Spell of Time

By: xxlostdreamerxz

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Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy strode side by side with an air of confidently towards the Headmaster's office. A few years ago one would never imagine that these two rivals could actually remain within the same room without biting each other's heads off. It was an amazing sight, a perfect example of students that managed to break out of the Hogwarts mold. A Slytherin and a Gryffindor cooperating with each other, on top of it all...being FRIENDS...

During their 6th year, Draco had renounced his heritage and refused outright to take the mark. Sure Draco wasn't at all fond of Muggles or Mudbloods at any rate, but they were still human. And as much as Draco hated to admit it, the pure thought of torturing them made him ill, it was so disgusting... After that incident, Draco mustered up the courage to join the Light. For then on, he and Harry had slowly learned to tolerate each other, in the end building a great friendship.

The past year, during their last year at Hogwarts, Harry had successfully defeated Voldemort. Freeing the wizarding world forever from the grasp of the dark, for the first time in his life Draco had actually felt safe. However, the causalities were immense, for almost everyone they've known was dead. Ron and Hermione had been tortured to death during the final battle, however they managed to die in each other's arms. Harry had truly never forgiven himself for their death, he should have been looking out for them even during his battle. Gods he missed them!

The two powerful wizards stopped dead in front of a particularly ugly stone gargoyle. They both exchanged a looked a raised their wands as one and tapped the statue seven times. Lucky Seven. During the prime of the war, Dumbledore had relinquished his tastes for Muggle sweets. (or so they were told) The password had been canceled, since it was simply too easy for a Death Eater to gain access to Dumbledore's personal quarters. The gargoyle was charmed to recognize specific magical wand signatures of High Ranking Order Members such as themselves. The gargoyle hopped aside, allowing them access into Dumbledore's office.

Harry managed not to looked shocked, when Dumbledore greeted them with a bright smile and ushered them both into his office. The war had taken it's mark upon the old man, for there were so many wrinkles present upon his face. Harry truly couldn't remember the last time he'd seem him cheerful...it had been far too long.

"Hello Harry, Draco," he said warmly, his piercing blue eyes sparkling with joy. "It's great to see you two again..."

"Likewise professor..." Draco drawled out, dropping down with a loud plop upon the huge comfy chair, and sighed in comfort. "The joys of life..." he muttered, slouching elegantly back against the chair. Some habits just don't die. He fixed Dumbledore with an annoyed glance. "Well? What did you want to tell us?"

Harry sighed, and shook his head in mock disgust. "Patience Draco, the headmaster will tell us when he's ready," he replied, rolling his eyes. "You seriously need to learn to relax, I've never met anyone quite as downright tense all the time."

"Old habits die hard..." he grumbled sounding slightly annoyed.

During the time, the Headmaster was watching their banter with an increasing amusement. He cleared his throat patiently, and waited until two bright pairs of eyes were focused upon him. "I have a surprise for the two of you..." he announced with a smile. "One that I might add, that you'd enjoy immensely."

Harry and Draco exchanged apprehensive glances. It was a fact that Dumbledore was a great wizard, and a powerful one at that. It was true that Harry and Draco would gladly sacrifice their lives for their elderly mentor. But...they something couldn't help but wonder, whether he was truly...well...how do you put this...sane... Dumbledore's 'surprises' often tended being quite out there...

Dumbledore continued quite cheerfully, popping a lemon drop into his mouth every few seconds. "As you two well know, I have always thought that you two would be tremendously capable of teaching Defense Against Dark Arts then anyone else," he stated his eyes slightly serious. "But, alas, the position is already taken," he announced with a sad shake of his head.

"How does that have anything to do with us?"

"It would be impossible for you to teach at the moment, " he said with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes. "But not in 1978..." he said with a smile. "Lets see, both of your parents should be in their seventh year..."

"So what you're saying is that you want to send us back in time? To TEACH?" exclaimed Draco, earning himself an elbow from Harry.

"We'd be glad to professor," replied Harry shooting Draco a mock glare. "After all, I'd do just about anything to meet my parents..."

Dumbledore regarded them solemnly. "You have to remember, that no matter what, you can not change the past. It is not smart of play around with time," he warned, as he handed over a large handheld hourglass. "This is a new invention of mine, called the Past Finder. It locates a specific time in history and porkeys you there," he said fondly. "The spell will end at exactly a year from now..." he warned before smiling once again.

"Have fun!"

"Fun my ass..." grumbled Draco as they disappeared in a whirlwind of flames, leaving behind a amused headmaster.


It was a cold and freezing morning, as the students arrived solemnly at the magical castle of Hogwarts. The grounds were dark and deprived of life, just like the rest of the wizarding world. Ever since the slaughters of Voldemort's reign the magical community has lost just about all it's hope. For no one, not even Dumbledore was capable of defeating such a monstrosity...for the dark would keep on spreading...

"But James, I don't want to..." wined Sirus, giving off his best innocent puppy eyed look. "Please...pretty pretty please with a cherry on top?" he frowned for a second. "Yuck...correct that...with mint chocolate and fudge on top?" he rambled off, not noticing the curious glances he was receiving from his fellow students.

"Come on," urged James, with a sparkle in his eyes. "You promised..."

Sirus lifted his nose in the air and imitated a perfect example of Lucius Malfoy. "I did not," he sniffed arrogantly, "I would never sink that low to associate myself with such a...prank..." he finished with a mocking smile upon his face. "But...I'm entirely sure about you..."

At that precise moment, a burst of flame erupted from the middle of the Grand Hall. Everyone's attention was focused upon the two darkly cloaked figures appeared out of nowhere. Dumbledore stood up from the staff table with his wand out, and a guarded expression upon his face.

"Who are you? What is your business here?" demanded Dumbledore, his eyes cold and hard. After all, these men might be death eaters for all he knew.

"Sheesh, calm down old man! We aren't going to harm you..." grumbled the hooded figure on the right. "After all, that would look bad on our Ministry records..." as he and his companion casually removed their hoods.

The dark haired man rolled his eyes in disgust. "My apologies headmaster," he muttered smoothly, fixing his emerald green eyes upon Dumbledore's unblinking blue ones. "My companion is an arrogant git..."

"I am not!" retorted Draco instantly with mockingly hurt look. "Is that anyway to talk to your one and only best bud," he sniffed, wiping away a fake tear.

"Who?" snickered Harry, enjoying the annoyed look upon Draco's face. "I wasn't aware that I had a best friend..."

"Oh? So now your in denial," stated Draco, stifling his laughter. "After all, who else would have the guts to actually dare befriend the ever famous Golden Boy?" he taunting, not noticing that the entire hall was staring at them in something close to awe and fear.

Dumbledore watched the bantering with something alight to curiosity and suspicion. Those two boys possessed an immensely powerful magical aura, and so young! Especially the green eyed one. They couldn't be more then twenty years old at most! But the real question was...which side were they on?

"Excuse me..." interrupted the headmaster cautiously. "But might you be kind enough to enlighten us with your name and business here?" he asked politely, however his wand never wavered away from the two young wizards.

Harry's head jerked up in surprise. "Oopsie," he muttered, having the grace to flush slightly with embarrassment. Draco on the other hand just shrugged indifferently.

"My name is Harry Eaton, and that guy over there," he said jerking his finger towards Draco. "Is my friend, Draco Smith."

"So now you admit it," complained Draco, shaking his head disdainfully. "Some friend you are," he scoffed, ignoring the exasperated look upon Harry's face.

"And we've come to apply for the Defense against Dark Art's position," finished Harry, as he quickly added, "That is, if it's still open..."

Dumbledore's glaze lightened slightly. "Very well, if you will kindly follow me to my office," he stated stiffly, as he rose from his seat and lead the way towards out of the Great Hall. After a long walk, the three figures finally arrived at Dumbledore's private office. The elderly one was slightly nervous, while the two younger ones were casually debating over who was better at Quidditch.

As soon as they sat down, the headmaster fixed the two of them with his piercing blue glaze which the two returned casually. Dumbledore couldn't help but wonder why these two weren't afraid of him. If they were Death Eaters in disguise, they should have been quaking in their boots during this meeting. Hell, even the strongest light wizards were scared to anger the old man...and yet these two young men were fearless...

After a moment of silence, Dumbledore said, "So you two want the Defense Against Dark Arts position." At their nod of agreement, the headmaster continued, "Do you think you two have enough experience to teach? You don't look older then most of the seventh years."

Harry chuckled softly, drawing Dumbledore's attention. "Experience does not come with age. I'm only nineteen, and I know more about the Dark Arts then most adults."

"We've both been in numerous battles against the bloody dark lord, and survived," added Draco, seeing the headmaster's tense shoulders. "We are not Death Eaters if that's what you're wondering."

"Voldemort is an ass, if he wants to gain more followers he seriously has to learn better pick up lines," stated Harry, his lips quirking into a slight smile. "I mean what kind of line is, 'There is no good or evil in the world, there is only power. And those strong enough to get it..."

"And to top it off he's Pureblood wanna-be," complained Draco. "I have never ever met such an annoying hypocrite before..."

Dumbledore looked shocked at his discovery. Not only had these two boys called Voldemort by name, they had the audacity to insult him! Who in the hell are they? He had seen how hate flared across their eyes at Voldemort's name, one couldn't be such a great actor...could they? For some reason, Dumbledore still felt slightly uneasy...

"Can you prove that you're not in league with Voldemort?" he pressed looking between them. "These are dark times, you know..."

Harry scratched his head slightly. "Well, we don't have the mark," he said helpfully as he lifted his left sleeve to revel his bare forearm. After a moment, Draco copied his motion and lifted his sleeve.

The esteemed headmaster frowned thoughtfully. " That still doesn't prove anything. You don't have to be marked to be a follower."

"Well then, it's your choice," snapped Draco, his patience finally snapping. "If you don't trust us, then we'll just leave. It's no big deal," he added with a shrug. "We could always find jobs elsewhere..."

Harry winced mentally, and decided that he was going to personally kill Draco when this was over. It was too risky to play a gamble at the moment, especially with Dumbledore acting so suspicious.

There was a long moment of silence, while Harry waited upon bated breath. Dumbledore had an unreadable expression present upon his face as he stood up and held out his hand. "Welcome to Hogwarts..." he said warily.

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