Destiny Dilemmas

By the1koolkitty

(Starring her OC, Takara Rozene)

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Chapter One: Not-So-Innocent and Naïve

Marik Ishtar was an Egyptian boy of seven years. He lived with his father, sister Ishizu and foster brother Odean. His mother died delivering him in birth. He was also a Tomb Keeper to the almighty, but dead, Pharaoh of Egypt.

Marik, being the only blood Ishtar boy, was heir to the Ishtar line. He was to receive the Tomb Keeper's Initiation when he turned twelve.

Because of this, Marik was to memorize every bit of Egyptian history he could, as fast as he could. He also had to only marry a Tomb Keeper of a royal line.

Of course, Marik didn't dwell on that stuff too much; he was only seven, he had five whole years until then.

Odean came into Marik's room one September day, when Marik was studying, as usual. "Master Marik," Odean said. Marik's father forbade him to call him otherwise.

"Yes, Odean?" asked Marik, turning to face him. "Your father wants to see you. Another Tomb Keeper family is here to visit, and he wants to present you to them."

Marik rolled his eyes. "Present? Again? Just peachy," Marik muttered sarcastically, closing his book. He leaped off his chair and went out the door indifferently.

"They brought their daughter," Odean added, "She just turned seven." Marik raised an eyebrow. He had never met a kid his age before.

"Really?" "Yes, Master Marik," said Odean, smiling at Marik's eagerness, "She looked pretty nice."

Marik grinned, as he ran down the hall to meet these new people.

When he got there, his father said in a grand voice, "Ah, there he is!" He always spoke like that about Marik in front of others.

"Thestral, Zania, this is my son Marik. Marik, this is the Family of the Priests, Thestral and Zania Rozene."

Marik knew what that meant; it meant that they took care of the Priests' tombs, and therefore below them, and were spoken about cruelly at dinner. But in front of the family themselves, the Ishtars were friendly.

"Pleasure to meet you," Marik said, bowing politely, but keeping an eye out for the little girl Odean mentioned.

"He's very handsome, Ishtar-san," Zania said sweetly. "And very polite," added Thestral, "I see an honorable future for the Ishtars when this boy takes over, Ishtar-san." Marik smiled at the compliments, but his eyes traveled around for the girl.

"Oh, I almost forgot," said Zania, suddenly looking behind her, "Where's Takara?" Marik's heart leaped.

Thestral looked, and then called, "Takara! Takara dear, come out now!" "Do excuse us," said Zania quickly, as they went down the hall, looking for their daughter.

Mr. Ishtar smirked. Marik knew somehow that this was going to be part of the criticism said during dinner. He rolled his eyes, and snuck out when his father wasn't looking.

Marik was heading for his chambers, when he heard a faint giggle. He looked in a dusty alley that wasn't used very much by the Ishtars because the walls were pretty old, and could collapse at anytime.

There, he found a girl with sandy brown hair and tanned skin, in a pale yellow dress, sitting in the corner, and looking at cards.

"Excuse me?" said Marik to announce his presence. The girl jumped, dropping her cards in her lap and making dust go all over her.

"Wh-who are you?" she coughed. "I'm Marik," he said, grabbing a fan and blowing the dust away, "Is your name Takara?"

"Y-yes," she stammered, looking at him to reveal dark green eyes, "Takara Rozene, but everyone calls me Kara." "So you're the guest here," Marik said, and Kara nodded.

"What are those?" Marik asked, pointing at the cards. Kara went red, and hid them in her pocket.

"Can you keep a secret?" she asked. "I think so," said Marik, sitting down beside her, "I've never had anyone to keep secrets with."

"Well... I have a brother named Roth. He lives up there," she pointed to the ceiling, and Marik nodded to show that he understood.

"Well, he visited me once, and he told me about this holiday called Christmas in the end of December." "What day is it?" Marik asked eagerly.

"December 25th." "Drat!" he muttered, crossing his arms, "It's two days after my birthday. I thought I had a holiday dedicated to me." Kara giggled.

"Anyway, it's dedicated to giving people presents." "Presents?" Marik repeated, "Like on birthdays?"

"Yeah," said Kara, "But Roth says, 'the gifts on Christmas aren't all things you can hold in your hands and manipulate. Some can only be held in the heart.'"

"And that means?" "I think it means you can receive hope, faith and love as well as regular gifts." "Yuck," said Marik, sticking his tongue out, "I like regular presents better."

Kara giggled again. "You're funny," she said. "How so?" "You are such a rebel to everything my parents have taught me." "What have they taught you?"

"They taught me to be very kind and respectful to anyone above me, and to be superior to anyone lower..and they told me to never, ever listen to Roth."

"He's older than you, then?" "Yes. He was to be the heir to our family, but he married an over-worlder, and left our traditions. They don't want me to leave just like he did."

"And he gave you those cards?" "Yes. He said they're called Duel Monster cards. He also told me that they were based on the Egyptian Shadow Game."

"Really?" said Marik eagerly. "Yep," said Kara, "It's really fun. I could teach you... if you want, I mean," she added shyly. "Sure, I'd love-" "Takara, there you are!"

It was Zania. "C'mon out of there, Takara," Thestral chastised, "You're filthy!" "Sorry, Father," she said quietly, looking down as she came out of the alley, "I was eager to meet the other kids, so I left early."

"Takara, you know you're not supposed to wander!" Zania scolded, brushing some of the dust off Kara's dress, "We've told you that a thousand times, and you still don't listen! If Ishtar-san saw you like this, he'd--"

For the first time, she noticed Marik was there. "Oh, Marik!" she said, now sounding a lot kinder, "We're sorry if Takara was rude to you in any way, we've been meaning to discipline her on manners--"

"Oh no, she was very nice to me, Rozene-san," said Marik kindly, "She told me about.." he saw Kara's scared look, "Er, she told me a story, it was wonderful!" Kara smiled.

"Oh, really?" said Zania, sounding slightly surprised, "Which one did you tell him, dear?" "The one about Sinbad, the legendary warrior," Kara replied, smiling proudly. She was a much better liar than Marik was.

"Really? Oh how splendid!" said Zania, in an overly friendly way, grabbing Kara's hand, "Well, we have to be going, maybe we'll see you another time, we've got to run!"

And with that, Zania and Thestral took off, dragging a rather upset-looking Kara behind them. Marik stared as the Rozenes left, and wondered inwardly whether he'd ever be able to see his friend again.

'They were young, children of the golden sun,
Oh, their love knew no heavy chains,
She was coy, played games with her little boy,
On his heart, she signed her name.

Innocent and naïve, tenderness will see them through.'

-Des'ree, from the song 'Innocent and Naïve'.

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