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Tainted View.


Chapter 1:- Cover Her Face.


America... land of the free. Since July 4th, 1776, when America declared it's independence, it has changed and it has endured.

America believed in freedom. The American civil war proved that, with black people fighting to be equal. And while slavery was indeed abolished after that, for decades afterwards the white people still treated the black people differently.

America was a country of hopes and dreams, where streets were paved with gold and good intentions. It was the country where you could have your own bit of land.

People from all over the civilized world emigrated to the USA. Some came for work, other's came for the gold that had been found in the mountains. Yet more came to America in the aim to escape from Religious prosecution. Christians, Jews, Mormons, even those who did not believe in a God. These people, mainly Mormons, went on to found the state of Utah.

Some of the states became very Christian and formed what some people called 'The Bible Belt'.

The gold rush produced it's own mountain towns and people who became known as 49-ers. The other people who came simply for the chance to work called America 'The land of equal opportunity.'

And so it was that, at the turn of a new century - 1899 - America was a teaming mix of people each struggling to find their place in the world.

It was also round about this time that the American Secret Service came into being. It was flooded by young men, eager to prove their worth and to serve their country. Many woman also joined the Service and while they could not go on missions and do daring deeds like the men, they could do their part, at the American Secret Service HQ, at Washington DC.

These women, little more than girls dreamed of action and adventure, little knowing that a danger was coming. Something that wanted to kill them all. Something that could not be stopped by any normal agent. Something... or someone.

The American Secret Service HQ was about to fall...

Every girl in who had an office job in the American Secret Service had a favorite American Agent. During their coffee brakes they would ague over which was better and count up the numbers of missions they had completed. Sometimes a fight would happen if one girl loudly declared 'her' American Agent to be better than any other.

In each girl's cubical besides the government issue black typewriter was a photo of their chosen Agent and under it, a list of the missions they had gone on. One girl's cubical was slightly different from the other's. It too had the government issue typewriter but the photo on the wall was torn at the edge as if it had once belonged to a larger picture. The photo was of the American Agent Sawyer.

Though they, themselves were blissfully unaware of the fantasying the girls did over them, the American Agents were the movie stars of their day.

The main clock on the wall was pointing at five minutes to noon.

The five minutes slowly crept past. Most of the girls were busy working, a few talking quietly at the side of the room. Everyone was looking forward to midday, when they would get chance to have some lunch.

The big hand ticked towards twelve. As it reached twelve it seemed to take a shuddering breath as if the clock knew what was to happen.

The first warning any of the girls had was the explosion. Many dived under tables, trying to shield their faces. Others ran for the exit's trying to get away from the fires that had sprung up all through the building. Those that managed to escape the burning building were gunned down by hidden snipers in empty buildings on the other side of the road to the fire.

In an upstairs room, almost exactly opposite the HQ, a man dressed completely in black, including shinny black boots and gloves watched, letting a low laugh escape.

Everything was going to plan.


The fire had finally burnt down. Now some American fire fighters moved through the wreckage, hunting and hoping against hope that someone lived. They had found the girls in the street, riddled with bullet holes, their eyes still open.

The less experienced fire fighter had vomited at the sight of so many young dead woman.

But it was in the wreck that the worst was found. Girl's burnt alive, their bodies twisted. One was by the exit, her body badly burned. Her face, amazingly enough seemed untouched, the eyes open and unseeing. It was as if the eyes couldn't understand why they could no longer see.

The oldest fire fighter turned his head away and shouted for blankets for the dead girl.

"Cover her face. For God's sake, cover her face!" He yelled.


The Nautilus, called the Sword of the Ocean by her Captain plowed through the sea, showing anyone who might have seen her why she had earned her name. Onboard were a group of men and one woman that together created 'The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen'. A team of amazing and individual people.

One of these was Agent Thomas Sawyer of the American government. He was heading toward the communications room, because one of Nemo's sailors had told him a message had come for him. Tom was mildly curious, he couldn't think who knew that he was onboard and would want to contact him. Unless it was bad news... unless something had happened to someone he cared about.

He sped up, and by the time he reached the communications room, he was running. First Mate Patel looked up from his work.

"Here you are Sir." He said, handing Tom a folded message. "Private, no-one has read it yet." He added, seeming to know that Tom needed to hear that. Tom Sawyer nodded, took the folded paper and left the room.

Outside, he would the corridor empty. With shaking hands he unfolded the paper and read the message, his eyes widening as he did so.

In his Captain quarters, Nemo was enjoying a drink of a spicy tea. His rest was interrupted by Agent Sawyer charging into the room, his eyes wide and frenzied.

"Captain..." He gasped out. "America asks for our help. Someone blew up the American Secret Service HQ." Tom told Nemo. The Captain looked neither happy or sad at this request. There was no hesitation as he replied.

"Of course we will help. We will set out for American at once." he said. Tom's face lit up, as if he had been expecting a negative answer. "Do they have any information on who did it?" Nemo asked.

"No." Tom answered. "Only... only that about fifty young woman were killed."

Nemo's only response was a slight tightening of his fingers and the way in which his eyes seemed to burn. Tom looked slightly sick.

"They burned to death... any that managed to get out where shot. Someone didn't want these girls to live."


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