him in the face.

---Baby Day---

"Look at her" Buffy said as she smiled down at her little girl. "Isn't she the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?"

"Yeah" Giles said nodding his head as he watched the baby gurgle at him. "I told you"

"You were right" Buffy said smiling down at her daughter. "My little Savannah"

"Savvy!" Dawn said bursting through the door holding flowers and a huge balloon.

"No!" Buffy said smiling. "You are not going to call my daughter that!"

"Oh but I am" Dawn said smiling as she walked over. "Can I hold her?" Buffy smiled and handed her to her sister who looked a little teary eyed. "Oh she's so little"

"Hey you got room in there for a few more?" Willow said poking her head through the door.

"Of course" Buffy said smiling as they filed in. Xander had a big balloon to and Tara had a little teddy bear. Xanders' really big balloon had 'Savvy' written across it.

"Ah!" Buffy said pointing at it. "I told you!" She said looking to Giles. "Didn't I tell you?"

"Yes you did" Giles said smiling at the balloon. "But I think it's kind of...sweet"

"You would," Buffy said looking over at her daughter fast asleep in her sisters arms. "Savvy" She said testing it out on her tongue. "I guess it's not that bad"

"Yeah" Dawn said smiling down at the little girl. "Savvy it is then" She said kissing her on the forehead.

"Savvy it is" Buffy said shaking her head. She looked to the door when she heard a very familiar voice.

"I am telling you she is a very close friend!" Someone was saying well yelling was closer, at the nurse outside.

"I told you she has enough visitors right now!" The nurse said before the door opened and Cordy walked in holding a big pick bear.

"Buffy!" She said smiling at her and looking to the nurse. "Would you tell this nurse I'm a friend?"

"She's a...friend" Buffy said smiling at the nurse. "Don't worry I'm fine"

"Fine!" The nurse said shaking her head. "Has the baby feed yet?"

"About twenty minutes ago" Buffy said smiling sweetly at the nurse.

"Alright" She said marking something down on a little chart. She then turned and walked out of the room.

"Cordy what are you doing here?" Buffy asked looking at the big pink bear. "Is every thing ok?"

"Um" Cordy said looking around at every one looking at her. "Can't a girl stop by and see an old friend when she has a baby?"

"Well of course" Buffy said not buying that for a second. "What's wrong?"

"I think your going to want to hear this from Angel" Cordy said looking around at all of them. "He's still down in the car trying to get every thing into the ba..." She trailed off and looked at Buffy. She wasn't sure if Buffy knew about Conner and if she didn't this certainly wasn't the way to tell her. "He should be here with Wes in a second"

"Wesley is here as well?" Giles asked looking startled.

"uh-huh" Cordy said setting the big bear next to the little bear on the floor. "They should be here any--

"No!" Cut her off as she looked back to the door. "No more people can possibly fit in that room!" The nurse said as Wes opened the door.

"Ok" Xander said looking around at all the people, there was definitely not room for two more. "Who's hungry?"

"I am" Anya said standing from the little chair she was in.

"Me too" Willow said as Tara nodded her head and smiled.

"Yeah I could eat" Dawn said standing and handing the baby to Buffy. "Lets go I think there's a food court downstairs"

"Sounds like a plan" Xander said heading for the door. "You want something Buff?"

"Chocolate" Buffy said smiling at the look Giles was giving her. "And some milk"

"Alright" Xander said pushing past Wes with a little hello. When the room was cleared of every one but Buffy, Giles and Cordy the door opened again and Wes looked in.

"And how are we doing?" He asked walking in with a mini rose plant and a little pink raddled.

"We're fine" Buffy said looking up when the door opened again and Angel walked in caring a bundle, a crying bundle.

"Thanks for leaving me with that cranky nurse Wes" Angel said smiling at Buffy.

"Angel is that a baby?" she asked as he looked down at his bundle.

"Um, yeah" He said nodding his head. "This is Conner" He said pulling back the blanket to show her. "He's about four months old"

"Whose is he?" Buffy asked looking over at Wes.

"He's, he's mine" Angel said smiling at her. "Surprise?"

"What?" Buffy said looking at him strangely. "How is that...I mean your still, you know"

"Yeah I am" Angel said sighing.

"Ok I'm a little confused" Buffy said shaking her head. "You're still a vampire but you have a baby? And the mother is she a vampire too?" She asked looking over at Cordy.

"She was" Angel said a little sadness to his voice.

"She was?" Buffy said looking back at Cordy.

"No, not me" Cordy said shaking her head. "Still plan old human"

"So who then?" Buffy asked relaxing a little when Giles reached out and took her free hand. She looked over at him and smiled.

"Darla" Angel said watching Buffy for her reason.

"Darla's dead" Buffy said looking confused again.

"She was" Angel said nodding his head. "Wolfram & Hart brought her back to life"

"And you sleep with her?" Buffy asked more shocked then hurt which surprised her a little. "Knowing what that can do?"

"It didn't" Angel said looking from Giles to Buffy and back then down at Conner, if vampires could blush he would be. "It seems only, um, only one person brings me true happiness"

"Oh" Buffy said smiling a little when Giles hand tightened on hers. "So isn't that impossible?" She asked looking at the baby and wondering if it was human of some kind of vampire thing.

"It should be, but apparently not" Angel said shaking his head.

"There're a few prophecies but we're still not entirely clear on them" Wes said speaking up for the first time.

"Oh goody" Buffy said looking from the looks on all their faces. "Oh no" She said shaking her head and pulling Savannah closer. "No" She said shaking her head. "I can't believe this" She said looking up at Angel. "Well let us have it, what does this have to do with her" Angel smiled a little and walked over to the other side of the bed and looked down at her feet.

"Can I set him down?" He asked looking down at his son.

"I don't want this to sound mean or any thing but--

"He's totally human" Angel said smiling at her shocked face again. "I know crazy huh?"

"Yeah" Buffy said sighing. "Well set him down then and let's have it"

"Right" Angel said nodding his head. He set Conner down and opened his coat and pulled out a scroll. "While looking for the scroll to help us with Conner we came across this" He said handing it to Giles. Giles opened it and looked down at the piece of paper with Wesley's neat writing on it. He looked over at the little baby sitting in Buffy's arms then down at the one trying with all his might to sit up and crawl.

"How old did you say he was?" Giles asked looking down at Conner.

"He's a little over four months" Angel said looking down at Conner.

"He's a little young to be moving like that isn't he?" Giles asked looking up at Angel.

"Yeah" Angel said "but--

"Wait!" Buffy said looking between the two men. "Someone want to clue me in here?"

"Oh sorry" Giles said smiling down at her. He held the paper in front of her so she could read it.

"Oh wonderful" Buffy said sarcastically shaking her head. "Cordy could you get the nurse, I want to know when I can leave, Wes how much of this do you understand so far?"

"Very little I'm afraid" He said looking down at his hands.

"Ok" Buffy said nodding her head. "Well then we have a lot of work to do" She sat up and smiled down at Savvy. "Don't worry; we'll take care of this before it even becomes a problem" Buffy said smiling at her as she smiled up at her. "Mommy won't let anything happen to you"

The End

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