My love

Laquennea, the Queen of Mirkwood, walked down the halls to her husband's study. She opened the door and walked in, knowing her husband wasn't busy. She had to tell him, but she couldn't! "I---I came to tell you that midday meal is almost ready." She said, making up something to say. Thranduil nodded. "Alright, my love. I'm nearly finished. You know, you could have sent a servant down to tell me." He said. She nodded and walked out.

'Why? Why can't I tell him, She thought, he's going to find out sooner or later.' She walked back to her shared chambers. She stood by the mirror. She had long blonde hair and green/brown eyes. Her husband had blue eyes and blonde hair. Aside from what she looked like, a small bump was forming on her stomach. She was pregnant, but she couldn't find the words to tell her husband.

Her green and brown robes hid the small life forming inside of her. She gathered up strength and walked back to tell Thranduil. She walked in again and inhaled deeply. "Thranduil, I'm having a baby." She said, and then closed her eyes. Thranduil's eyes widened and he smiled. He jumped from his chair and embraced his wife. "Tomorrow we will announce it to all of Mirkwood. The arrival of our first born you know the gender?" He asked.

"The Healers say it is a boy." She said. He kissed her cheek and went to write something down. "Are you going to pass Aruvaeles' office?" He asked. She nodded, knowing she had to go to her Study and make arrangements for the new baby.

"Be so kind as to give this to her." Thranduil asked. She nodded and took the note and disappeared.

Hours later, Laquennea sat at her desk in her Study. She had arranged a baby room to be just down the hall. When her baby was older, his room would be on the third rising of the palace. She had blankets made by the weavers and a crib made by the crafters. She also had the weavers make clothes.

Now, all the baby needed was a name.

Thranduil opened the door. "Need any help, my love?" He asked. "Yeah, how do these sound? I thought of some names, but I need the Father's opinion." She supplied. He nodded. "Greenleaf for if it's a boy." She thought. Thranduil thought for a minute. "Legolas? I like that." He said, nodding. "And a girl...well, I don't think it is a girl. I didn't think of a girl's name." She said. Thranduil smiled. "Always trust the mother." He said.

They would have a baby soon. The baby would be a light to their world. The baby would be called Legolas.