Change of Body

By: Minuiko


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Chapter TwentyFour


Hiei's POV

What… the fuck?

I woke up on a bed. A comfortable one. Decorated with pink roses that I had often told Shuuichi to get rid of. Of course, he never listened. The bed was located a familiar room that I had visited on several occasions… okay, so I practically lived there every day after school, so I should have recognized it, but wasn't I in the hospital just a moment ago?

I sat up groggily, not wanting to get up from the comfy blanket and pillow. "…my head hurts…"

This was déjà vu. I was almost sure of what had happened. Kikyou. Again. I nearly hissed. When would that bitch stop?

And it was all too obvious whom I had changed bodies with… Looking at the wooden mirror hung askew on the wall reminded me where I was, and led me to take in my surroundings more closely. And clench my fist in disbelief. Looks like Inuyasha had some fun. Bastard.

Shuuichi was always a perfectionist, and was particularly so about the tidiness of his room, though he'd never complain when I messed things up as I came over; I could tell he was just by how he was at school, and by the way the room was completely straightened up again when I came back the next day. That Inuyasha could just ruin the harmony of everything was inexcusable. I sighed. What the hell. It wasn't as though I cared how Shuuichi's room looked. It was just that it didn't look much like his room anymore, bed aside.

The shutters snapped. I caught a flicker of movement and gave a faint smirk. I always thought that Shuuichi was too kind to give annoying people a good kick-in-the-ass, and I was almost certain that this was the almighty-whatever-his-name-was-stalker-person. His name was too trivial for me to memorize.

I opened the closet door and got the surprise of my life. What the hell were Cosmo and Playboy doing in Shuuichi's closet? The covers themselves sickened me, but not before I had very, very disturbing images of Sango, replacing the shameless women on the cover…

OH MY FUCKING GOD. Now I sickened myself. I liked Sango… but not in that way… not perversely… well, maybe… but I hadn't thought about it in that way until now… oh God… I slammed the closet door shut. I clenched my jaw and growled, "I-nu-ya-sha…"

I got back to the task at hand. The only reason why I opened the closet was because there was this secret door in it that led to the side of his house that only he and I knew about (his mother didn't know about it either). But as it was completely stacked with useless junk and porn, I would have to use the back door.

As I sneaked out past Shiori (I did not want to have any dealings with the woman without knowing exactly what kind of a son Inuyasha had been to her since we switched bodies), a low, husky voice greeted me— Shuuichi— in an attempt at a seductive whisper.

"…Kurama… I knew you would come out to see me… it's inevitable, you see… it always starts like this… I knew from the very—"

I gave the man a swift kick to the side, then a downward chop to his spine. He doubled over, eyes wide and shocked. I sneered, tossing Shuuichi's long red locks casually back over my—his— shoulder and wondering why he kept it so long in he first place and never tied it back when it was such a bother to maintain, "Are you paid to do this or do you just like hearing yourself talk?"

"Kurama… what are y—"

I punched his jaw savagely, wincing slightly from the rebounded pain from the impact. Clearly, Shuuichi wasn't used to using his fists. I could tell that his body was fit, but he had no calluses on his hands to shield him from pain. I felt it almost routinely and it would have felt like nothing in my own body. I wondered who was in my body right now... but I had the stalker to deal with right now.

I wagged a finger at Karasu, saying, "Tut, tut. You're still talking. That's not allowed. You could get in trouble."

"Oh, but my love for y—"

"Didn't I tell you to shut up?" I demanded flatly, almost dangerously. "I don't welcome stalkers. I hate cowards. You are both and you are seriously. Pissing. Me. Off."

Remembering where I was, and who I was supposed to be, I softened my expression a little and straightened, though if I were myself I'd have gladly left him cringing on the ground and walked away. But I was currently Shuuichi, and Inuyasha had damaged his reputation enough already. I tried to make my speech sound Shuuichi-esque, though it was rather challenging. My voice was still deadpan. "If you were a real man, you'd ask me out like one. Although there is a ninety-nine point nine nine nine etcetera percent that I'd decline, at least I'd still respect you somewhat. If you want to be friends, that's fine too, but as of now, I'm not too keen on being nice to someone like you. You'll have to work on your manner and your credit. Is that fair? I'll let you think about it."

Now I turned on my heels and walked away, hoping I wasn't too nice to the loser. I found myself heading to the hospital, not caring if my present form would present complications. I needed to sort everything out… to see who else was affected by the curse… and above all, to see who was in Miroku's and my body.



Miroku's POV

I'd figured it would happen sooner or later. I just hadn't thought that another person would be brought into the equation. I didn't know whose body I was in, but it was definitely not Hiei's (I was on eye-level with most of the people on the streets) and not mine either (my hair was longer than this person's; I could tie it into a short ponytail). I actually didn't really care whose body I was in— I was more concerned about if I was attractive or not. It was definitely a male. His muscles were aching like hell and he was sweating. He'd been walking on sidewalk just outside the hospital.

Girls were ignoring my presence, which made me conclude that I was either in a social outcast's body or this guy was taken. It was more probable that he was taken because I could feel his strong muscles—he obviously worked out or played sports constantly— maybe even fought. I grinned, musing, "I wonder what his girlfriend looks like…"


I turned around and found a gorgeous, brown-haired girl frowning at me. She had very nice curves and I couldn't help checking her out, my eyes trailing lower… and lower… until—


"Yuusuke, you pervert!" she seethed. I blinked, my hand rising automatically to my cheek. She hit hard. Apparently she didn't use all her strength on me when I was in my own body, because her slap was even harder than Sango's. And Yuusuke. Yuusuke Urameshi? The guy who… who… actually, I knew almost nothing about him besides that he was in Hiei's and Inuyasha's gang and he was a hell of a serious fighter. I would have to tread lightly. But Keiko Yukimura was so tempting… it never occurred to me that she, a valedictorian, was skipping the school field trip as well.

"What?" I asked flirtatiously. "Can't a guy check his girl out once in a while?"

Her eyes narrowed. "… what did you say?"

I sighed, my shoulders slumping. "Nothing. Nothing at all."

She stared at me for a few more seconds, pursing her lips, but decided not to chase the topic. Instead, she continued with what appeared to be a long-discussed-and-not-finished debate she'd had with Yuusuke before. "Okay, Yuusuke. Here's the deal: I can't just stand by and watch when something dangerous happens to you and you know about it, so please. Tell me. I can't stand finding things out from other people. I don't like it when you keep things from me, Yuusuke. Is there anything you're keeping from me right now?"

"Uh-huh. We have two days until the Thunder Riders attack," slipped out, very bluntly if I may add. I didn't know how I knew that, but apparently Yuusuke's body knew what to say. Either that or he'd been dying to say it to Keiko and didn't get the chance to. No wonder he was so impulsive… he simply acted on his instincts. Like a certain someone else I knew… maybe that was why Inuyasha was such a jealous idiot…

Keiko stood frozen in her tracks before saying in a daze, "Two… days…? And… you knew this… for how long…?"

It was a strange sensation. I had memories I'd never experienced first-hand before, and I'd been expecting it since it had been the same with Hiei's body, though his memories had been more subdued. It was a vicarious sort of feeling, and somehow I knew what to say. Besides, I knew I couldn't escape by seeming perverted and carefree as usual. Somehow, that didn't strike me as how Yuusuke Urameshi worked.

"Uh… since yesterday?"


She turned away from me and started walking, home, I presumed. Instinct told me to follow her. She tilted her head back after a while, meeting my eye, and told me very calmly, "I won't stop you, Yuusuke. Do what you like. Just. Please. Come back safely, alright?"


She smiled sadly. "Let's go home."

The impact of what I'd said came hitting me full-force. I stood still and could only think of one thing, and it wasn't about how cute Urameshi's girlfriend was. They attack in two days…? And we're not prepared…

"Keiko, wait."

She stopped walking. "What now?"

I attempted a reassuring grin, and told her, "Sorry, I have things I need to attend to. Right now. Don't worry," I hastily said as she opened her mouth, "it's not dangerous. I just, ah, promised that I'd meet someone at the hospital."

Her eyes widened, and she asked worriedly, "Did someone get hurt or someth—"

"No, I just promised someone I'd be there. Okay?"

"… okay…"

"Good. I'll see you later."

I hurried towards the direction of the hospital, not turning back but somehow knowing that Keiko's worried eyes were piercing through my back. I ignored them. I had more important matters to attend to.




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