You are my best friend

Aragorn heard a knocking at the door, but he continued to sleep. Or, rather, pretended to sleep so he didn't have to move from his comfortable position. He heard his name and his eyes flew open when he recognized the voice as Legolas'. At this point, he realized that his friend wasn't at the door, but perched on the roof sitting at the window. Aragorn got up and let his friend in. "What's wrong, mellon nin?" Aragorn asked, though he saw no sign of serious distress on the Elf's face. "Does something ALWAYS have to be wrong? Or can I come and tell my best friend something?" Legolas asked sarcastically, pretending to be hurt.

Aragorn rolled his eyes. "You can tell your friend something, but your friend would like you to know that you scared the living Valar out of him...for he thought you were ailed." Aragorn said. "When your friend come to your door, or window in our case, it does not mean something is wrong." Legolas said. "If your friend is Legolas, this is exactly what it means." Aragorn said, smiling. "Well, now that you've hurt me..." Legolas said. Aragorn smiled. Friend humor. It was a very common thing between these two. Aragorn was glad to see this, for only a few months ago there was an...accident.

Aragorn and Legolas were battling Orcs and when they were ambushed, Legolas was captured. They put a terrible mark on his emotions. When he had been rescued, Legolas was different. He wouldn't talk, eat, sleep (unless drugged), or seem like he saw anything. He would wake up screaming and crying. Now, six months later, he was acting like nothing even happened.

"I came to tell you that you're my best friend." Legolas said. "I know that, mellon nin." Aragorn said lovingly. What was Legolas thinking about? What was he going to do? "I couldn't sleep until I knew that you knew that." Legolas said. "Legolas, I already knew that. What are you thinking?" Aragorn asked. Legolas sighed and placed his cloak on the wooden chair and sat down.

"The incident six months ago left a mark. That mark is too deep and won't go away." Legolas started. Aragorn didn't have to think too long, for he knew his friend all too well. "No! You can't, Legolas!" Aragorn cried, coming closer to his friend. "Please don't make this any harder than it already is, Aragorn. I have to. It is the only way my wounds will heal." Legolas said sadly. Aragorn shook his head, thinking of some way to stop his friend. "Legolas, no, please don't do this! It's happened before and you've beaten it. You'll beat it again!" Aragorn tried.

"I have to go about two minutes. Just don't be too upset, Aragorn. You know I'm better off doing it." Legolas said. Tears were falling from Aragorn's eyes. "You can't." He said brokenly. Legolas nodded. "I have to." He said.

Legolas walked to the window and went out. Aragorn ran out the door and down the halls and staircases. He saw Legolas leave with the others. He saw Legolas take the ship into the West. When Legolas was out of sight, Aragorn left to go back inside.

He found Legolas' cloak there, exactly how he'd left it. "You're my best friend, too." Aragorn said.