I've got to find Dario and talk to him one last time. Riddel thought as she ran towards Arni village. She ask the village chief Radius if he knew where Dario was. "Well I believe that I saw a young man go into Leena's house." "Oh no." Riddel ran right into the door and gasped when she saw Dario and Leena on top of each other.

Oh my gosh, I didn't except this. He just broke up with me tonight!

Leena and Dario turned towards the door. "Who are you and what are you doing in my house?" Leena glared at Riddel. "Oh I'm s, sorry but I need to talk with Dario for just a moment." Dario looked at her and answered. "Riddel get this through your head! We are done.Finished! I don't care for you anymore and you need to give up and move on!"

Riddel took one last look at Dario and drew a deep breath. "All right Dario. But someday if you need me then I can assure you that you won't be there for you." With that she ran out the door.

"Ow!" Riddel crashed into Serge. "Oh, Serge I am sorry!" "Oh hi Riddel! Man you don't look too good." "Maybe it's because of Dario breaking up with me and going after Leena!"

Serge looked at her in surprise. "Leena and Dario? Oh well at least she won't keep bothering Kid and I. But I sure am sorry for you Riddel."

Suddenly Riddel heard a voice behind her. "Oh did Dario hurt ya Riddel? Cause if he did then I'll kick his bloody arse to the moon!"

Riddel smiled and greeted Kid. "Well I guess in a way he did. But I don't want him anymore. I have to go there's someone I need to talk to.

Back at the manor Karsh saw Zoah getting ready to go to Termina,

"HELLO KARSH! HOW ARE YOU?" Sigh, "I'll be all right. You don't worry about me." And he slowly walked upstairs.

Oh Riddel I'm gonna miss ya.Someday maybe you'll care for me but I doubt it.

"Karsh!" With a cry Riddel ran into his room and threw her arms around him. "Riddel? I thought." "No Karsh. I no longer love Dario if he could treat me so. I love you Karsh, Truly I do!" And with that Riddel passionately kissed Karsh and he returned it to her.

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