Spell of Time

By: xxlostdreamerxz

Disclaimer: No, I do not own HP.

The Sorting Hat released a sigh of frustration as it watched the blonde...err...Draco strut towards the staff table. No matter how old they get, or whatever name they went by; a Malfoy, would always be a Malfoy. It was a given, that the young Malfoy was obviously better off then his father Lucius; however, they both possessed the same infuriating sort of arrogance and intelligence that could easily drive one up the wall. Goodness grief! Lucius had actually threatened to shred him to pieces if he wasn't placed into Slytherin! But truly, was an blasted argument any better? Draco Malfoy was truly a Slytherin to the bone, sly, cunning, and manipulative; however, he possessed a conscience. Which was way more then any of his previous Malfoy ancestors.

Suddenly he felt someone lift him up, and was placed once again on someone's head. The Hat sighed dramatically, couldn't he even get some peace and quiet every once in awhile?

"Well, well, well, Professor Dumbledore, ain't this a surprise!" greeted the Sorting Hat, as it quickly pulled itself out of its depression.

"It's the surprises in life that keep us alive," replied Dumbledore with a slight smile tugging the edges of his lips. "I trust that you day hasn't proven to be too difficult?"

The Hat grumbled something unintelligible before it replied in a fairly grumpy tone, "Not at all Professor, it's been going great..." The sorting hat gathered its thoughts and sighed, "Enough of that, I suppose I should get on with the sorting eh?"

At Dumbledore's nod of agreement, the hat began, "You, my dear professor possess many qualities that belong to the four houses; you are as loyal as a Hufflepuff even though sometimes your consideration could be misplaced, you are as cunning and manipulative as Slytherin when you want to be. You are also like a Gryffindor, stubborn and brave even in the face of death. But I shall always go with my first choice, you are a Ravenclaw to the core - smart, studious, and determined. It is your true place, to be with those that cherish books and knowledge."

A loud roar rose at the Ravenclaw table as they re-welcomed the headmaster into their fold, as the rest of the four houses clapped politely. Most of the Slytherins had looks of shock and disbelief plastered upon their face; after all, it wasn't everyday that you discover that their infallible golden headmaster was actually...sly... The Hufflepuff were looking at Dumbledore with utter respect, while the Gryffindors looked slightly disappointed that the headmaster hadn't been in their house.

Professor McGonagall stood up politely, and waited for the hall to fall silent and began listing off the names of her fellow staff-members. The students all watched with rapid attention, while a few surprised gasps and giggles emerged from the crowd every once in awhile. It was truly disturbing trying to imagine their professors as students...a really weird predicament indeed!

Harry shot Draco an amused glance as he looked pointedly towards Dumbledore who was currently striding towards his seat at the front of the staff table, while he kept an eye on his newly instated teachers. As it so seemed, Albus seemed even more paranoid then he'd been during their time; however, with justifiable due to the fact that Voldemort was still about, wreaking havoc in the Magical world. It was truly such a shame that they couldn't change history...life would have been much simpler otherwise.

"I have a feeling that Dumbledore doesn't trust us," said Draco with amusement lacing his voice. "After all, as it so seems we could be Death Eaters in disguise! Oh the horror! I mean we could easily bombard the school with tons of 'dangerous' pranks and corrupts those innocent minded Gryffindors!"

"Hey! Watch it with the Gryffindor comments!" grumbled Harry, as he ignored Draco's snort. "Gryffindors aren't all that innocent!"

Before Draco could retort, Harry felt a light tap on his shoulder and jumped instantly to his feet and came face to face with Professor Dumbledore. "Sir," he stuttered slightly in shock, as he turned a glare towards Draco. The blonde knew that he hated being caught unaware, and Draco obviously knew from the smirk on his face...that Dumbledore was sneaking behind him. " Do you need help with something, Professor?"

The headmaster studied both boys carefully for a moment, before replying in a perfectly controlled voice. "No, that is not necessary; however, I think that you should go before you anger Minerva any more..." Dumbledore sent a glance towards Professor McGonagall who was looking slightly annoyed. "It's your turn for the sorting..."

Harry sent a grateful smile towards the headmaster and said, "Thank you professor, I'll see you soon!" As he began making his way towards the sorting hat. While on the outside, Harry might looked relaxed and composed, but actually in truth, his insides were churning nervously. Over the past few years, he'd changed a great deal. In other words, he'd overcome his discriminations about the houses...and now he wondered, truthfully which house did he belong to...

While Harry was pondering, Dumbledore had politely asked Draco whether or not if the chair next to him was taken. The headmaster was truly intrigued by the two young men, and wanted to get to know them better. After all, knowledge is power.

"Mr. Smith? I take it that your day has been fairly entertaining so far?" he asked politely, obviously referring to the incident with the sorting hat.

Draco released a pleased smirk and replied with a touch of arrogance, "It could have been better, but never the less it was pleasing." The blonde cursed inwardly. Obviously Dumbledore had planned on interrogating him for information while Harry was getting sorted. Bloody hell! Why was he always stuck with the dirty work, while Potter gets to argue with the hat! Life just wasn't fair!

Dumbledore cast a curious look at Draco's composed features and frowned. The boy was probably a pureblood, one of the only families by the looks of it. That arrogance, and aristocratic movements belied the boy's upbringing, for the boy had a gray aura surrounding him. Dark and Light magic...the problem was, he couldn't discern which one was more prominent in the boy's daily life. "Mr. Smith, although I had to admit your "discussion" with the sorting hat was pretty entertaining, I was a bit curious about something."

"And what could that something be?" questioned Draco with a innocently curious expression upon his face. "If it's about the points, it was just a joke."

Dumbledore's eyes twinkled momentarily before be asked, "What was that jibe about the Gryffindor founder for? Since I seriously doubt you actually knew about the house rivalries between Slytherin and Gryffindor when you applied for the job."

Draco stifled a snort of disagreement. "Headmaster, you couldn't possibly imagine that I wouldn't research anything about the school I planned on teaching at! I mean, what if they had horrible rooms or worse, NO FOOD! I obviously wouldn't want to teach at such a horrible place!"

"So, you I presume that you read Hogwarts a History?" he asked curiously, obviously missing Draco's snicker of disbelief. "It was a well written book wasn't it?"

"Yes, quite so."

Dumbledore sighed mentally. The boy was just far to stubborn for him to extract any information from! He rubbed his temples warily as he felt a twinge of a headache coming in. "What made you so sure that you'd get into Slytherin?"

Draco rolled his eyes, "Slytherins are sly, cunning, and above all, they're not stupid. Out of all the houses at Hogwarts, I'd have to say that the Slytherin House has the least amount of weaknesses."

The headmaster frowned lightly, "I'm not so sure you and I see eye to eye, Mr. Smith. All the other houses possess their different strong points, and different weaknesses. Slytherins aren't all superior just because they can manipulate."

The blonde fidgeted absentmindedly with his fork, before he returned his attention back to Dumbledore. "That's not already true headmaster, for manipulation is truly the strongest form of power," he stated calmly, "A leader cannot command respect from his or her followers unless he or she is capable of obtaining their trust."

Dumbledore shook his head sorrowfully. Draco reminded him of Voldemort when he had been in school; Tom had just about uttered the exact same words to him during his last year as Head-boy. Voldemort had believed that 'there was no such thing as good or evil, only power...and those strong enough to obtain it.' It had hurt him to believe that the young man that he'd watched grow up, had turned so evil.

"My dear boy, there is so much that you'd have to learn about the world," said Dumbledore with a pained expression upon his face. "There are greater gifts in existence then the power of absolute control. However, I understand your position at the moment," he said holding his hand up to silence Draco's protests. "Nevertheless, I implore you to search your soul and heart before you take a stand."

Draco growled softly under his breath. It was just bloody wonderful! After a few minutes of just talking with the headmaster, Dumbledore had concluded that he was a Death Eater...or a future one at that. Life was just so absolute wonderful...

"As you wish headmaster," he replied, nodding his head respectfully. "I shall consider your request." Draco then turned away from Dumbledore and turned towards the center of the Great Hall. "I believe that it is time for Harry's sorting to start..."

'Dumbledore's an ass,' thought Harry as he sat impatiently on the stool with the Sorting Hat placed over his head. Things were just bloody wonderful... It was as if his life wasn't difficult enough as it is! He'd just managed to destroy the darkest wizard in the history of the wizarding world, as well as the fact that most of his friends and family had been slaughtered during the final battle between Voldemort had himself. Could he just have a break for once?

"Temper...Temper," taunted the Sorting Hat with an ounce of glee. "Getting frustrated wouldn't help your image, now would it, Mr. Eaton?" The hat chuckled merrily, as Harry growled in response. "Now my dear professor, I think I should sort you before you get any more annoyed, eh?"

"Best idea you've had yet," muttered Harry with a grumpy expression upon his face.

Thankfully the Sorting Hat decided to ignore the comment, and began scavenging through Harry's mind. "You truly haven't lived an easy life. As a matter of fact, I'm surprised that you didn't break under the strain, for most wizards would have just surrendered if they had been put in your shoes." The sorting hat began to dig deeper into Harry's mind, before it gapped in shock, "What is this I find?" it said curiously. "It is amazing! You and that arrogant git of a professor were actually enemies! Fierce rivals of all things! It is utterly amazing how the events have changed your perspectives Mr. Eaton."

Harry was personally getting really annoyed with the hat. Of all the things that he hated, having something dig through his memories ranked right up there at the top of the list. "Could you please just sort me?" Harry mentally pictured an image of the sorting hat getting burned up and grinned with satisfaction.

"Alright...Alright," grumbled the hat, "No need to get testy! I was going to get to there eventually!" Before Harry could retort, the hat jumped right in. "Alright, now lets see...you've got a great mind and thirst for knowledge; however, you only resort to using it in dire circumstances, and never in everyday life. But yet...you're truly a smart one." The sorting hat paused for a second before continuing, "You can be loyal to such a degree, that it could be used against you; however, you do not forgive or forget easily. Obviously, anyone who befriends you, would truly be lucky indeed. You are also brave and courageous...even a bit foolhardy though at times." The hat smirked slightly, before it began, "On the other hand though, you are cunning and sly. Besides your unusual abilities, you also value your survival skills..."

"Yea...are you done yet!"

The sorting hat continued on, casually increasing it's voice so that it was louder then Harry's. "...because of this, I personally find it difficult to sort you," it said slowly. "You are a perfect example of each and every house. So in that case, you belong in..." The hat seemed to shrug slightly, before it screamed, "HOGWARTS!"