Is This Love?

Authoress: Hi! I've got somethin' to admit...this will be my first time writing a fluffy (and I don't

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Koga...strange...) and a few others, but I won't spoil the surprise...well, it isn't that surprising in

the long run...

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Chapter One

An injured youkai

Koga sensed it extremely powerful youkai...and it was close. He ran

towards it, his wolves following behind him. When he got closer, he felt two powers, one fading

a little more quickly than the other. What the hell? Koga asked himself as he looked around the

village. He could tell that it had been abandoned, long before the two demons had destroyed

most of it. Koga saw a large dragon, the largest one he had ever seen, on the ground. He knew

the thing was dead, but he felt a pang of fear, wondering what could have killed a dragon of this


He then saw a little girl, human. She was curled into a ball, crying quietly to herself.

Koga then saw the girl was holding a shard of the Shikon no Tama. He sat down next to her, and

glanced over at her. She had black hair and brown eyes, and she had a few scrapes on her face.

"Who are you?" She asked quietly.

"Koga, Leader of the Wolf Tribe," he replied. Strange, she smells like a demon...and I can

still sense a demon's energy around's not coming from her...and it's dying quickly...

"W...wo...wolf..." the girl stuttered. Koga could smell, and clearly see, her fear.

"I'm not going to hurt you," Koga stated, glancing away from the girl, over to the

dragon's body. "What happened here?"

"That monster attacked me...he killed the monster...but got buried in the rocks over

there...I can't...get...him out..." The girl replied, sniffling.

"Who?" So, another demon killed that dragon...that jewel shard must be his

demon could defeat such a large dragon without the aid of a shard of the Shikon jewel.

"Sesshomaru-sama..." the human child replied quietly.

Se...Sesshomaru?!? The Lord of the Western Lands...the black-hearted dog...protected

this girl? Why? He hates humans... Koga stood up and began removing the rocks from the pile

of rubble the girl said the youkai lord was buried under. Koga finally found the demon lord.

Sesshomaru was unconscious, his body covered in both his and the dragon's blood, most of his

bones were broken, and his youki was fading quickly. The girl began to sob when she saw the

demon. Great, a dying demon lord and a hysterical human... Koga gently lifted Sesshomaru

into his arms and looked back at the child. "Come with me, I'll have someone look at his

wounds." Why am I helping this girl? If I don't do something, Sesshomaru will die, but that

would only give my clan more land to take...but if I save him, I might have a powerful ally...and

another shard of the Shikon Jewel.

"Is Sesshomaru-sama going to die?" the girl asked.

"There's a very small chance he'll live," Koga replied truthfully. He looked back down at

the dog youkai in his arms and smirked. I've never seen the Lord of the Western Lands

before...but from everything I've heard about him, I imagined he'd be...older and more

fearsome-looking. He looks like an innocent child...and a scrawny one at that. Koga began

walking back to his den with a murderous youkai in his arms and a human child at his side.

"What's your name?"


* * * * * * * * * * * * *

"So, the Shikon jewel we've been following...just disappeared?" Miroku asked, glancing

over at


"No, it just moved far away from us...very quickly...I think it's headed towards the wolf

tribe..." Kagome replied.

"Great, that bastard Koga's got our jewel shard!" Inuyasha stated, growling.

It's just like it was before...just now we don't have to worry about Naraku. I can't believe

four years have gone by since Naraku was defeated...and then the jewel shattered now

we're back to searching for them, but at least now, I don't have to worry about school. Kagome

glanced up when she noticed Shippou had jumped into her lap.

"How long do you think it'll take this time to find all the shards?" the kitsune asked,

glancing up at Kagome.

"It could take that Naraku isn't searching for them as well, we'll have to find

all of them ourselves," Kagome replied. We don't even have Kikyo to help us now...she decided

to die...I wonder why...I thought she would stay or Inuyasha would go with her...

"But, isn't Koga searching for them as well?" Sango asked, glancing up from the sleeping

body of Kohaku.

*Authoress's note: Yes, somehow Kohaku is alive...I haven't seen all the episodes of Inuyasha I have no idea what happens...Damn YOU [ADULT SWIM]!!!*

"Probably, but do you think he'll give them to us?" Miroku asked, looking up at Sango.

The two stared at each other lovingly for a moment, before Kagome interrupted them.

"Three shards are approaching very quickly," Kagome stated.

"Koga..." Inuyasha growled as the wolf youkai came into sight. Why does he smell of

Sesshomaru...and my brother's blood?

"Mutt..." Koga retorted, glaring at Inuyasha.

"What the hell do you want?!" Inuyasha asked from his perch in a nearby tree.

"Actually, I came for you, mutt-face," Koga stated.

"Why?" Inuyasha asked cautiously.

"Well, your brother-" Koga began to say, but stopped when Inuyasha wrapped his claws

around Koga's neck.

"What the hell did you do to my brother!? I'm the only one allowed to kill him!" Inuyasha

exclaimed, tightening his grip around Koga's neck.

"I didn't do anything to that monster. All I did was save his sorry ass," Koga retorted. "I

was wondering why he'd be so stupid...taking on a full-grown red dragon who had a jewel

shard...but after that little human girl, Rin, told me you were his brother, I understood why. How

could someone be related to you and not be a fool?"

"A red dragon?" Sango repeated quietly, questioningly. Kagome wondered what Koga

wanted from Inuyasha and why he saved Sesshomaru.

"What does that have to do with me?" Inuyasha asked, removing his hand from Koga's


"It seems your brother life will end soon, and even if he survives the wounds, he's been

tainted with dragon's blood," Koga replied, rubbing his neck. Sango gasped once Koga stopped

speaking, making Kagome wonder why. "I guess that means you know what that means," Koga

stated, glancing over at Sango.

She nodded her head and began to speak, "I've heard stories of what happens to a person

who has been poisoned by a dragon. Each different kind has a different effect...but I've never

heard of a person tainted by the blood of a red dragon ever living...what happened to him? The

effects of the blood, I mean."

For everything I've heard of the effects of dragon blood, I'd think the most powerful of

them, the red dragon, would have been horrible. In a way it is...but it is also quite humorous.

"You best come with me if you want to see him before his funeral," Koga replied.

*Authoress's note: I made up the whole thing about dragon blood...just to make it more back to the story...*

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Kagome looked around the wolf den. It was exactly as she remembered it when Koga

kidnaped her...except for the small human girl sitting next to Koga's bed. (The pile of hay thing)

"Kagome!" the child exclaimed when she saw the miko. Rin jumped up and raced over to

Kagome, burying her head into Kagome's leg when she reached her. "Can you heal

Sesshomaru-sama? Koga-san said he...he might not live through the night." Rin's eyes began to

water as she tried not to sob.

"I'll try," Kagome replied as she pulled Rin off of her and sat down next to the demon

lord. She held back a gasp when she was the dog youkai. His face was covered in bruises and

scratches, his chest bleeding from deep gashes. Kagome could see that all his ribs, his collar

bones, and his arms were broken. Kagome placed her hands on his face, letting her miko powers

flow into the youkai. When the last of the visible wounds had vanished, Kagome lifted her hands

from Sesshomaru and realized she was exhausted. He looks so young and innocent, Kagome

thought as she looked down at the dog demon. Kagome collapsed, too weak to do anything but

sleep. Why did he have two arms? Kagome wondered as she heard her friends calling her name

and as she fell asleep.

"Kagome!?" Rin asked, running over to the miko.

"Don't worry, she'll be fine. Let her sleep," Miroku reassured the girl, glancing over at

his friend from the future and the demon lord. Every time I've seen Sesshomaru, he's been

trying to kill Inuyasha...but now he doesn't look so evil...Miroku thought to himself.

Authoress: *laughs evilly* now what?! You people are interested in what will happen to our

absolutely gorgeous Sesshomaru? Oh...the tale twists in many ways from now'll look like

your human DNA when I'm finished with it...yeah...I'm sure it will...

Sesshomaru: (Authoress drools) You're bored, aren't you?

Authoress: *smiles innocently* I don't know what you're talking about...

Koga: (Authoress drools...once again...her face now is covered in saliva) Mutt face's brother...

*two demons have a staring one wins...since the Authoress glomps both of them

before one blinks*

Authoress: Until next chappie, "What The Hell?"