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Double Vision By: LadyWildfire7

Summary: Tulpa rises from the ashes of his demolished empire. He is brought back to life and given new powers. Tulpa then draws his former warlords to him and uses mind control to make them work for him and to recruit new dynasty soldiers. He also gives them new powers that they can use without armor. Tulpa's main goal: revenge on the Ronins for destroying him. So he comes up with a new plan, Dais is to make himself look like Cye and trade places with him. That way Dais can spy on the Ronins, get information about them, and eventually lead a surprise attack that will destroy them once and for all. Problems arise when Dais (now Cye) acts like an sarcastic idiot and Sage catches on.

rated PG-13, for language and also because I don't know what Iam going to write yet, this could go anywhere! The rating could change also.

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Kento didn't know what time it was. He never did. Being lazy was just a part of his life, he moved for nothing and for no one. Except food of course, but being that there was no sweet aroma of the breakfast Cye usually makes floating into his bedroom, there was no point in getting out of his comfy bed yet. Kento looked around the room, sunlight was not trickling in threw the blinds in his room yet. Still early then. Cye wasn't in his bed, and being since it was Saturday morning he could have got up to make an early breakfast. Kento rolled over onto his back and shut his eyes to let sleep take him once more off to that wonderful dreamland, when all the sudden a loud BANG made him sit bolt upright in his bed. Eyes wide open Kento looked around the room. Slowly he got out of bed and opened the door, all the lights were still off. That noise, what was it? It sounded like it came from downstairs, more like the kitchen region. Kento's territory. Fearlessly he bounded out of the room and down the stairs , he moved swiftly along in the darkness. What was that smell ? Man! He found the kitchen door and kicked it open hard, it swung open and then back again and smacked him hard in the face. "DAMMIT!" Kento swore and started punching the door, his left cheek stung so bad he was distracted from his first intension of investigation.

That's when he heard yet another sound. Breaking glass, all too familiar to him because Ryo had a habit of breaking windows. Sometimes on accident other times by throwing stuff at the windows, yet none the less he knew that sound well. Now the noise he heard up in his room could be dismissed as Rowen, the sleepwalker, who on occasion has been known to raid the fridge in the middle of the night and knock stuff over. Rowen sometimes will eat a full course meal and wake up in the kitchen, with food surrounding him and not remember a thing. But now this sound was probably not Rowen or the window breaker Ryo. Kento slowly moved forward threw the door and reached around for the kitchen light and flicked it on. Bright light illuminated the dark kitchen to reveal Cye sitting on the floor in his pajamas rocking back and forth with his arms wrapped around himself. He was covered in sweat and had a haunted look in his eyes. **He apparently did not notice Kento standing there. He continued to chant something as he rocked back and forth.

Kento looked around at the scene before him. A scared Cye on the kitchen floor , a broken glass door leading out to the backyard, a frying pan on the stove that was on fire. Wait a minute, on fire! 'Oh shit!' Thought Kento. Kento ran to the fridge and grabbed a water bottle and dumped it all over the glowing orange flames. No good, the fire raged higher and raced up the kitchen wall. Now the fire alarm was sounding and he could hear three pairs of footsteps thumping above him. The other Ronins. Well probably not Rowen cause he could sleep threw anything, so probably Mia instead of him. Ryo was the first into the kitchen and spotted Kento standing in front of the fire dumbfounded on how to put it out if water would not work.

"Holy shit Kento what did you do?" Ryo screamed.

"I didn't start this fire, but I threw water on it and it got bigger!" Kento yelled back quickly.

In came Sage and Mia, Sage who had a fire extinguisher sprayed the fire. The hissing flames danced and went out , after much effort from Sage. It was then that Mia noticed poor Cye , still rocking back and forth and chanting with his eyes closed.

Mia knelt down besides him and looked him in the face, "Cye are you alright, what's wrong?" She asked.

No answer, he continued on rocking. Sage had gone to put the fire extinguisher back and Ryo was now questioning Kento. "What do you mean you found him like this and found the fire like that? How did this happen?"

Kento replied angrily "Look dude if I knew what happened then I would say, OKAY?"

Sage reentered the room. "Ryo calm down" he said and went out to the backdoor and examined it. "Kento, do you know how this happened?" Sage questioned calmly.

"No" Kento replied threw gritted teeth.

Ryo continued on asking questions and Kento saying smart remarks back to him , Sage went on checking out the door, Mia trying to console the crazed Cye and Rowen was no where to be found. As always.

"Cye, what's wrong? Answer me!" Mia demanded.

Then Cye grabbed Mia's wrist and spoke , his sea green eyes locked on to her forest green ones. "I'm fine." he said. Mia noticed his accent was not present when he spoke.

Cye cleared his throat and spoke once more "I just came down to make an early breakfast and there were dynasty soldiers in the kitchen and I went to fight them off. They escaped threw the back door." He concluded simply.

Mia was perplexed by the idea but did not speak. Sage asked how they got in and Cye told him rudely how do you think, threw the door.

"So they broke the door then?" Sage asked.

Cye nodded fiercely. "No wait a second." Kento said, "I first heard a noise up in me and Cye's room. So I came down to investigate it, thinking it was probably Rowen sleep walking. But when I got to the door then I heard the glass break, I opened the door to find Cye like that. Then I saw the fire and tried to put it out. So that means that when I was in my room they entered, so they broke the door on the way out? Wait, I'm confused."

"Finally you talk." Ryo said.

Kento turned to him "Man just shut up."

Ryo just glared at him with his tiger blue eyes fixated on Kento. "Can't think of a come back, huh? Dude you suck!" Kento laughed.

"Grow up!" Mia yelled from the corner with Cye. "None of this makes any sense anyways, the dynasty is gone. You destroyed them." Mia said looking around the room at the boys. "Where's Rowen?" she asked. Ryo shrugged. A second passed and no one spoke.

"She's right you guys." Ryo said coming over to Mia and lending a hand to help her up. "Cye, ya alright?" Ryo asked.

"I'm fine now, like I said." Cye said sarcastically offering a fake sweet little smile. Ryo stared at him. Sage turned around and looked at him from his position by the broken back door. He had one of his gut feelings, the ones he gets sometimes. There are usually always right. Not always. But Sage, being the intuitive one, could see threw situations like this. Something was not right with Cye, not right at all.

The sounds of footsteps was heard coming down the stairs. All the Ronins stood on their guard ready to attack, even the strange acting Cye. Ryo stood in front of Mia, protectively. Sage glared at him out of jealousy. Sage wanted to be the one to protect Mia if anything happened, he went out of his way to save her so many times before. While Sage knew Ryo wasn't interested in Mia like that, it still secretly drove him nuts to see anyone else ready to protect Mia when that was his job. Sage wondered if anyone had noticed that cool, calm collected Sage Date was crazy for Mia. But none the less he turned his eyes back on the door and what happened next shocked all of them.....

Rowen came stumbling threw the door with terrible bed head. He was awake , not sleeping walking , but he was very groggy and only in his blue boxers that had little red hearts on them . The Ronins and Mia figured Rowen didn't realize he was half naked.

Rowen stopped and looked around at everyone, then to Cye he said "Hey Cye what's for breakfast?"

Cye then said "Why don't you cook, I'm retired."

"More like fired".

Kento laughed at his own stupid joke and Ryo cracked a smile. Cye then walked threw the door and let it slam behind him. Mia watched him walk away wondering what was up. Sage watched Mia watching Cye walk away and hoped she didn't care too much. It wasn't him(Sage) after all. Rowen then looked around again and saw the fire's damage. His eyes widened in shock, "WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED HERE?" he exclaimed.

** Author's note: Dais's behavior as Cye will be explained in the next chapter. When I refer to Dais he will be called Cye, but know that Dais now looks/sounds just like Cye. Cye has been kidnaped by Dynasty Soldiers. If by some chance I refer to the real Cye , you will know. That sounded confusing....

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