Double Vision

by: Midnight*Starfire

Disclaimer: I own nothing about the Ronin Warriors. I still own my characters that I created, even though I killed both of them off....

A/N: Yes I rushed through this, I just wanted to complete it. I will probably revise it later on.



Seven Years Later.....

An alarm clock sounded, echoing through a small messy two bedroom apart. A navy haired woman rolled over, intent on sleeping more until she realized what the alarm meant. She sat up and looked around. Why did she set an alarm on a Saturday? Then the reality of what today's special occasion was hit her.

"Rowen!" she yelled rolling over, "Rowen get up! We are going to be late if we don't get up now!" Kayura took hold of Rowen's shoulders and began shaking them.

"Five more minutes," he mumbled.

"NO! I'm not going to let you sleep through your best friend's wedding! WAKE UP!" she hollered.

Rowen grumbled something indecipherable and Kayura jumped out of bed, deciding she would wake him after her shower. Kayura leaned over and slipped on a silk negligee and hurried to her closet. Reaching in the closet, she pulled out her bridesmaid's dress and shoes and brought them to her bathroom. Kayura then rummaged around for her makeup and got into the shower. She let the hot water hit her and tried to wake up, but was having no success.

Rowen and Kayura moved in together (and out of Mia's) when Rowen turned 19, ever since they had been living together in an apartment not far from Mia's. Their relationship was a strong one, and Rowen himself was considering proposing.

Kayura came bounding out of the bathroom , with a large blue cloth towel wrapped around her.

"Rowen , why are you still not awake?" she asked him.

In response Rowen let out an extremely loud snore. An aggravated Kayura ran to the kitchen and grabbed a cold water bottle and returned. She took off the nozzle and dumped the water in his face. "Rise and shine," she said sarcastically.

Rowen's midnight blue eyes shot open, "I'm going get you for this," he said lunging forward as he grabbed Kayura and tackled her.

"You need to start getting ready," she said trying to move, as he pinned her down.

Rowen moved in closer and kissed her deeply, "For?"

Kayura snorted in annoyance, " Sage's wedding!" she said.

Rowen jumped off of Kayura, "Dammit! How did I forget?"

Kayura then climbed off the bed too, "Your memory is horrible, plus you have only been awake for two seconds," she reminded him.

"Yes," said Rowen, looking for his tuxedo. "Kayura have you seen my...."

She cut him off, "Hanging up on the back of your bathroom door."

Rowen looked over to his bathroom door at the tuxedo, "thanks babe."

Later on...

A burgundy haired woman was adjusting her veil, "Kayura I think I should have gone with the hat veil , this crown one is too extravagant. I look like a Princess," she whined.

Kayura looked over at her while putting on her seventy sixth coat of mascara. "Mia, you look beautiful. So what if you look like royalty, you only get married once," Kayura said.

"The divorce rate has climbed nowadays," retorted Mia.

"Which doesn't apply to you," said Kayura smiling.

"Are you sure he's going to show up?" asked Mia nervously.

"I'd bet my life on it," said Kayura extending her hand to help the nervous bride up. Mia smoothed her silk ivory dress out and leaned over and hugged Kayura quickly.

There was a knock at the door, and the bridesmaids came in seeking the Maid of Honor and the


"It's time to start, let's go," said a raven haired girl who went to school with Mia.

The ceremony ended as quickly as it began. It was a beautiful ceremony, and the weather outdoors was lovely. The only problem was that Sage stumbled over his vows out of nervousness.

Later on at the reception, Ryo complained, " I still do not understand why they would not let White Blaze walk down the aisle carrying the flower basket in his mouth!"

Kento laughed, "Gee I don't know. They probably did not want to copy anyone, considering so many people use gigantic wild white tigers as flower girls."

Everyone laughed.

Ryo leaned over and punched him slightly.

"Where's the damn cake at, I want a piece," Sekhmet slurred and then hiccuped. He had obviously visited the mini bar.

"Get me some too!" said Dais holding out his plate indicating that he wanted another slice.

"You're as bad as Kento!" laughed Ryo.

Cye who had been holding the video camera was taping Mia and Sage dancing, sort of wishing that he was at his own wedding.

"I'm lucky, you know," said Mia as they danced.

Sage smiled, "Why's that?"

"Because I have you, I never would have thought that ...." Mia sniffed suddenly emotional.

Sage held her closer and looked into her eyes, "I loved you from the moment I saw you, I just regret the fact that it took us so long to get to this point," he said.

Mia leaned forward and kissed him right as Cye zoomed in.

"Hey buddy, you alright?" asked Kento.

"Yeah I'm fine," said Cye faking a smile.

"No you're not," said Kento sadly, "You are thinking about her ...still."

"I would have like to have been friends with her," said Cye.

Cye pulled out a necklace that he wore around his neck, that he had tucked behind the bow tie on his tuxedo. It was once Fiera's necklace.

"You know Kento, they say vampires are immortal, unless stabbed in the heart...."

Kento didn't much like Cye's morbid words, but he continued Cye's thoughts, "And she wasn't...."

"She just disappeared....." said Cye.

Kento put his arm around him, "Are you going be okay?"

"I will be," said Cye.

Cale had apologized tremendously again and again for killing Fiera, while under the possession of Talpa. Cale still felt horrible about it and was often not too talkative with Cye because of it. Cye was friendly to Cale and did not blame him. It only added to the colossal hatred Cye possessed for the long gone Talpa. Kento had thought it was strange that his friend got so attached to Fiera, when he didn't even know her well. Plus she was a vampire, which had to be her greatest downfall. Fiera had been some help in the final fight, although she wasn't that powerful.

A short golden haired girl ran over to the table that the Ronin Warriors, ex- warlords, Kayura and Anubis were seated at. "Kayura, Mia's going to throw the bouquet!" she squealed and dashed off. Kayura jumped up, rather excited, and smiled at Rowen who blushed.

The guys laughed as a medium sized crowd of females fought over a standing place as close as possible to Mia. Kayura used her brute strength and pushed her way to the front. Mia laughed as she turned around and tossed it over head. A red head caught it but it was seized from her by the blonde. Kayura reached over and grabbed it from her hands and ran.

The guys couldn't help but laugh harder at the cat fight that erupted. "My money's on the blonde," said Anubis.

"No I say it will be the red head, she's feisty," said Kento.

Rowen took out a small velvet box from his jacket, "Whether or not Kayura gets the bouquet, do you guys think she will like this?" he asked.

The guys stopped watching the girls for a moment and marveled at the diamond.

A few seconds later a jubilant Kayura came charging over with the bouquet in her hands.

Cye watched his friends chatting with women at the wedding, he had been conversing too but now he was feeling rather tired and was sitting alone. Sipping champagne, which he hated the taste of. He did not know what drew his attention to the side but somehow he ended up looking past the whole reception. Standing alone, seemingly watching him back, was a raven haired woman in a soft lavender silk dress. She was standing past the area where the food was, and past the area where people danced. Why did she seem familiar? When she was certain he saw her, she smiled and began to turn around. Ordinarily, Cye would think nothing of it, even though he would want to talk to the beautiful woman. But when her long raven hair caught the reflection of the light and looked like a dark violet, Cye jumped up from his chair and hurried towards her.

Her speed increased as did his, as if she was trying to get away.

"Wait!" he bellowed, "please!"

She stopped in her tracks and turned around. Removing her sunglasses, she revealed large dark grey eyes.


"Fiera was what they used to call me, at least it was what he used to call me. Fiera means lady devil in my native tongue, so I decided to reclaim my old identify," she said.

"Which is?" asked Cye eagerly, stunned yet ecstatic to see her.

"Ileana," she said.

"Well Ileana, I'm glad you came back," said Cye, "care to dance?"

"I'm afraid, I do not know how. There are a lot of things I do not know how to do, and that I'm not good at" she said laughing.

Cye's spirits fell a little and his face showed it.

"But I would love for you to teach me," she said extending her hand.

From a distance watching Cye lead the mysterious woman to the dance floor was the rest of the Ronins, Mia, Kayura , Anubis and the ex- warlords. The woman was beautiful but not as much as Mia and Kayura were.

"Is that...?" asked Cale hopefully.

"Sure looks like it...."said Kento.

"I think it is her," said Kayura.



A/N: An abrupt end I know. I tried not to make Fiera sound like a mary-sue , she wasn't all powerful or even more beautiful than Mia or Kayura. I hope she didn't seem like one, because I do not like Mary-Sues. Sorry if she did! And by the way her name is pronounced ILL-EE-ONNA.

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