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Legolas, Aragorn, and Gimli was accompanying Sam, Merry, and Pippin on their mini-adventure. The three little hobbits refused to tell to tell them where they were going and why. Aragorn, being King of Gondor hesitated at the thought, but Legolas, always ready for an adventure, immediately accepted and finally persuaded Aragorn. Gimli also took some persuading, but finally gave in. They reached a steep slope, which the hobbits attempted to climb. Sam was half-way up, when his bag caught onto a rock.

"Sam! Just leave it there!" Merry called out to him, a little bit farther ahead than Sam.

Sam tugged at it again, and let it loose. Sighing, he left his pack there. Suddenly, Pippin, ahead of them all, slipped on something which appeared to be an abandoned Orc sword. He stumbled, sending down the weapon down, which eventually fell onto Sam's pack.

"Legolas! Aragorn! Watch out!" Gimli cried.

The orc sword had accidentally cut the straps that were holding Sam's pots and pans, sending them down with a racket. Elf and Man both turned to look, and were hit by the pots and pans. Another pan hit Gimli on the head, because he did not dodge it quickly enough. The pots and pans clattered farther still, as the four turned to look at two lying face down bodies.

"Am I mighty lucky to be wearing my helmet!" Gimli cried, climbing the steep hill to go see if the two were alright.

The rest of the hobbits slipped and slid back down to where Gimli was.

"Are they alright?" Pippin asked, his face full of concern.

Gimli prodded Legolas and Aragorn, "Legolas!! Aragorn!! Can you hear me?"

Both did not move, or reply. Meanwhile, in the Caribbean, Will Turner was in the blacksmith's shop. He had been happily married to Elizabeth Swann for one year now, and he had not seen another pirate since that last encounter with Jack Sparrow. No, he thought. I Captain /I Jack Sparrow. He grinned at the thought as he continued on with the work. He remembered how touchy he would get if someone left out "Captain"

"Legolas? Where are we?" drawled the voice of Aragorn, and he sat up from the floor.

"Aragorn, I do not know," replied Legolas, looking around, "I do not think that this is Middle Earth at all."

Aragorn spotted Will, sweating from the heat.

"Excuse me," he said loudly, over the clanging of the hammer hitting the metal.

Will paused from his work and looked over his shoulder. He didn't hear anyone come in. He finally spotted Aragorn and Legolas, standing but a little way from him.

"Who are you, and why are you here?"

"My name is," he paused and then continued, "Strider, and this is my friend, Legolas. We come from middle earth, I as a man from Gondor, and Legolas as an elf from Mirkwood." He finished and Legolas gave a curt nod.

Will wiped his hands on his work clothes, and extended it to shake both hands.

"Well then Strider, and Legolas, what brings you here?" Will asked curiously.

"Well, um," Aragorn turned to look at Legolas for help.

"Well, um," he paused to look at the blacksmith.

"William Turner, Will for short," the young blacksmith offered.

"Well, Will, you see, we do not know why we are here. All I remember was that we were on the slope of a mountain, when a hobbit's pots and pans were rolling down. Then the both of us woke up here." Legolas explained.

"What's a hobbit?" Will asked, confused, "And did you say he was a elf?"

"You know, a halfling! Short people, about up to here," Aragorn told him, and showed Will about how tall a hobbit was. "Yes and Legolas indeed is an elf."

Before Will could reply, Legolas cut in.

"By the way, where are we?"

"You are in Port Royal. Can't you tell?"

"Port Royal?" Aragorn asked. "Never heard of that."

"And where did you two come from? Everyone knows Port Royal!" Will cried.

"Well, we know every place of Middle Earth, but never had I heard of Port Royal!" Legolas cried back.

"Middle Earth? What's that?"

"Everyone knows Middle Earth!" Legolas shot back. As he opened his mouth, he was interrupted by Aragorn.

"Both of you! Calm down. Legolas, we indeed to have arrived at some unknown place, while This man, Will may not know where we come from. We do seem to have arrived somewhere, which we don't know how to leave." Aragorn told them calmly. "Now, let me reintroduce myself Will. I am Aragorn, son of Arathorn, King of Gondor. I also go by the names Strider and Estel, and quite a few other names if I may say so myself. This is Legolas, Prince of Mirkwood. Yes, both places exist Will, but I believe Legolas, that we were knocked out and seem to have landed in another universe, which we are here to stay for some time."

"Well, since we are here to stay," Legolas paused "for some time, as you put it, why are we here?"

A crash erupted from the back, startling the three. A cloaked figure appeared, appearing to be out of breath. Will drew a sword from a pile, and held it out defensively, Aragorn whipped it out of its sheath and did the same thing as Will, and Legolas expertly cocked his bow. As the cloaked figure closed the door, he took off his hood.

"Now, now Will, is that how you treat a friend?"

Will dropped the sword as he ran to go meet Jack, "Jack! Where have you been?"

Legolas lowered his bow, and Aragorn sheathed his sword. Jack walked to take a closer look at Legolas.

"That's a dangerous weapon you hold, lass," Jack told him. Will whispered into Jack's ear, "Jack.he's a guy."

Jack gave Legolas the eye look, as Will and Aragorn looked like to be on the verge of bursting out laughing.

"You're not a eunuch are you?"

Will whacked Jack. "Jack, that's not how your supposed to treat guests. May I introduce you to Aragorn, and Legolas?"

"Nice to meet ya. I'm Jack, Captain Jack Sparrow to most, but to friends I'm Jack." He told them as he extended his hand.

Aragorn took it, and shook it heartily. Jack turned to meet Will, his face solemn.

"Will, they're back."

Will's face paled. "You don't mean,"

"Yes, I mean it. Barbossa and his crew. They're back."

Will's mouth dropped opened. "How? I don't understand. You shot Barbossa, after I bled on the medallion, and Norrington hanged the rest.

"As I heard it, for every week they live like, ghosts," Jack shuddered," they get two days, granted by the gods, to live like normal people."

"So the curse isn't broken."

"So it seems,"

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