Chapter 39

Kagome braced herself for the incoming attack. The force of the blow pushed her back a few feet but she held her ground. As soon as the smoke cleared Kagome was on her knees with her eyes closed listening for noise. Trust her instincts, she will fell her enemy coming.

With a run to the right and then a sharp left around a tree her attacker jumped her. She kicked him behind the knee, forcing him to the ground and back handed him. He grabbed her wrist and flipped her over him. Kagome didn't give the pain she felt any notice as she jumped back onto her feet.

She faced her opponent. Her chest was heaving from the effort and he seemed calm and relaxed standing across from her. She closed her eyes and with her feet angeled to face her sideways, she stretched her arms forward and backwards. Posed and ready for his attack. When he shot an energy ball at her she simply stepped to the side. When he shot another, she was ready, she bounced it back at him and hit the surprised opponent in the chest. He was knocked to the ground and laid there a few minutes.

"That was good, Kagome." He said breathlessly. "I was not expecting you to bounce it back at me, I know you are still practicing with that. Good job, indeed." He looked up at her and gave her a puppy eyed look. "Help an old man to his feet will you?"

Kagome laughed at the wizard and gave him a hand to his feet. "That really hurt when you flipped me over." Kagome said hold the side of her stomach. It was still throbbing and giving off sharp pains.

"I am sorry, Kagome, I have something inside that we can apply and that will take care of that." He gestured up towards his hidden home.

"Yes lets do that. Its hurting worse by the second." Kagome was keeled over in pain and the wizard approached her concerned.

"INUYASHA!" The Wizard cried and before he could complete get his name out the man himself was standing in front of them.

"What happened?" He demanded going over to Kagome, he scooped her up in his arms. He didn't think she would be able to stand up on her own anymore.

"We were sparing and I flipped her and she started to complain about pain in her side." The wizard said easily but with worry.

"You flipped her!" He screamed angrily as he made his was up to the wizards cavern. Kagome cried in pain and was squirimg in his grip.

"Put her on the bed, Inuyasha. I will get my medical bag." Inuyasha was hesitant to move aside when the wizard wanted his space. Kagome was crying and almost screaming by now and she was bleeding. He could sense it came from her womanhood and when he was asked to go out and down the mountain and wait for him. Inuyasha did not hesitate for a second. With a swing of his hand the wizard sealed the entrance.

He walked over to Kagome who was thrashing about in pain. "We need to get you out of your fire rat pants. You are bleeding from your..womanhood." He said struggling for the right words. "I need to see what is going on. Do you trust me?" He asked her looking her in her eyes and tears streamed down them.

"Yes." She said weakly and lifted herself up as much as she could to slide her pants down. She could feel the stickiness of the blood on her clothes. She vaguely wandered if the blood stain would come out.


Inuyasha paced for the first hour of his waiting at the bottom of the mountain. He was sure that the toss the wizard gave Kagome was so harsh and he ended up hurting her instead. The second hour Inuyasha listened to Shippo cry about Kagome dying again.

When at last the Wizard made his reappearance he was almost knocked back by Shippo who jumped on his face. "How's Kagome? What's wrong with her? Did you help her? She wasn't beyond help?" He cried and pleaded to the old man. He gently pulled Shippo away from him and held him in his arms.

"Kagome is okay. I was able to stop the bleeding. She's going to be weak for awhile, maybe a month, and will need plenty of rest and a stress free household. He said while he looked pointedly at Inuyasha and Shippo.

"What?" They asked in unison.

"Horse playing is to be done down here only. Understood?" He asked.

"I understand." Shippo said he jumped down from the wizards arms.

"I do not horseplay so you do not have to worry about me." Inuyasha said smugly. "More importantly, what happened to her? Why was she bleeding?"

Before the wizard could answer him a cloud of dust came full speed at them. Inuyasha knew who it was instantly. Kouga. He stopped dead in front of Inuyasha and lunged a sucker punch at an unsuspecting half demon.

"What did you do to her?" Kouga took another shot at Inuyasha with a kick but Inuyasha easily dogged him and came in with an attacked that would give him a shot to cut under Kouga and knocked the wind out of his lungs.

"I can smell her blood!" He screamed when he bashed Inuyasha's attempt down with a heavy blow to the head.

"I can smell your blood!" He kicked Inuyasha in the face. Inuyasha looked up at Kouga in surprise. "What you can't smell it? You are so stupid."

Kouga grabbed Inuyash by the collar and was about to punch him in the face when Kagome's weak voice was heard. "Stop, please. It's over and nothing can change that. So there is no use fighting about it."

Kouga was at Kagome's side in an instant. He helped support her as he strength started to wain. "Inuyasha does not seem to understand was has happened." He said softly.

"I can hardly believe it myself." She whispered harshly.

"Kagome, what is going on?" Inuyasha joined them on the entrance to the cavern and stopped in his tracks when he smelled Kagome's blood and a little of his own.

"Still don't get it, do you Dog?" Kouga said with a sad shake of his head.

"Stop it, Kouga. I can't take the stress right now." She grabbed his shirt and he cursed under his breath and apologized. "I need to sit down and talk to Inuyasha alone."

Once Inuyasha and Kagome where alone. Inuyasha saw how pale she was. How terribly sad she was as well. "Tell me." He said.

Kagome took a deep breath and wiped the tears away from her eyes and looked Inuyasha in the eye. "I was pregnant apparently and I just lost the baby." Kagome's voice broke as she said it.

"Pregnant?" Was all Inuyasha could manage.

Author's Note:

That's right, I'm back and have time to right, and Kagome was pregnant without knowing it. All of this has been planned for at least a year now but never seem to have the chance to write. I am on campus at a University now and since I am home for the summer I plan on writing as much as I can.