Karsh sighed as he looked out his window while watching the beautiful Riddel leave the manor.

Man I wish that I could just get her to love me instead of Dario.I thought that I had a chance but after we found Dario in another world it was over for me.

A guard came up the stairs and knocked on Karsh's door. "Sir may I come in?" "Yes come on." The guard came in and said "Sir, Serge is waiting downstairs for you." "Ok go tell him I'm coming." Karsh said as he looked out the window one last time before leaving his room.

Serge was standing looking at a painting with Karsh came down. He looked up and smiled. "Hey man how're you doing?" "Ok I guess." Karsh said with a sigh. "Oh. I get it! It's Riddel again isn't it?" "Yeah I guess so." Serge shook his head. "How many times do I have to tell you Karsh! You gotta go after her! What do you expect? For her to come after you?" Karsh shook angrily as he looked at Serge with a grimace. "No of course not! She has her beloved Dario and she doesn't need me! Get it?" Serge began to back away towards the door. "Ok Man I understand. But I've got to get going I have a date with Kid tonight and I'd better not keep her waiting. With a grin Serge rushed out the door.

Karsh turned to go back upstairs and he crashed right into Riddel as she came back in. "Oh!" She cried as she fell into the floor.

Oh great! Karsh thought and he knelt down to help her. I am so clumsy!

He gently knelt down and took her hand to help her up. "Are you alright Miss Riddel?" "Y.Yes Karsh." She said with a small smile. "But what are you trying to do? Give me an concession so I can't go on my date tonight with Dario?" She giggled. Karsh's smile disappeared. "No.Of course not. I wouldn't want to get in the way of you and Dario!" Angrily her pushed away and went out the door. "Karsh? What are you doing." He must have something important on his mind. Riddel thought as she hurried upstairs to get ready for her date.

Karsh sat down on the small cliff near the manor and looked down at the ocean.

If I can't have Riddel then I almost don't want to live.I'm not even happy without knowing that she might love me.

Suddenly Karsh felt someone sit next to him. When he turned to see who it was he gasped.